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The Channel Has Changed. Channel Marketing Needs to Catch Up

Channel Insider

To say the IT channel has undergone a profound transformation is a vast understatement. We were originally dubbed a “channel” by IBM, whose rule was that nobody but IBM can sell IBM.

Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Chameleon Sales

In our last post , we discussed an overview of customer relationship management and customer experience management. In this post, we will take a more detailed look at customer relationship management, available tools, and metrics associated with CRM.


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Be Flexible in Transitioning the Partnership

Peter Simoons

Tip 15: Be Flexible in Transitioning the Partnership. French essayist Francois de La Rochefoucauld once wrote that the only thing constant in life is change. As clichéd as it may sound, it is indeed true.

Why talent is overrated

Stellar Partnerships

I have just read Angela Duckworth’s book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. It’s filled with evidence, case studies and stories of how and why talent will only take you so far.

Energy 130

How Hatch Boosted its Close Rate by 24% by Incentivizing its Partner’s Account Managers

Crossbeam Blog

Can’t get your partner’s account managers (AMs) to play ball? Those AMs have all the juiciest info about your target accounts, so, whatever you do, don’t give up on fostering the co-selling relationship between your sales reps and your partner’s AMs. co-selling source industry insights


E-Commerce and Resumption of Supply Chains Catalyze Global Commercial Vehicles Industry

Frost & Sullivan

Market players to collaborate and address the demand for greener powertrain alternatives, says Frost & Sullivan. Santa Clara, Calif.

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Starting an MSP Backup and Recovery Service: IT Partner Options

Channel Insider

Backup and recovery has always been a critical IT issue but in the wake of a plague of crippling ransomware attacks, data protection is now a top priority for almost every organization of any size.


When Does Your Business Need a Data Management Platform?

TRG Blog

Data Management is extremely critical. As your business grows, it is only natural that the amount of data you generate daily, such as customer data, employee data, internal process data, product data, etc. also increases. Technology trends Business Intelligence Analytics


Sustainability at Work

CenterPoint Group

When you distribute hundreds of thousands of items worldwide like Grainger does, the hidden health, environmental and social implications can feel overwhelming.

Frost & Sullivan Reveals the Top 3 Cybersecurity Challenges Faced by Asia-Pacific Enterprises

Frost & Sullivan

Webinar will explore how Expertise-as-a-Service can create value for enterprises and deliver better operational outcomes. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Press Contact: Melissa Tan. Frost & Sullivan. P: +65 6890 0926. E: SANTA CLARA, Calif.

Innovation in the Legal Services Sector


While product-oriented innovation is well-established as a business practice, innovation in service-oriented sectors, such as legal, accounting, and consulting, has had a slower progression – until now.

Legal 83

Channel Partner Profile: Sirius

Channel Insider

Sirius, one of our picks for top channel partners , is a privately owned business solutions provider, working with more than 5,000 active clients within the U.S. alone.

Buy now, pay later: Five business models to compete

McKinsey & Company

Financing at the point of sale may be a small share of unsecured lending in the United States today, but it’s growing fast. Banks seeking long-term growth should explore market entry, and merchants should reassess their financing offers. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

Easily integrate PRM with your CRM (with Checklist)


PRM to CRM integrations can be drawn out and difficult, but they really don’t have to be. With the right PRM system, setting up an integration with your CRM can be painless and easy. In this article, we will discuss key considerations to make integrating your PRM and CRM systems quick and successful. Easy Setup & Documentation. The first thing to look out for is ease of setup.


Presagen Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Innovating a New Model of Healthcare, Enabling Access to Diverse Global Datasets through Its AI Platform

Frost & Sullivan


How Executives Should – and Shouldn’t – Engage With Customers

INSEAD Knowledge

When done the right way, customer engagement can turn into a lucrative opportunity


56 Strategic Objective Examples for Your Company to Copy

ClearPoint Strategy

Strategic objectives are statements that indicate what is critical or important in your organizational strategy. In other words, they’re goals you’re trying to achieve in a certain period of time—typically 3-5 years. Your objectives link out to your measures and initiatives.

A travel boom is looming. But is the industry ready?

McKinsey & Company

This peak-travel season, tourists are returning with a vengeance. Travel companies should focus on four priority areas to ensure traveler satisfaction. Insights on Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Strategy


Advice for Communicating During the 3 Stages of To-Partner Channel Marketing

ITA Group

Advice for Communicating During the 3 Stages of To-Partner Channel Marketing. Channel incentive programs are all about behavior modification. These programs are designed to achieve specific business goals by rewarding partners for pre-determined efforts or desired behaviors.

Global Medical Imaging & Informatics Market Thrives with AI and Cloud as Healthcare Sector Focuses on Quadruple Aim

Frost & Sullivan

The global medical imaging and informatics market is estimated to hit $37.10 billion in 2021 from $33.90 billion in 2020, registering growth at 9.4%, finds Frost & Sullivan. Santa Clara, Calif.

Six Steps to Overcome Shame

INSEAD Knowledge

As old as time and very much universal, feelings of shame can lead to self-destructive behaviour in even the best of leaders


Explaining The VRIO Framework (With A Real-Life Example)

ClearPoint Strategy

What makes your organization special? How close are your competitors to overtaking you? Too many companies can’t answer questions like these and simply believe hard work will guarantee success.


COVID-19 and education: The lingering effects of unfinished learning

McKinsey & Company

US states and districts have the opportunity to not only help students catch up on unfinished learning from the pandemic but also tackle long-standing historical inequities in education. Public & Social Sector Insights Education


5 Big-Name Organizational Culture Examples That Win the Talent War

ITA Group

5 Big-Name Organizational Culture Examples That Win the Talent War. As the war for talent escalates, an intentional and consistent focus on the culture of your company is the best defense to protect your most prized team members.

BIOTRONIK Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Its Disruptive Implantable Cardiac Monitoring Device, BIOMONITOR IIIm

Frost & Sullivan

LONDON, UK — July 28, 2021 — Based on its recent analysis of the Global market for implantable cardiac monitoring devices, Frost & Sullivan recognizes BIOTRONIK with the 2021 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award.


Communication and Engagement – Utilizing Both for an Exceptional Team

Collaboration LLC

By Michael Gunther and Erin Hoffman. Anyone who has worked in any industry knows that conflicting personalities take a toll on teamwork, morale, and the successful completion of a project. But what many people might not know is that they don’t have to just learn to deal with a co-worker.

What is a Strategy Map?

ClearPoint Strategy

During your strategic planning process, there are a lot of puzzle pieces to fit together. How do you identify the right goals for your organization? How can you ensure they are interconnected?

How HBCUs can accelerate Black economic mobility

McKinsey & Company

Historically Black colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to inspire and support Black Americans in the five critical roles they play in the US economy. Public & Social Sector Insights Public Sector Social innovation Education United States


The Key to Onboarding a New COO

COO Alliance

It’s well known that recruiting and hiring the perfect COO for your company is no easy task. It takes hard work, research, planning, and lots of time. But once all of that is done, once you’ve interviewed, sent out an offer, and hired the perfect person for the job, then what?


Frost & Sullivan Reveals How the Lights-Out Setting is Redefining Manufacturing

Frost & Sullivan

Automating the manufacturing process can offer substantial savings on labor costs, increase productivity and help companies achieve their sustainability goals. Santa Clara, Calif.–July