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The March Continues

Board Source

I believe I’ll remember the images of last summer’s racial justice marches for the rest of my life – largely for a reason that I didn’t expect. It wasn’t just the number of protests around the country that inspired me, or even the size of the crowds (impressive as they were).


How To Survive and Thrive Global Sales Change

CoSell Blog

In our fast-changing digital sales world, we are seeing signs of radical change, similar to Global Climate Change. You could call it, “Global Sales Change.” All the things we’ve been so reliant on are changing. Phone calls. Emails. Linked In.


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Agree on a Set of Alliance Core Values and Operating Principles

Peter Simoons

Tip 9: Agree on a Set of Alliance Core Values and Operating Principles. You and your partner will be able to accomplish so many things just by trying to bridge your organizations’ two distinct cultures and create a third culture that’s all your own.

Legal 148

Importance of Equality in Peer Learning Groups


“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein.

5 things to make a submission stand out

Stellar Partnerships

There are ways to stand out that are memorable and ways that are best avoided. My brother was on his way to the office to meet his new boss. He wore his best suit and had a fresh shave to make a good first impression.

Managing the Risks of AI Research: Six Recommendations for Responsible Publication

Partnership on AI

The post Managing the Risks of AI Research: Six Recommendations for Responsible Publication appeared first on The Partnership on AI. Research


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Channel Partner Engagement 101


Partner engagement is a term used to describe the level of attention and interaction a partner has with your organization.


New Rules for B2B Partnerships

CoSell Blog

In a recent Accenture report, B2B companies are taking steps to transform their partnership models. They are finding new ways to move forward together. It’s become clear that the success of B2B companies is tightly interwoven with their channel partners.

Ep. 159 – Dialpad COO, Jason Yang

COO Alliance

Our guest today is Jason Yang, COO of Dialpad. Jason joined Dialpad in 2018 and was previously SVP of Marketing and Business Operations. He brings to the role more than two decades of experience with high-growth global companies and a wide breadth of experience across disciplines. .


Landing Your First Dollar (and Many More) on Cloud Marketplace

Taking the first step can be the hardest part of a journey. That’s often true when selling on Cloud Marketplaces.

Stakeholder capitalism: A conversation with Vivian Hunt and Paul Polman

McKinsey & Company

Why companies must now compete on trust and deliver value to multiple stakeholders. Public & Social Sector Insights Social Sector Public Sector Globalization Leadership Managing in Uncertainty Strategy Sustainability Economic Impact Organization


Insight to Impact: No Rules Rules with Erin Meyer

Thinkers 50

With the arrival of Covid 19, businesses around the world are experiencing unexpected and unforeseen challenges. The management paradigms influencing our thinking have been upended. Suddenly digital transformation and organizational flexibility have become the urgent topics of our time.

Recent A/E/C Mergers and Acquisitions in the News

PSMJ Resources Blog

Here’s a recap of some of the latest A/E/C mergers and acquisitions that have been announced in recent weeks. Mergers & Acquisitions


Using Segment? Now you can do even more with Impact!


Now it’s easier than ever for Segment customers to connect their partnership programs to their overall web and app marketing efforts, thanks to our newly expanded integration between the Segment and Impact platforms.

Preventive Maintenance 101: Six Areas of Campus Not to Neglect

CenterPoint Group

Instead of waiting for that critical system or piece of equipment to break down, include these six areas in your institution’s preventive campus maintenance program. As college infrastructures continue to age, institutions need to balance new construction with renovations.

On target: How to succeed with carbon-reduction initiatives

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey research reveals which industries are on track to meet green objectives and how they got there. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Corporate strategy Climate change Corporate Social Responsibility

Episode 14 | The Fine Art of Salesmanship


Sales can be a tricky thing and there’s a lot to consider. From networking and getting leads to implementing systems that will get you closer to your prospects to taking data in consideration as you transform your company into a more profitable one. Learn more in this 14th episode of Off the Cuff!


The Greatest COO Interview Question of All Time

COO Alliance

What’s the greatest COO interview question? Is it “What are your strengths?” or “What are your weaknesses?” Maybe it’s “What can you do for this company?”. Well, actually, it’s none of those. The greatest COO interview question is much more interesting than those.


Incentivizing Channel Partners in a SaaS World

Channel Incentive Best Practices

The channel has witnessed an influx of new partner types alongside new business models in recent times. These changes have meant that vendors must adapt how they engage with their partners in order to thrive.

All Things AI Episode 4: Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

PLM Alliances

"Are you capturing the right data? Are you measuring the right things? You have to think about what drives the business. Are the metrics you're capturing, do they actually feed into the end goal of the business?" asks Andre Avanessian , an experienced data analyst.


Winning the Chinese BEV market: How leading international OEMs compete

McKinsey & Company

Keeping up with the ever-changing battery-electric-vehicle industry is a high-stakes challenge. Our benchmark of two international and ten local models reveals how OEMs can win over Chinese consumers. Automotive & Assembly Insights Automotive Light vehicles Energy, Resources & Materials

Private Offer Status Notifications, Date & Time Activity, and Customer Details, Plus Upgrades to Disbursement Reports

Tackle built the software and processes to make it easy to sell your software in Cloud Marketplaces and leverage this channel to drive significant revenue.

Three Reasons Why Your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) Is No Substitute for a TCMA Solution


You can do many things with your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) — generate leads, coordinate campaigns and measure marketing efficacy, among other things — but you cannot use it to effectively market your products and services through partners.


Why Trust Matters Now More Than Ever In Innovation


2020 showed us that adaptability is a must to survive the changing market. Now that you’ve adapted, it’s time to go beyond just riding the tides to ensure a profitable company. Innovation is something that companies should also utilize regularly in their everyday operations.

All Things AI Episode 3: Using AI in Healthcare Across the World

PLM Alliances

"We spent a few years up front thinking about this idea of digital convergence.


Adopting a smart data mindset in a world of big data

McKinsey & Company

Industrial companies are using artificial intelligence to improve plant operations. To be successful, they will need to transform their data with the help of domain experts. Metals & Mining Insights Metals Mining Artificial Intelligence


How to Scale Your Cloud Marketplace Revenue

Tackle recently completed a three-part webinar series examining the keys to success for sellers at different stages of their Cloud Marketplace maturity.

Tishkoff Zoom Office


This is Tishkoff’s new office in the age of COVID! Most litigation in the U.S. is currently conducted using Zoom. Using this set up, Tishkoff’s attorneys completed the first Zoom trial for the Chancery Court, located in Nashville, Tennessee, in March 2021. The all-virtual trial went very well.

In May, let’s all stand up for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders


More than 60% of the world’s population hails from Asia or the Pacific Islands, and the United States alone is home to more than 20 million people of Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander descent.


Channel Chats Ep 2: Partner Insights From a Cloud Leader

PLM Alliances

In our second Channel Chat episode, The Spur Group's CMO, Richard Flynn, is joined by Snowflake's Colleen Kapase , VP WW Partners & Alliances. Snowflake is cloud-based data company founded in 2012 with a market cap of nearly 70 billion in 2021.

How the medtech industry can capture value from digital health

McKinsey & Company

Medtech companies could play a major role in the digital transformation of healthcare that is under way, but they will have to make some big changes to the way they operate—and fast. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Medical products


Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Palo Alto Networks as a Leader in the US Healthcare Cybersecurity Market

Frost & Sullivan

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, is transforming the healthcare industry by enabling the organizations to improve patient and employee experience, protect patient data and improve regulatory compliance throughout the continuum of care. SANTA CLARA, Calif. –

From Band-Aid to Deep Impact: Building Effective Social Sector Organisations

INSEAD Knowledge

Making a real difference requires combining your passion with a problem-solving mindset and a rigorous approach


VMware Enlists Partners for Sustainability Initiative

Channel Insider

Could demand for carbon-neutral technology be a selling point for MSPs