Sun.Oct 10, 2021

Alliance Efforts Through a Different Lens

Peter Simoons

Look at your Alliance Efforts Through a Different Lens. I’ve seen some recent developments, not necessarily in the business space, but more in the public domain where organisations are trying to work together.

Making Your Case

Stellar Partnerships

Children are the evil geniuses of persuasion. They’re able to make their case in a way that hits all of our hot spots and pain points to get the outcome they want. I remember well the bedtime battles that would happen in my house.


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San Antonio, USA —Oct. 11, 2021— Based on its recent analysis of the Middle Eastern and South Asian conversational AI market, Frost & Sullivan bestows

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The Politics of Influence in Top Management Team Meetings

INSEAD Knowledge

Interactions between the chief executive and other members of the top management team appear to follow distinct scripts. Managers who take note can boost their standing or stay out of harm’s way


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Be Partner Ready

When meeting a corporate for the first time, it’s a little like First Dates. Or, for those of you that have been binge watching Bridgerton – a Debutante ball. Aaah Bridgerton. A period drama that’s oh so proper and oh so naughty.

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