Business Plan as a Living Document

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However, a good plan is a living document that provides useful and relevant information along with clear objectives and action steps. They simply regurgitate the same information with slightly different wording throughout the document. If you ever need a new loan or line of credit, you’ll have your documents ready to show a banker or investor. The post Business Plan as a Living Document appeared first on Ground Floor Partners. Blog business plan as a living document

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Operationalizing AI Ethics Through Documentation: ABOUT ML in 2021 and Beyond

Partnership on AI

With ABOUT ML, the Partnership on AI (PAI) is leading a multistakeholder effort to develop similar guidelines for the documentation of machine learning (ML) systems , setting new industry norms for transparency in artificial intelligence (AI). Why documentation?

Derisking digital and analytics transformations

McKinsey & Company

While the benefits of digitization and advanced analytics are well documented, the risk challenges often remain hidden. Risk Insights


Collaborative File System you never knew you needed!


Today we are introducing a new page type, the File Document. The file document is similar to all of our other page types. It holds just one individual file but adds all the Samepage goodness: Chat, tasks, events, adds a flexible preview, and automatic file versioning. Language.

Revamped Project Management with Samepage


Samepage's primary focus has always been documents and the team collaboration around them. Tasks and events have been a great complement to manage projects and processes around Samepage documents.

Bridging AI Principles to Practice with ABOUT ML

Partnership on AI

One way to close the gap between principles and practice in AI is through documentation for machine learning systems at scale. To produce documentation at scale means that accurate and useful documentation will be created for every ML system, product, and API that an organization ships.

Partner Recruitment: Profile customers to find your partners

Partner Path

On the other hand, I sometimes think they want me to hand them a top-secret document and say, "Shh, here's the magic list of partners for you. Recruit partners like you would a customer. Attract and nurture. By Diane Krakora , CEO of PartnerPath.



Be Partner Ready

The A turns an insightful but confronting document into problem-solving plan of action. That all-important Action List ensures that the SWOT is a living, breathing document that is updated as Actions are completed. You’ve probably heard of the good ol’ SWOT analysis.

Get Off the Partner Enablement Treadmill

Crossbeam Blog

You’re churning out partner program guides, sales one-pagers, and technical documentation left and right, but you still aren’t seeing traction from your partners.


Enterprise Content Growth Highlights the Value of Cloud-Native CSPs

Compare The Cloud

Content-centric security in most content services platforms is fine-grained and configurable to meet specific business needs, from viewing documents to changing ownership and the ability to create or delete documents.

Prepare Your Partnership by Following a Structured Alliance Process

Peter Simoons

Many large companies that have entered into successful alliances have documented their processes. Tip 14: Prepare Your Partnership by Following a Structured Alliance Process.

Using Trello, Confluence or Basecamp? Time to check out Samepage.


Are your teams using one application for task management, another for storing documents, and third one for a chat? What if there was a product that combined these features? Language. English


Fintech Partnership Series: Defining Joint Solutions

Vantage Partners

The best way to deal with them is to document the key assumptions about how the joint solution will be built, marketed, sold, and serviced so that when things change, it is easier to zero in on what might need to change in your plan and figure out how best to deal with it.

Task Board is getting better and better


At the end of December 2019, we've released the new type of collaborative document - task boards. It was a big experiment to see whether this type of content could improve the way you collaborate on Samepage. And it was an obvious hit.

Easily integrate PRM with your CRM (with Checklist)


Easy Setup & Documentation. Thirdly, documentation that is comprehensive and easily accessible. PRM to CRM integrations can be drawn out and difficult, but they really don’t have to be. With the right PRM system, setting up an integration with your CRM can be painless and easy. In this article, we will discuss key considerations to make integrating your PRM and CRM systems quick and successful. The first thing to look out for is ease of setup.


The Best Tech Tools for Working from Home

Compare The Cloud

Procedures, regulations, policies, guidebooks, and similar useful documents can be uploaded for employees to access whenever they need to. The most common document management tools are Dropbox and Google Drive. For example, teams can save, share, edit, or add new documents all online. The global economy is changing, technology is rapidly advancing, and the number of remote workers is higher than ever before.


Channel Chats Episode 4: Channel Technology and the Partner Experience

PLM Alliances

If you have all of your ducks in a row and your program and your documentation already built out. In our fourth installment of Channel Chats, CMO Richard Flynn welcomes channel sales expert Raegan Wilson , who is a new Managing Director at The Spur Group.

My framework for starting a new business

Jake Jorgovan

To document what I have learned so I don’t repeat these same mistakes on my third company. I build and document systems (Most likely in Process Street going forward) and hand them over to this person.


What is the Difference Between a Purchase Order & Supplier Agreement?


A purchase order is a commercial document and first official issued by a buyer to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. It is used to control the purchasing and services from external suppliers. A supplier agreement is a contract between a supplier of goods and the merchant who wants to sell them.


The new chapter of Samepage: Task boards


We have a new document type called Task Board to please all the task lovers and project managers. Today is a big day that marks the future of Samepage development. Language. Undefined


There are Standards…and There are Standards


It is usually a formal document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes, and practices. Contributed by Bill Rubin, Senior Manager ISTO. The benefit of standards for developing products and processes across industries is well understood.

How to Combat the 3 Biggest Content Development Challenges in Tech

PLM Alliances

The Spur Group has worked on hundreds of marketing and communications engagements , and we’ve documented the three biggest challenges we see when teams are creating marketing content. New content is published online at an astounding rate.

The Link Between Channel Operations and Execution Excellence

PLM Alliances

Organizational intelligence is poorly documented and erodes as individuals leave. Processes are followed and documented. Strategy defines the right things to do. Doing things well – execution – is what sets companies apart.

Build and Maintain Your Alliance Business Plan From Early Stages Onward

Peter Simoons

This plan needs to be active – that is, it should serve as the foundation for operational actions rather than a mere static document that, once created, ends up in a (virtual) desk drawer. Tip 11: Build and Maintain Your Alliance Business Plan from Early Stages Onward.

How to build a process driven business

Jake Jorgovan

If I have a new hire that I fail at, it’s ok because I documented all of the training and I can ramp up a new person quickly. Reason 2: They document processes in Google Docs and everyone forgets about them… We have been culprits of this ourselves at Lead Cookie.


IEEE ISTO Marks 20 Years of Helping Small Groups Quickly Develop Technical Specs


It takes care of the financial, legal, and tax documents that are required, as well as setting up websites, holding meetings, organizing events, and other duties. The technologies include blockchain, Internet of Things, and smart cities.

Legal 100

Formalize Deals anytime, anywhere with E-Contract Signing!


Mindmatrix supports electronic document and contract signing so your customers can electronically sign contracts and agreements. E-contract signing can make a lot of difference to the entire sales process by simplifying it for everyone involved-salespeople, channel partners, and customers.

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5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Embrace Automation

PLM Alliances

Within sectors such as journalism, law, publishing, financial services, and government, workers spend hours collecting, organizing and evaluating documents. As COVID-19 spreads and leaves an economic upheaval in its wake, almost every industry and business has felt the impact.

Managing Alliance Information Jointly With Your Partner: Why, What and How

Peter Simoons

A common SharePoint site may hold some documents but sharing of up-to-date alliance information has been done mainly through PDFs of internal reports that were prepared manually and approved for partner consumption.

AvePoint Launches New Partner Program Aimed At Microsoft Teams, 365

Channel Insider

They’re layering on our Policies and Insights specifying who has access to what documents and other services of value to clients.”

Sustainability at Work

CenterPoint Group

Georgia-Pacific has also worked with TerraChoice to document our processes and demonstrate our commitment to the environment. When you distribute hundreds of thousands of items worldwide like Grainger does, the hidden health, environmental and social implications can feel overwhelming.

Agree on a Set of Alliance Core Values and Operating Principles

Peter Simoons

These contracts in general are sizeable documents, and people only look into them after the signing when the alliance starts going sour. Tip 9: Agree on a Set of Alliance Core Values and Operating Principles.

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PRM Implementation is Easy!


In addition to configuring the system, implementation will consist of uploading content for partners, including contact information, training content, marketing materials, and support documents.


Microsoft Co-selling: What You Need to Know

According to Brian Levenson, Microsoft is drafting a new document that helps someone from the customer organization to determine if their company has signed a MACC agreement (we’ll add a link to that document here once it’s live). Commercial Marketplace publishing documentation.