Sun.Jun 04, 2023

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Hello from the other side: CSL

Stellar Partnerships

What does a corporate partner want? It’s the million-dollar question. To make your life easier we’ve recently been hosting chats with people from the corporate side of the table so you can hear from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) what’s important to them. This week we’re sharing the insights from Patrick at CSL. CSL is a global biotech company and one of Australia’s biggest success stories, with profits of over $2.2bln last year.

Biotech 130
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Embracing the Elegance of Audio Calls

Peter Simoons

I’ve been coaching and having conversations over Zoom since 2015. I remember that during those first few years of this transition to digital methods, people were hesitant to turn on their video and many preferred audio-only meetings. The lockdown periods of the pandemic changed that completely! Since then, video calls seem to have become the norm for communication.

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How to Write a Construction Contract: A Comprehensive Guide


A well-written construction contract is the cornerstone of a successful construction project. It serves as a legally binding agreement between the owner and the contractor, outlining the rights, obligations, and expectations of both parties. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of writing a construction contract in Michigan, covering essential elements, key provisions, and best practices to ensure a clear and enforceable agreement.