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Maintaining Successful Partner Relationships in a Virtual World

Channel Incentive Best Practices

The IT channel is a people business. The relationship between vendors, partners and customers is at the heart of this very successful business agreement.

Understand the Cultural Differences

Peter Simoons

Tip 8: Understand the Cultural Differences. When two people begin occupying the same space – as roommates or dorm-mates, as co-workers using the same office, as a couple living together – one of the many possible sources of conflict that can spring between them is the way they do things.


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Messing With Their Heads - Using Behavioural Science to Win Partnerships

Stellar Partnerships

Have you ever tried to train a puppy? It’s a constant challenge to lure them away from chewing your furniture and digging up the garden. My border collie was a four- legged weapon of mass destruction, with boundless curiosity about everything on the forbidden list.

10 Questions To Ask in the Co-Selling World

CoSell Blog

When it comes to collaborative selling, many people find it is easier to start from a blueprint template instead of starting from a blank slate. I’m sure you’re seeing this in other parts of your work. Instead of starting with a blank page for designing a website, you begin with a blueprint.

How to launch a new business: Three approaches that work

McKinsey & Company

Analysis of more than 200 corporate business builds shows what success looks like. Digital Insights Digital strategy and organization Growth


PRM Implementation is Easy!


Implementing a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution is easy; well, it can be if you pick the right PRM. As a channel professional, you may view PRM implementation as an expensive and time-consuming task that you would rather avoid.


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7 Tips To Gain Competitive Advantage With Collaborative Partnerships

CoSell Blog

Today’s digital world is moving at light-speed. I bet you’ve been feeling the effects on your job, business, and organization. It turns out that much like early explorers, we are on the lookout for new partners, new continents, and new ways to boost business.

Building better batteries: Insights on chemistry and design from China

McKinsey & Company

A detailed benchmark analysis of the batteries of Chinese battery-electric vehicles reveals how differences in battery-cell and battery-pack design affect performance. Automotive & Assembly Insights Energy, Resources & Materials Automotive

Energy 103

Fatigue, Exhaustion, Disengagement in A World of Working From Anywhere

TRG Blog

For many, the "Can we maintain the same quality of work and productivity without any supervision, colleagues, and while working from home?" used to be the biggest concern pre-pandemic.


Employee Recognition Ideas That Actually Help Retain Your Team Members

ITA Group

Employee Recognition Ideas That Actually Help Retain Your Team Members. Many employee recognition programs have been around for years—maybe even decades. This makes it more important than ever for organizations to ask themselves, “Is our program getting stale or is it accomplishing our goals?”.

How Silicon Valley Ate Itself – and What Comes Next

INSEAD Knowledge

The Valley’s pre-eminence isn’t going anywhere, but its special gloss has faded. And that’s a good thing, for both society and the future of innovation


Seven principles for achieving transformational growth

McKinsey & Company

Dogged persistence and nimble execution underscore a set of proven ground rules for growth. Marketing & Sales Insights Digital marketing Growth Innovation


How to Sell Your Company for the Highest Prices

COO Alliance

When you want to sell your company, you want to increase the value of it first. It might surprise you, but increasing that value isn’t all about profits. While profitability is critical, there are other factors that can elevate your company’s value when it comes time to sell. So, what are they?

Make Partner Marketing FREE


Making partner marketing FREE might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of ways to improve your messaging and communications, but it might be the best idea for your improving business. Events Impartner Articles Marketing News & Trends Sales


3 Easy Steps to Attracting and Retaining Channel Partners


Running a business can be quite the challenge, especially when your business depends on channel partners to drive revenue. It can also be difficult to find channel partners who commit to your business and bring ROI.

Author Talks: Karin M. Reed on virtual meetings

McKinsey & Company

In her new book, Karin M. Reed dives into our sudden shift to virtual meetings—and how to make the most of them. McKinsey on Books


You Should be Account Mapping at Every Stage of the Customer Life Cycle

Crossbeam Blog

Remember the day you shed tears of joy because you no longer had to account map with spreadsheets ? It was like getting past a challenge that never should have stolen hours from your workday in the first place. account mapping career advice source


More Than a Buzzword, “Partnercentricity” Is Back in Atop Corporate Agendas


If you are not familiar with the concept, “partnercentricity” is a business concept that took hold among tech vendors several years ago. It’s the idea that everything a company does must have a partner-centric component baked in from the start.


Scrum Master Challenge Day 17 - Empowering or Disempowering?

Collaborative Leadership Team


Intentional learning in practice: A 3x3x3 approach

McKinsey & Company

Learning can be honed through practice. Here’s an effective strategy to continually learn, grow, and achieve development goals. Insights from McKinsey Accelerate Talent Leadership Innovation Capability building Human resources Personal effectiveness Behavioral strategy


What Is a Partner Portal?


A partner portal is a web-based application that gives channel partners access to a number of different exclusive tools and resources. For numerous companies today, it can be difficult to create and maintain strong relationships with channel partners.


The Seven Myths of Being a Channel Chief


If you’re new to channel sales or management, or even a seasoned veteran of partnering, you likely have many questions on key aspects of your job. You may even wonder how other channel chiefs at companies like yours operate.


Scrum Master Challenge Day 16 - When the $#!* hits the fan!

Collaborative Leadership Team


Analytics-to-Value: Digital analytics optimizing products and portfolios

McKinsey & Company

Better, faster product-development decisions have never been more critical. New techniques can provide quicker, deeper insights, at scale across an entire product portfolio. Insights on Operations Operations


4 Ways to Increase your Channel Sales and Optimize Sales Channel Strategy using a PRM Portal


We’ve all heard the phrase, there’s always room for improvement. This phrase couldn’t be truer in relation to business strategy, or more specifically, the channel sales and sales channel strategy.

Technology especially for partnership agencies — welcome, Affluent! Now an Impact company


Agencies play an essential role in the Partnership Economy, and what they do is complex. Agencies manage partnership programs for multiple brands at once across a range of networks and platforms, and they need specialized technology to make their partnership magic happen.

Scrum Master Challenge Day 15 - Remember to Inspect + Adapt

Collaborative Leadership Team


Spain’s travel sector can’t afford to wait to recover. What can stakeholders do?

McKinsey & Company

Unless steps are taken to stimulate recovery, more than $300 billion and 4.4 million jobs could be in jeopardy. Insights on Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Hotels & resorts Tourism Travel agencies Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Western Europe


Zoom’s ISV Investment Aims at Growth Amplification

The 2112 Group

The $100 million fund is more about research and development as the collaboration platform face slowing growth, increased competition. By Larry Walsh. The pandemic shift has benefited Zoom, which saw its subscribers, revenue, and profits climb faster to stratospheric heights than an Elon Musk rocket.

LiveU Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for LU800, Its Comprehensive 5G Production Unit for Broadcasters

Frost & Sullivan

Based on its recent analysis of the North American 5G network applications market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes LiveU with the North America New Product Innovation Award for its innovative LU800 unit.

Channel Chats Episode 1: The Building Blocks of a Channel Strategy

PLM Alliances

In our first Channel Chat episode, The Spur Group's CMO, Richard Flynn , (virtually) sits down with Baptie & Co. CEO, Rod Baptie, to discuss the building blocks of cultivating a successful channel strategy.

Fulfilling the promise of advanced analytics in oncology

McKinsey & Company

Advanced analytics will transform cancer care, but companies have been slow to adopt it. Progress requires a strategy that not only builds data and talent but also embraces experimentation. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Pharmaceuticals Oncology/Cancer Analytics Big data


Improving Cloud Marketplace Sales Operations with Tackle

Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace platform helps software vendors start selling on Marketplaces easily and quickly. But that’s just the beginning. .

The Future of Intelligent Work: A Conversation with GM Garry Kasparov

Thinkers 50

In this conversation, Professor David De Cremer speaks with GM Garry Kasparov about artificial intelligence, human creativity and the future of human-machine interaction. Antony Cook (Regional VP and Chief Legal Counsel, Microsoft Asia) provides introductory remarks.

Legal 52