Tue.Apr 20, 2021

7 Tips To Gain Competitive Advantage With Collaborative Partnerships

CoSell Blog

Today’s digital world is moving at light-speed. I bet you’ve been feeling the effects on your job, business, and organization. It turns out that much like early explorers, we are on the lookout for new partners, new continents, and new ways to boost business.

Author Talks: Karin M. Reed on virtual meetings

McKinsey & Company

In her new book, Karin M. Reed dives into our sudden shift to virtual meetings—and how to make the most of them. McKinsey on Books


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Fatigue, Exhaustion, Disengagement in A World of Working From Anywhere

TRG Blog

For many, the "Can we maintain the same quality of work and productivity without any supervision, colleagues, and while working from home?" used to be the biggest concern pre-pandemic.


Employee Recognition Ideas That Actually Help Retain Your Team Members

ITA Group

Employee Recognition Ideas That Actually Help Retain Your Team Members. Many employee recognition programs have been around for years—maybe even decades. This makes it more important than ever for organizations to ask themselves, “Is our program getting stale or is it accomplishing our goals?”.

How Silicon Valley Ate Itself – and What Comes Next

INSEAD Knowledge

The Valley’s pre-eminence isn’t going anywhere, but its special gloss has faded. And that’s a good thing, for both society and the future of innovation


Labor-intensive factories—analytics-intensive productivity

McKinsey & Company

New analytics tools can help manufacturers in labor-intensive sectors boost productivity and earnings by double-digit percentages. Insights on Operations Manufacturing operations Supply chain management


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Channel Chats Episode 1: The Building Blocks of a Channel Strategy

PLM Alliances

In our first Channel Chat episode, The Spur Group's CMO, Richard Flynn , (virtually) sits down with Baptie & Co. CEO, Rod Baptie, to discuss the building blocks of cultivating a successful channel strategy.

Improving Cloud Marketplace Sales Operations with Tackle


Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace platform helps software vendors start selling on Marketplaces easily and quickly. But that’s just the beginning. .

Channel Chats Episode 1 - Baptie and Channel Focus

PLM Alliances

In our latest Channel Chat, The Spur Group's CMO, Richard Flynn, (virtually) sat down with the CEO of Baptie, Rod Baptie, discuss the building blocks of cultivating a successful Channel strategy.

The Future of Intelligent Work: A Conversation with GM Garry Kasparov

Thinkers 50

In this conversation, Professor David De Cremer speaks with GM Garry Kasparov about artificial intelligence, human creativity and the future of human-machine interaction. Antony Cook (Regional VP and Chief Legal Counsel, Microsoft Asia) provides introductory remarks.

Legal 52

How To Create And Develop A Successful Product


Before you focus on selling out a product, you have to make and develop it first. Some might focus on pursuing the “best” product idea they have in mind. However, the key to selling out a great product does not always depend on what you think is a genius idea.

Shifting from quantity to quality mobile partnerships in the face of iOS 14.5


Apple’s recent iOS 14.5 update includes new policies around tracking and identifying users across mobile apps. The most important piece of this update, as far as mobile app partnerships are concerned, is that device-level install attribution is no longer possible without user consent.

Scrum Master Challenge Day 14 - Impediments and other Scrum Masters

Collaborative Leadership Team


Five account management lessons from the pandemic

Remarkable Partnerships

It is now well over a year since the global pandemic began, and the heady days of visiting our corporate partners by train (or plane!) for partnership review meetings is a distant memory.

Majid Al Futtaim’s new growth formula: Innovate fast, stay ahead, work the ecosystem

McKinsey & Company

This Dubai-based conglomerate outpaces competition by adhering to its long-term vision and seizing opportunities quickly—with the help of an ecosystem of external partners. Marketing & Sales Insights Digital marketing Growth Innovation

Break Room Management – How Much Coffee Should You Buy?

CenterPoint Group

Coffee is arguably one of the most coveted office staples. On a sliding scale of daily desirability, coffee probably falls somewhere between a fresh ream of copy paper and your coworker's brand-new gel pen. But how much coffee should you buy, and what type of coffee suits the office environment the best? strategic sourcing" "office supplies" corporate Success Purchasing Leadership Business B2B Procurement Sourcing


Seafood: Consumer goods’ latest catch?

McKinsey & Company

The COVID-19 pandemic is intensifying several trends in consumer goods. As industry players make critical decisions about where to play and how to win, seafood is a category with potential. Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods Retail & Consumer Goods Consumer packaged goods

When Nepotism Pads CEO Pay: Evidence From Indian Family Firms

INSEAD Knowledge

Poor corporate governance in emerging economies allows some publicly listed family firms to use CEO pay to exploit corporate resources at the expense of minority shareholders

10 Cities Focused on Sustainability Initiatives

ClearPoint Strategy

Happy Earth Day! A day dedicated to educating the public about the environment, Earth Day is a worldwide holiday that we’ve celebrated for over 50 years. From turning off the lights for an hour to becoming conscious of our plastic use, Earth Day continues to inspire us to better protect our planet.

How to Improve Performance with Better Retail Sales Forecasting

Market Source Inc

Top-performing retailers know how to keep and retain top talent. Discover the secrets to training that expands customer lifetime value. The post How to Improve Performance with Better Retail Sales Forecasting appeared first on MarketSource. Retail

The McKinsey Crossword: The Key to Consulting | No. 20

McKinsey & Company

Sharpen your problem-solving skills the McKinsey way, with our weekly crossword. Each puzzle is created with the McKinsey audience in mind, and includes a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) business theme for you to find. Answers that are directionally correct may not cut it if you’re looking for a quick win. The McKinsey Crossword


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