Sun.Nov 21, 2021

David and Goliath Relationships

Peter Simoons

Imagine you are walking into a showroom to buy a product. Not just a product, but one you really need to keep your business running. You have some extensive conversations with the store owner, simply because you want to understand how the product fits your business.

Question Time

Stellar Partnerships

Can poodles breathe underwater? Why don’t crabs have eyebrows? What does a rainbow taste like? Kids ask the best questions. My 5 year-old neighbour asked his mum, “where do I come from?” She took a deep breath and launched into a detailed lecture on the birds, bees, mum’s tummy etc.


Why Investors’ Memories May Be Bad for Their Wealth

INSEAD Knowledge

How positive bias can lead overconfident investors to inflate the size of their wins and forget their losses