Wed.Apr 28, 2021

What Are the Downsides of CoSelling on CoSell?

CoSell Blog

In our sales environment, we are looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage and provide exceptional value. More and more sales professionals are looking to build long-term relationships with their B2B partners. If that sounds good to you, you’re probably also wondering is about how.

SaaS, open source, and serverless: A winning combination to build and scale new businesses

McKinsey & Company

Three tech approaches can rapidly accelerate business building for established companies that learn how to use them. Digital Insights High Tech & Internet Agile at scale Cloud computing IT architecture Digital strategy and organization Disruptive Technology Growth


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The Connections Between Love and Work

INSEAD Knowledge

Seven lessons about relationships that could save your career


Author Talks: Josh Linkner on how everyday people can become everyday innovators

McKinsey & Company

In his new book, Josh Linkner offers a practical guide for turning ordinary ideas into extraordinary results. McKinsey on Books


How to Tell the Age of an Innovation

INSEAD Knowledge

All innovations make the journey from “eureka” to “meh”. But they don’t do so according to fixed rules


A light at the end of the tunnel: US COVID-19 vaccine administration

McKinsey & Company

More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, a line of sight exists that promises enough vaccine for every eligible adult in the United States. This breakthrough offers hope, but also underscores an urgent need to plan the next phase of distribution and beyond.


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The case for inclusive growth

McKinsey & Company

US leaders across sectors have an opportunity to improve economic performance—and bolster individual and community well-being—through investments that embed equity into the development process. Public & Social Sector Insights Social Sector Financial inclusion Public Sector Economic Studies


Impartner Debuts Through Channel Marketing Automation That Partners Cannot Help But Put to Use


Impartner, the world leader in partner automation technology, is unveiling updated Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) technology that removes the obstacles that have historically kept partners from utilizing vendor provided tools and benefits.

The dos and don’ts of dynamic pricing in retail

McKinsey & Company

Dynamic pricing doesn’t have to be extraordinarily complex, but it does have to be strategic and disciplined. Here’s a checklist for retailers. Marketing & Sales Insights Retail & Consumer Goods Retail environments Pricing

Build Your Sales Tribe with Steve Schrier

Thinkers 50

The art and science of selling is at the heart of every job, and yet the world of sales is undergoing massive change. In this Thinkers50 curated session, Steve Schrier takes us into the concepts of his book Build Your Sales Tribe: Sales in the Information Age.


How to Sell Your Company for the Highest Price: Part Two

COO Alliance

There are many strategies you can use to sell your company for the highest price. The first part of this blog covered strategies in things such as accounting, employees, office culture and more. This blog has six more strategies for you. So what are they? Predictable Cash Flow.

Elephants, bees, and other wild partnerships that make a difference: Q&A with Ivory Ella


Beautiful, intelligent, emotional, and social, elephants are to humans one of the most fascinating and relatable creatures on the planet. Their numbers are also being devastated by poaching and habitat destruction. The founders of Ivory Ella built their company around combating the threat.

How Vendors Measure SaaS Partner Success

Channel Incentive Best Practices

The past 12 months have seen an enormous uptake in cloud services, with more than ninety percent of UK businesses saying it played an important part in their response to COVID-19.

A blueprint for telecom’s critical reinvention

McKinsey & Company

The next generation of telcos will be defined by leaders who act now, risking short-term advantages to seize untapped growth with a holistic approach to transformation. Our Insights Telecommunications Asia-Pacific China Hong Kong India Northeast Asia Southeast Asia Southern Asia Europe Middle East North and Central America South America Africa Strategy Organization Leadership

Why the Standardization Agreement on Swappable Batteries for E-Motorcycles in Japan is Important

Frost & Sullivan

The agreement will motivate greater awareness and adoption of electric motorcycles, strengthen push towards carbon-neutral mobility. One of the key trends that have emerged as a result of COVID-19 has been the emphasis on health and wellness in relation to mobility.

How companies capture the value of sustainability: Survey findings

McKinsey & Company

What makes the difference between a sustainability program that produces business value and one that doesn’t? A new survey identifies practices that distinguish value-creating companies from others. Insights on Sustainability Sustainability


EPOS ADAPT 660 Headset Runs the Analyst Gauntlet

Frost & Sullivan

About the Gauntlet. Frost & Sullivan’s Analyst Gauntlet is a structured program wherein participating vendors and service providers give industry analysts deep dives and demonstrations of their collaboration solution.

Digging out: Forecasting for construction OEMs in the next normal

McKinsey & Company

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates transformative trends within the construction-equipment industry, companies must rethink their traditional strategies. Automotive & Assembly Insights Engineering & Construction Industrial equipment & components

Scrum Master Challenge Day 20 - PBI's and Sprint Goals!

Collaborative Leadership Team


While Data is the New Oil, Datacenters are the Gold Mine in Saudi Arabia

Frost & Sullivan

Government Regulations & Initiatives, Colocation Market, Cloud, and SaaS Market to Drive Growth. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rapidly transforming all sectors to achieve the goals laid down by Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program.

using the swot analysis in project management

Stackfield Blog

… read more


Podcast: African banking in the new reality

McKinsey & Company

The COVID-19 crisis will not leave the banking sector unscathed. The past year has seen the acceleration of seismic trends ranging from deglobalization and a radical shift in the macroenvironment to transformed customer expectations. As African banks chart their paths to recovery in this new reality, they can act swiftly to manage elements that are within their control to shape their recovery and growth trajectory.

OKRs Vs. KPIs: Breaking Down The Difference

ClearPoint Strategy

Comparing OKRs vs. KPIs is a hot topic you’ll hear in performance management meetings, but it’s an apples and oranges discussion. While there can be overlap (more on that later), these two concepts are really very different. Keep reading to learn how. What is a KPI? An acronym for key performance indicator, KPIs are used to evaluate performance over time for an organization, individual, program, project, action, etc.

Do your G&A functions fit your growth trajectory?

McKinsey & Company

New research shows how a company’s growth trajectory affects the size of its HR and finance functions. The insights can help leaders shape general and administrative functions to strategic needs. Insights on Operations Operations