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The "State of the Partner Ecosystem" Report is Now Available

Crossbeam Blog

Last year we published our first-ever State of the Partner Ecosystem Report , the first-of-its-kind survey of partnership professionals. Crossbeam news

Ensuring the Health of Your Business Partnerships

McKinsey & Company

Regular partnership check-ins are essential to make sure that, like any relationship, both sides are getting what they need. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights


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Keys for Success in 2021: Collaborating at a Distance

CoSell Blog

Are you getting familiar with collaborating at a distance? If so, you are not alone. According to a June 2020 Fortune /Deloitte CEO survey , CEOs expect that even by January 2022, 36% of their employees will be working remotely.

7 Tips to Prevent a Successful Phishing Attack on Your Remote Team

Compare The Cloud

Since more and more companies have switched to a remote workforce, there has been an increase in cybersecurity risks. . As per a survey conducted by CNBC, over one-third of senior technology executives reported that cybersecurity risks have increased since most of their employees work from home.

Be Clear on Your Reason for Partnering

Peter Simoons

Tip 2: Be Clear on Your Reason for Partnering. It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to find your reason for partnering before you actually enter into the partnership.

7 things keeping business CEOs awake at night

Stellar Partnerships

Last year I had nights when I struggled to sleep. My head touching the pillow was the starting gun for my entire To Do List leaping into action. Urgent things poked and prodded my brain. It was like being in goal with 200 Ronaldos lined up for a penalty shot.

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Top 7 Uses of Cloud Computing

Compare The Cloud

Cloud Computing is the delivery of highly in-demand IT resources via the Internet using the pay-as-you-go method. Rather than companies having to buy, use and maintain physical servers and data centres that are difficult to use and access, you can use the cloud.


The Channel Embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Channel Insider

There is a movement in IT to improve diversity, and channel partners are leading the way


How do you measure success in digital? Five metrics for CEOs

McKinsey & Company

As organizations launch more and more digital initiatives, CEOs must monitor whether they are delivering business results. These metrics are ones to watch. Digital Insights


What is Account Mapping and How Does it Work?

CoSell Blog

It’s a brand new year and it’s time to take a close look for ways to do account mapping. Oh, you’re not so sure what that is…no worries, mate. In this short post, we’ll pull back the veil and explore account mapping. The old way. The new way. You’re about to get a crash course in account mapping.

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Emerging Paradigms in Endpoint Protection Platforms

Compare The Cloud

Over the years, cybersecurity solution investments have witnessed colossal upsurge. Rampant ransomware attacks, online frauds and malware have prompted entities to beef up existing security apparatuses.


Ep. 145 – Global Mentoring Solutions COO, Cindy Perks

COO Alliance

Our guest today is Cindy Perks, the COO for Global Mentoring Solutions. . Cindy brings over 30 years of operations management experience and oversees the hiring, training and support structure strategy at GMS.


COVID-19: Making the case for robust digital financial infrastructure

McKinsey & Company

The pandemic has been a tough, real-life stress test for government disbursement schemes, highlighting opportunities but also gaps and vulnerabilities. Insights on Financial Services

Surfing The Video Wave of the Future

CoSell Blog

Even the most successful sales professionals face a huge challenge in today’s environment. How to keep things personal when connecting virtually with prospects and clients?

Shopping Online? Think Again. How to Avoid Identity Theft

Compare The Cloud

With the increase of online shopping during the pandemic, many people are at risk of account takeover from online scams. Many people on the internet have made sure to safeguard their personal information with credit monitoring to encourage alerts and ensure they don’t fall victim to scams.

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Ep. 145 – Global Mentoring Solutions COO, Cindy Perks

COO Alliance

Add shownotes from: [link]. The post Ep. 145 – Global Mentoring Solutions COO, Cindy Perks appeared first on COO Alliance. Add shownotes from: [link]. Podcast


The risks and challenges of the global COVID-19-vaccine rollout

McKinsey & Company

A realistic assessment of the heroic effort to administer billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines to an agonized global population is necessary—the stakes could not be higher. Risk Insights


Solution Providers Anticipate Brighter Days Ahead

The 2112 Group

2021 Channel Forecast report reveals scarred, but resilient, channel. By Chris Gonsalves.

IaC: IT Infrastructure Management Model That Codifies Everything

Compare The Cloud

Managing a complex IT infrastructure is no joke, and as you know, it requires a dedicated team of professionals. Well, at least it used to.

Digital Feedback

Chameleon Sales

Over the last 12 months, businesses have rapidly adapted to a more digital business environment. While this is mostly because of the ongoing pandemic, it is also because that is where customers go to find what they need.

Why investing in nature is key to climate mitigation

McKinsey & Company

A new consultation paper from McKinsey and the World Economic Forum explores the role that natural climate solutions can play in helping to address climate change and the destruction of nature. Insights on Sustainability


Hotels and OTAs: Frenemies, Coexistence, A Marriage of Convenience

TRG Blog

A new study conducted by Expedia Group in a partnership with global research firm BVA BDRC examines the contribution of OTAs to the travel and tourism industry, specifically the US market, reports that hotel bookings via OTAs will continue to rise even after the pandemic 12.


Navigating the Broader Impacts of AI Research: Workshop at NeurIPS 2020

Partnership on AI

As part of NeurIPS 2020, PAI co-hosted a full day workshop on ‘ Navigating the Broader Impacts of AI Research ‘ The goal of the event was to encourage the research community to think critically about our roles and responsibilities in anticipating and mitigating potential negative consequences of AI research.

New Event Technology Our Experts Are Excited About

ITA Group

New Event Technology Our Experts Are Excited About. The latest technology trends can improve your events and help you better prove your return on investment (ROI). In the age of the digital transformation, new forms of event tech seem to be popping up nearly every day.

Sporting goods 2021: The next normal for an industry in flux

McKinsey & Company

Eight trends are shaping the sporting goods industry in 2021. To win in the next normal, players must adapt to a shifting landscape. Retail Insights

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Can the Subscription Economy Save Financial Services?

INSEAD Knowledge

The traditional FSI business model is looking threadbare – and not only because of the pandemic. Some players are seeking new territory by transitioning to subscriptions


9 Micro Co-Marketing Motions for Warming Up a Partnership

Crossbeam Blog

Scenario A: You’re hesitant to partner because you’re about to launch three other go-to-market campaigns. You’re just not sure you can handle another right now. co-marketing vetting possible partnerships


How Salespeople Close IT Projects Faster?

Managed Services Platform

We’re all too well aware of the enormous amount of work that goes into the preparation phase of every client IT project.


A blueprint for scaling voluntary carbon markets to meet the climate challenge

McKinsey & Company

The trading of carbon credits can help companies—and the world—meet ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Here is what it would take to strengthen voluntary carbon markets so they can support climate action on a large scale. Insights on Sustainability

Overcoming Barriers to Supply Chain Agility

INSEAD Knowledge

A careful look at how some firms responded to the Covid-19 crisis reveals a new, more effective supply chain frontier


New Year, New Job? Guide for New Channel Chiefs


This quick guide will help you make a significant contribution to your channel goals, objectives and performance – and defy expectations in the first 180 days. Impartner Articles Marketing News & Trends Sales


Why Business Leaders Should Use Search Firms

COO Alliance

It takes time to hire new employees, time that a lot of business leaders don’t have. As a business leader, your time is valuable and hiring takes a lot of it. Are you spending hours sorting through hundreds of cover letters, applications, and resumes every single day?

A new portfolio model for biotech

McKinsey & Company

An emerging model for biotech companies could disrupt the R&D landscape and open up new ways to invest, motivate teams, and shape the innovation pipeline. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

How the Cloud Era has Revolutionized How We Sell Software

Hear from Tackle, Intricately, and CloudCheckr about why the cloud is disrupting B2B software sales and how to craft a GTM that takes full advantage of the revolution. The post How the Cloud Era has Revolutionized How We Sell Software appeared first on Tackle