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How to Improve Organizational Resilience with the Cloud

Compare The Cloud

Given the pivotal role IT infrastructure plays in the functioning of organisations today, any downtime can be costly. Therefore, the stability of the IT backbone which includes the cloud as an important component plays a huge role in building the organisation’s resilience.

Ensure a Three-Way Value Proposition

Peter Simoons

Tip 4: Ensure a Three-Way Value Proposition. In an ideal world, altruism or selflessness – the capacity for doing something without expectation of anything in return except for the sheer pleasure of being able to serve others – is a good virtue to possess. Being selfless makes us akin to angels.


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Partnering is Personal

Partner Path

Partner Relationships Need a Personalized Touch, Even When You’re Not In-Person. In our recent channel chief virtual roundtable, we asked leading technology channel executives what was keeping them up at night.


Top Podcast Production Companies & Services in 2021

Jake Jorgovan

With so many moving parts involved in producing a high-quality podcast, it makes sense for businesses or individuals to outsource part or most of their podcast production to a team of experts.

The Importance of Perspective in Partnerships

Stellar Partnerships

When my kids were small, we had a weekend stopover in Amsterdam. It broke up the butt-numbing monotony of a long- haul flight to the UK in economy class. I excitedly showed them the canals, the architecture and the glorious Van Gogh museum.


How to Manage Your Digital Certificates Efficiently

Compare The Cloud

It is no surprise that many companies have lost millions of users based on hacks and data breaches. However, one thing was common in each of these companies, which is a fallible cryptographic control system.

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Prediction: The future of CX

McKinsey & Company

Designing great customer experiences is getting easier with the rise of predictive analytics. Marketing & Sales Insights North America Consumer insights Customer experience & loyalty Service operations


Top Podcast Production Companies / Agencies in 2021

Jake Jorgovan

With so many moving parts involved in producing a high-quality podcast, it makes sense for businesses or individuals to outsource part or most of their podcast production to a team of experts.

Is Sales a Dirty Word?

Mansfield Sales Partners

“Sales” is a word that holds a lot of weight in the business industry and the way you view sales can set the tone for your entire organization. Listen as Mansfield VP of Sales Caleb Powers talks about what you can do if sales is viewed as a dirty word within your organization.


Making an impact in 2021 with CSR software development

Compare The Cloud

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps companies to be socially accountable to their employees, stakeholders and the wider public.

13 Secrets Why Sales Leaders Love Co Selling

CoSell Blog

The practice of co-selling is about deploying your resources to sell more together. It’s a way to achieve your sales goals, build an agile organization, and respond to ever-changing developments in the marketplace.

Investing in Black economic mobility

McKinsey & Company

Racial equity and inclusive growth can drive economic mobility and a postpandemic recovery.

Top Business Coaches in The World – Who Are They?

TRG Blog

Coaching is a powerful tool to empower employees. However, it is often underutilised. When implemented effectively, coaching can make an impact on an individual's life and career.


California Proposes Law to Regulate Online Fundraising Platforms

Pearlman + Pearlman

What does this mean for charitable solicitation compliance? On February 8 th , California Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin introduced Assembly Bill 488 , which would establish a new statutory framework for the ever-evolving world of online charitable fundraising platforms. [1].

Legal 56

Cellwize awarded by Frost & Sullivan for Accelerating innovation with its Cloud-based open CHIME Platform and by that simplifying the 5G journey

Frost & Sullivan

SANTA CLARA, Calif. February 25, 2021 — Based on its recent analysis of the global open radio access network (RAN) orchestration market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Cellwize with the 2021 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award.

How the Cloud Era Has Revolutionized How CloudCheckr Sells Software

The rapid migration of software to the cloud hasn’t only changed how software is developed and deployed. It’s also changed how software is bought and sold and created new opportunities to ease age-old friction points for both buyers and sellers. .

Unlocking whole person care through behavioral health

McKinsey & Company

The public, private, and social sectors can all play a role in improving access and outcomes for those with behavioral health conditions. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services Health care providers Health care services


Team Impact takes meaningful steps (2.5 million of them) to honor Black History Month


In order to leap forward, you need to look back at what history taught you. As part of one company that spans many cultures and countries, Impact’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team knew that we should observe Black History Month (BHM) by doing just that — reflecting on the past.


Removing Barriers - Virtual and Hybrid Events

CenterPoint Group

Now, more than ever, we are seeing change in businesses and life as we know it. Our partner, ALTOUR , will continue to stand by you as a consistent partner as we navigate this new way of life. From concept to completion we are your solution for exceptional virtual and hybrid event management.


The Next Decade Will Be a Leadership Game Changer

INSEAD Knowledge

Success begins with a clear-eyed understanding of the trends that will define the years to come


What To Look For In a Planning and Budgeting Solution?

TRG Blog

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM


Preserving the largest and most at-risk supply of affordable housing

McKinsey & Company

In the United States, naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) is at risk. To protect this critical asset class, stakeholders for federal, state, and local housing can all play a role. Public & Social Sector Insights Social Sector Public Sector


The Importance of Sharing Your Vivid Vision

COO Alliance

Sharing your Vivid Vision is just as important as writing it, but why? It’s easy to avoid sharing your work, especially something you’ve spent so much time on that it almost feels like a part of you. There are two main reasons that you might fear sharing your Vivid Vision.

Biggest Mistakes After you Franchise Your Business

Internicola Law Firm

After years of success…you focus your passion and energy on franchising your business… You hire a franchise lawyer and development team, you work on your FDD, systems, and Operations Manual.

5 Partnership Challenges Agencies Face (And How to Tackle Them Head-On)

Crossbeam Blog

As an agency partner manager, you’ve got a lot of relationships to support. industry insights EcosystemOps


5 Success Factors in Change Management Efforts

PLM Alliances

As a business leader or consultant, you’ll likely be involved in a number of game-changing, broad-scale initiatives — such as a sales organization restructuring, a partner program redesign, or a company-wide ERP roll-out.


How wellbeing improves performance: An interview with Annastiina Hintsa

McKinsey & Company

The CEO of Hintsa Performance argues that wellbeing is the foundation of sustainable high performance—not a reward for it. Insights from McKinsey Accelerate Personal effectiveness


Back2Better Webinar: The Art of Entrepreneurship at Scale: The Engine 2 Imperative with Chris Zook

Thinkers 50

For decades, one dominant pattern accounted for 90% of profitable growth in the most successful businesses.

Rising Up to Marketing Transformation

The 2112 Group

Meaghan Sullivan joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to recount the marketing lessons learned during the pandemic and how those learnings will shape digital go-to-market strategies for years to come.

Does the non-use of your trademark because of COVID or the pandemic mean you legally abandoned your rights?


If a mark owner stops using a trademark for a sufficiently long period, his rights may become vulnerable to third-party claims of abandonment. To maintain a federal trademark registration, trademark owners periodically must file declarations of continued use with the USPTO.

Legal 52

Mastering the basics

Remarkable Partnerships

We’re incredibly excited to be joining over 235 corporate partnerships professionals at the first ever Corporate Partnerships Everywhere conference tomorrow. This conference will give us all the chance to step back and draw inspiration from those around us.

Cloud’s trillion-dollar prize is up for grabs

McKinsey & Company

Cloud has immense potential, but most companies are only scratching the surface. Recent research clarifies where the value lies—and how to capture it before competitors do. Digital Insights Core IT Digital strategy and organization Disruptive Technology


Find productive partners faster with Impact’s Discover experience


Identifying and recruiting the right publishers, creators, and businesses for your partnerships program is essential.

Making the Most of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program

AWS wrapped up 2020 by hosting a re:Invent unlike any we’ve ever experienced before and had a deluge of announcements to go along with it. Here at Tackle, we are particularly excited about AWS making its ISV Accelerate Program open to the public !