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The 9-Step Partner Impact Score Methodology for Strategic Co-Selling With Partners

Crossbeam Blog

When it comes to co-selling, more prospects isn’t always better. account mapping co-selling Ecosystem Ops decide

How Do You Define Alliance Success?

Peter Simoons

What is alliance success and how do you define it? It seems such a simple question, yet it can lead to lengthy discussions. Some people will immediately connect alliance success to the amount of revenue an alliance generates.


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Mind the Gap

Stellar Partnerships

Have you ever travelled on the London underground? In the older Victorian era stations, the new trains don’t quite fit with the platforms. Passengers will hear a cheery voice urging them to ‘mind the gap’.


IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization Announces Formation of LaSAR Alliance


New Member Program in Augmented Reality Wearable Devices. PISCATAWAY, N.J.,

Legal 130

Will productivity and growth return after the COVID-19 crisis?

McKinsey & Company

Bold innovation by some firms under pressure of the pandemic could deliver a productivity dividend, but that depends on corporate action broadening and robust demand. Public & Social Sector Insights Public & Social Sector Public Sector Social Sector Growth Public and Social Sectors


Introducing and Using an Organization Guidance System (OGS) with Dave Ulrich

Thinkers 50

Introducing and Using an Organization Guidance System (OGS) with Dave Ulrich.


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More power to publishers! Introducing Trackonomics


Commerce publishers are a vital part of the partnership economy, so we are thrilled to announce that Trackonomics is now part of the Impact family , super-charging our ability to support publishers, affiliates, and successful content commerce partnerships.

Why mentoring matters: A conversation with Carlos Lejnieks

McKinsey & Company

A leader of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America talks about how successful mentors help others see qualities in themselves that they might not otherwise see. Insights from McKinsey Accelerate Social Sector Public & Social Sector Leadership


Video Conferencing in 2021

Chameleon Sales

Recent articles got us thinking about how the future of video conferencing will impact business. No one would argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark how business will be conducted in the future.

From Fear to Enlightenment: Building Resilience During Covid Year One

INSEAD Knowledge

The four tools and strategies top leaders used most to convert stress and anxiety into positive energy

Honing Your Skills: Lessons from a Skilled Negotiator


Even with years of experience, closing deals is challenging. One negotiator shares the practical guidance he gained from the Negotiation and Influence program. … Read More. The post Honing Your Skills: Lessons from a Skilled Negotiator appeared first on Wharton Executive Education


How capability building can power transformation

McKinsey & Company

A well-designed program to promote productive behavior and skills can not only energize an organization’s workforce but also become an essential element of any successful transformation. Transformation Insights Manufacturing Telecommunications High Tech & Internet Digital Operations Organization

The Interplay of Digital Transformation and Collaborative Innovation on Supply Chain Ambidexterity

TIM Review

While opposition in itself might achieve progress, disorder and confusion might also result. Harmony might achieve stability, but without great progress and prosperity. Opposition needs to be aligned with harmony. nosuke Matsushita Founder of Panasonic Corporation. Introduction.

Bluebeard Revisited: Knowledge Is Power

INSEAD Knowledge

Long seen as a cautionary tale about women’s curiosity, it should be reinterpreted as the story of a woman’s emancipation


NFTs and Charities – What’s New and What Isn’t?

Pearlman + Pearlman

Takeaway – NFTs are gaining popularity. Charities are considering how they can take advantage of the NFT craze. In many ways, digital artwork and other digital assets are analogous to traditional artwork and physical assets.

Legal 56

Speed and resilience: Five priorities for the next five months

McKinsey & Company

As businesses recover from COVID-19-related disruption and reimagine themselves for the next normal, they need to ask—and answer—five questions. Insights on Organization Capability building Organization


How Vidyard 14x'd its Partner-Sourced Revenue Using Crossbeam

Crossbeam Blog

Your partner program has reached an inflection point: adding new partners to your program isn’t enough. Now, it’s time to drive revenue. You need to grow up and mature into the partner program you’ve long aspired to be — but you need scalable and predictable practices to get there.

Testing Google’s Claim of Quality

INSEAD Knowledge

Research suggests that, by using a tying strategy, dominant platforms may be able to gain traction in new markets with a lower quality product than what is offered


The Acceptance of Digital Surveillance in an Age of Big Data

TIM Review

Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future. George Orwell 1984. Introduction.

Back to the future? Airline sector poised for change post-COVID-19

McKinsey & Company

As they look beyond the pandemic, airlines need to grapple with five new realities—and devise strategies to adapt. Insights on Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Strategy


Stop Leaving Partner-Influenced Revenue on the Table. Here's How.

Crossbeam Blog

A partner-influenced deal is when a partner helps you advance or close an existing deal in your pipeline. Sounds simple, but the word “helps” means different things to different people. When you understand how partners can influence your deals, you’ll be better prepared to: execute


The Mayor’s Race and Nonprofits

Pearlman + Pearlman

In New York City, the race for mayor is heating up. While the field is large, it is starting to whittle down, but voters will want to learn more about the issues and candidates.

Merger meant for you

Managed Services Platform

Virtual C and Managed Services Platform have been working together to create tools to increase customer success since 2017. Together we have created a turnkey product line with all the tools, templates, coaching and resources necessary for success.


Scaling AI in the sector that enables it: Lessons for semiconductor-device makers

McKinsey & Company

Artificial intelligence has significant value-creation potential in the semiconductor industry. How can semiconductor companies deploy AI at scale and capture this value? Insights on Semiconductors Semiconductors

The Most Common Partnership KPIs (According to Company Size and Maturity)

Crossbeam Blog

You’re just about to get your partnership program off the ground, and the KPI you’re held most accountable for is “new partnerships created.”. career advice industry insights Ecosystem Ops

The secret to Ibotta’s success? “Make discovery of new brands easy and fun”


Colorado’s Ibotta is a free cashback rewards and payments app that partners with more than 1,500 brands and retailers on desktop and mobile.

Fastly Taps Tackle to Kick Its Google Marketplace Listing into High Gear

Why Tackle. Tackle Meets Fastly’s Need for Speed on the Cloud Marketplace. Fastly was eager to start selling its edge cloud platform through Google’s Cloud Marketplace.

The coming opportunity in consumer lending

McKinsey & Company

The resumption of the credit cycle will offer innovative entrants rare access to underserved customer segments. Risk Insights

Building A New Channel for The Post Pandemic World and Beyond


When Covid-19 upended our world, millions of business leaders scrambled to adjust. Those that doubled-down on go-to-market strategies centered on third-party business partners found they had a leg up on rivals that over-emphasized direct sales.


What Is The Difference Between Margin And Markup In Finance?


When talking about finance and accounting, there are a variety of terms to keep in mind. One of those is the difference between margin and markup. Accounting Tools explains the difference well.

HP’s Mary Beth Walker on Data-Driven Channels

The 2112 Group

Mary Beth Walker joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how HP’s new Amplify program is leveraging data shared by partners to improve channel sales and productivity. . As many say, data in the digital age is the fuel of business.

How insurers can act on the opportunity of digital ecosystems

McKinsey & Company

Professor Markus Warg, an ecosystem and platform enthusiast, discusses the role that big tech will play in insurance and the importance of setting the rules of the game within ecosystems. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

3 Reasons Your Channel Partner Onboarding Needs a Facelift


With channel sales representing 75% of global commerce , vendors often rely on channel partners for a significant portion of their revenue. But with so many vendors fighting for their attention, getting potential partners to respond in the first place is often a major source of frustration.

Industry Convergence to Propel Cybersecurity Spending in Global Commercial and Public Sectors

Frost & Sullivan

By 2030, North America is expected to overtake Europe in cybersecurity spending, says Frost & Sullivan. Santa Clara, Calif. March 31, 2021– Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis finds that the cybersecurity industry for global commercial and public sectors is estimated to reach $68.01