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3 Key Success Factors for Corporate-Startup Collaboration


Since the introduction of open innovation developed by Chestbrough , many corporations have been adopting open innovation strategies to improve their innovation process efficiency by leveraging external talent.

Six Things Your Partners Wish You Knew About Content Commerce, According to Buzzfeed and ZMG


Call it commerce content, shoppable content, or affiliate, the merging of trusted editorial with product recommendations is a formula that works.


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What Does Partner Success Look Like?

Channel Incentive Best Practices

In the channel, the partnership between vendor, partner and customer is critical. However, everybody has a different idea of what constitutes a successful relationship. What does partner success look like?

How to build a process driven business

Jake Jorgovan

Processes… we all know it’s part of what we need to scale our businesses. You hear people talk about Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) all the time. I’m a huge believer in SOP’s and have been using them for a while… yet recently I’ve had some mindset shifts in how I think about processes.


Set a Cadence of Communication

Peter Simoons

Tip 7: Set a Cadence of Communication. Did you know that in any orchestra, the most important member is actually the conductor?

Kindling the spark of innovation in partnerships

Stellar Partnerships

There’s a right way and many wrong ways to start a fire. I learned this the hard way when staying at an English country cottage in winter. The quaint old Georgian building had no central heating, and we weren’t going to get hot water unless I could get a fire going.

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IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization Announces Formation of Adaptive Instructional Systems Consortium


Legal 130


Be Partner Ready

London, 1980’s: My padded shoulders, permed hair and I, worked with leadership teams and marketing managers within multinational companies (Unilever, J&J, Cadbury’s to name a few).


Everyone is within learning distance: Building skills remotely

McKinsey & Company

With careful design and implementation, remote capability building provides an effective lifeline for organizations adapting to entirely new ways of working. Insights on Operations Operations


Why Some Employees Improve Their Creativity and Others Don’t

INSEAD Knowledge

How our beliefs about creativity explain our ability to improve and sustain it over time


Cisco Study Reveals CIO's Top Priorities

Channel Insider

Thousands of chief information officers (CIOs) and IT decision makers across the world recently shared their priorities in a Cisco survey. See the findings here


Post-COVID: Looking Forward to a Return to Normalcy

The 2112 Group

Channelnomics’ new report shows how the channel is planning for the post-pandemic economy. By Larry Walsh. Life is hardly back to normal a little more than a year after COVID-19 disrupted the global economy and everyday lives.


One move companies can take to improve diversity

McKinsey & Company

Many companies are trying to increase their hiring of diverse employees. Opening hubs, factories, and other worksites where Black people live is a powerful but overlooked lever. Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Social Responsibility Organization Diversity


Who’s Afraid of the Experience Economy?

INSEAD Knowledge

Great brand experiences drive better business outcomes, during the pandemic and beyond


Ep. 155 – Bunn-O-Matic Executive Vice President, Mark Watson

COO Alliance

Our guest today is Mark Watson, the Executive Vice President for Bunn-O-Matic. . Mark loves challenges, both personal and professional. He would prefer to fail at a huge challenge than succeed at an easy challenge. In his career, he has always chosen to do the hard assignments and big challenges. In his opinion, the hard road is where personal and professional growth are realized. Personal challenges began early with the death of his father during his junior year in high school.


6 Data Cleansing Best Practices for a Healthier Database

TRG Blog

Data cleansing is one of the most important steps in the data preparation process. As companies are increasingly dependent on data to make crucial decisions, inferior data can leads to inefficiency, missed opportunities, or even financial losses.


The irresistible momentum behind clean, electric, connected mobility: Four key trends

McKinsey & Company

Mobility’s future is visible in the increasing support of capital markets, the demands of Chinese consumers, the effort to slow climate change, and the new skills automakers will need to deal with these shifts.


Are you ready for PRM?


Over the past decade, companies have increasingly moved to an indirect sales model that relies on channel partners.

How to Inspire Your Employees

COO Alliance

Inspired employees are productive employees and who doesn’t want that? A company filled with inspired employees is a company whose chances of success are way higher, it’s people way happier, and it’s work far greater. So, what does your work environment have to do with inspiring your employees?


7 Things That Cause Nurse Turnover (and 8 Things That Stop It)

ITA Group

7 Things That Cause Nurse Turnover (and 8 Things That Stop It).

Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

McKinsey & Company

Our new survey shows that a rise in consumer interest and purchasing power presents opportunities across markets, especially as consumer spending rebounds. Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods

How to Learn Your Customer’s Tech Stack and Increase Integration Adoption by 17%

Crossbeam Blog

You’ve grown your tech ecosystem with love. You’ve seen how your integrations help your customers realize greater value from your platform. And the more integrations your customers adopt, the “stickier” your product becomes. account mapping source industry insights Ecosystem Ops

How Top COOs Learn from Themselves First

COO Alliance

The best COOs learn from themselves first. Even so, a lot of people in executive positions (CEO, COO, or other second in command) still do not take the time to learn from their mistakes and failures.


Three Steps to Winning Your First 30 Days on the Job


New in town? Welcome to your new role in channels. No doubt you want to make a great first impression. But what if we told you there were steps you can take to achieve more? Better still, what if we said you can begin taking these steps today? You can with this three-step primer.


A conversation on artificial intelligence and gender bias

McKinsey & Company

Interaction between humans and machines has opened up new opportunities for fighting bias in the workplace. Here’s how artificial intelligence can help companies reach gender parity. Asia-Pacific Public Sector


Why ALTOUR with CenterPoint

CenterPoint Group

Business travel can be complicated – we personalize our service to simplify your journey. Take advantage of our global network to increase your worldwide efficiency. Use our negotiated supplier discounts to reduce your costs.


How To Find Strategic Leaders In Your Organization


Did you know that many companies have strong operational capabilities, but lack management that has the ability to truly solve problems? This was proven by a 2015 PwC study which revealed that only 8% of the study’s respondents are effective in leading strategic organizational transformation.


Five lessons from five wins

Remarkable Partnerships

Over the last month we have been blown away by the success we are seeing in the sector. Charities of all shapes and sizes are securing major partnership wins as purpose-driven business continues to rise in 2021.

Boards and decision making

McKinsey & Company

What the pandemic has taught board directors about high-consequence, low-probability decisions. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Stakeholder management Leadership Strategic planning

Can Managers Who Wear Many Hats Be Trusted?

INSEAD Knowledge

The more diverse your goals are, the greater the temptation to muddy the waters on performance


Advanced Recycling Technologies and Collaborative Solutions to Lead the Transition to Circular Economy in Plastics

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan shares themes and strategies for lucrative growth prospects presented by circular economy goals. Santa Clara, Calif.

Insurtech Report Points to Digital Transformation

Channel Insider

An insurtech study by DXC Technology is offering insight into consumers' digital expectations of insurance companies. See the findings here

Omnichannel shopping in 2030

McKinsey & Company

Four McKinsey leaders envision the future of retail. Marketing & Sales Insights Retail environments Multichannel Innovation

Retail 103

Examples of Adding Personalization to Channel Incentive Programs

ITA Group

Examples of Adding Personalization to Channel Incentive Programs. Personalization is one of the ways to make a stellar partner experience inside your program.