Tue.Apr 06, 2021

Impact Acquires Affluent to Power Agency Managed Partnership Programs at Scale 


With its second acquisition of 2021, Impact offers the most comprehensive set of technology solutions for all players in the partnership ecosystem .

The irresistible momentum behind clean, electric, connected mobility: Four key trends

McKinsey & Company

Mobility’s future is visible in the increasing support of capital markets, the demands of Chinese consumers, the effort to slow climate change, and the new skills automakers will need to deal with these shifts.


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Post-COVID: Looking Forward to a Return to Normalcy

The 2112 Group

Channelnomics’ new report shows how the channel is planning for the post-pandemic economy. By Larry Walsh. Life is hardly back to normal a little more than a year after COVID-19 disrupted the global economy and everyday lives.


Why Some Employees Improve Their Creativity and Others Don’t

INSEAD Knowledge

How our beliefs about creativity explain our ability to improve and sustain it over time


7 Things That Cause Nurse Turnover (and 8 Things That Stop It)

ITA Group

7 Things That Cause Nurse Turnover (and 8 Things That Stop It).

Why ALTOUR with CenterPoint

CenterPoint Group

Business travel can be complicated – we personalize our service to simplify your journey. Take advantage of our global network to increase your worldwide efficiency. Use our negotiated supplier discounts to reduce your costs.


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Scrum Master Challenge Day 4- Take it to the Team!

Collaborative Leadership Team


How To Find Strategic Leaders In Your Organization


Did you know that many companies have strong operational capabilities, but lack management that has the ability to truly solve problems? This was proven by a 2015 PwC study which revealed that only 8% of the study’s respondents are effective in leading strategic organizational transformation.


Five lessons from five wins

Remarkable Partnerships

Over the last month we have been blown away by the success we are seeing in the sector. Charities of all shapes and sizes are securing major partnership wins as purpose-driven business continues to rise in 2021.

Unleashing developers’ full talents: An interview with Twilio’s CEO

McKinsey & Company

Jeff Lawson talks about software’s growing digital supply chain, the future of flexible work, and the origins of both his communications-platform company and his new book, Ask Your Developer. Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Asia-Pacific Europe North and Central America Organization Marketing & Sales Leadership Innovation Core IT

Advanced Recycling Technologies and Collaborative Solutions to Lead the Transition to Circular Economy in Plastics

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan shares themes and strategies for lucrative growth prospects presented by circular economy goals. Santa Clara, Calif.

Five Fifty: Cloudy with a chance of billions

McKinsey & Company

The latest forecast calls for industries to capture billions in value from cloud. But not every company will join in the profits. Digital Insights Cloud computing


Complimentary access! SiriusDecisions Channel Marketing Strategies Research Brief: Channel Marketing Concierge Services Operational Elements


A concierge service is often provided to residents of an apartment building or guests of a hotel, hospital, or other facilities. The concierge arranges specific services and provides assistance to meet residents’ or guests’ needs.

Reimagining US federal work for the postpandemic world

McKinsey & Company

Government leaders can use lessons learned during the COVID-19 crisis to bolster productivity and ensure effective mission delivery. Public & Social Sector Insights Government North America

April 2021 Newsletter

Borgman Capital

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Cisco Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for Offering Unprecedented Visibility and Security for Industrial Networks with Its Cyber Vision Platform

Frost & Sullivan

Based on its recent analysis of the global industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Cisco Systems, Inc. with the 2020 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award for its Cyber Vision platform.

Beyond Limits Recognized by Frost & Sullivan with 2021 Global Company of the Year Award: Cognitive AI Driving Operational Efficiencies

Frost & Sullivan

Based on its recent analysis of the global cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) market for business process automation, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Beyond Limits, Inc. with the 2021 Global Company of the Year Award.