The Atrocities of Business Development


Every business needs to understand how they get more business. Hands down, that is the hallmark of building a solid company; having a solid business development program. Worse yet, there are business development programs that can actually hurt a business.

Strategic Planning & Business Development Through Foresight


While the fifth post offered a step-by-step process for scenario planning to prep your organization for the future, this post elaborates how foresight can inform business model, people & organization development


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6 Proven Ways to Ace Your Business Development Plan


When starting a business, one of the things that you need is a feasibility study to make sure it will have a return on your investment. To succeed, you need a business development plan to guide you towards achieving your goal.

6 Proven Ways to Ace Your Business Development Plan


When starting a business, one of the things that you need is a feasibility study to make sure it will have a return on your investment. To succeed, you need a business development plan to guide you towards achieving your goal. On the other hand, if you have a well-crafted development plan, you will have a more realistic perspective of the current status quo. Having a detailed and well-thought out business plan means you are paving your own path.

How Sales Enablement is Supporting Social Selling in 2022

Speaker: Brynne Tillman CEO | LinkedIn Whisperer at Social Sales Link

In this 1-hour session, Brynne Tillman from Social Sales Link will teach you why Sales Enablement teams should own Social Selling

One of Our Many Happy Clients! TCC – A Client Success Story


Our TCC story started several years ago when the CEO of Triple Crown Construction expressed a desire to grow his company in a way that allowed him to oversee operations and reorganize the business by developing an expanded team […].

Put the “Development” in your Business Development Plan

Dinkel Business Development

If the pandemic has taught us anything about business development, it’s that we need to keep learning and trying new things. When we talk about professional development as it pertains to business development there are three things that come to my mind: tactics, technology & skills.

Three Winning Business Development Strategies to Act on Now!

Dinkel Business Development

Recently I participated in a small group session to talk about business development trends and what’s working now during the pandemic. One of the biggest changes regarding business development is the disappearance of face-to-face networking and trade shows.

Measuring Success for Your Business Development Team Member

Dinkel Business Development

I recently participated in a panel discussion around sales and business development and what the difference is between both of those positions. I certainly could write another blog about that subject and there are certainly many definitions of what a salesperson does as opposed to a business development professional. As we got further into our discussion, we started to talk about how to measure success with business development professionals.

Reflection on the Future of Work

Chameleon Sales

Doing the right thing is always the right thing : Employees believe that ethics belong in business and view businesses to have an impact on society at large. Business Development Efficiency Employee Retention Team Building business development chameleon group employee retention

List Cleansing for 2022

Chameleon Sales

This remains an important process as the pandemic continues to snarl business and jobs. Business Development client retention Customers List Cleansing business development database cleansing list cleaning list cleansing list enhancement list scrubbing

5 Things to Consider When Building a Culture of Business Development

Dinkel Business Development

Building a culture of business development at your company can be a hugely rewarding experience for both management and employees. Everyone in your organization has a network, whether it’s their business network, social network or given network.

Business Development & Marketing Discussion - Building Congress & Exchange - YouTube Vieo

Dinkel Business Development

I had the pleasure of having a discussion with Tim Bojanowski, president of ZEST Social Media Solutions and Donna DeMarco, executive director of Building Congress & Exchange on the topic of business development and marketing as it pertains to the construction industry.

Renewed business development efforts are key to surviving difficult times

Dinkel Business Development

months into the coronavirus crisis, the industry is developing additional, altered, core business practices that companies will need to succeed in our ‘new normal.’ There will be a lot of big businesses that get smaller, small businesses that get bigger, and businesses that go away… There has not been a more important time in modern history for American businesses to think about what your business is going to look like coming out of this period.”


Dinkel Business Development

Sales and business development are just two different ways to refer to the same activity – getting your company’s product or service into the customer’s hands. Both positions exist to help grow your business, but they contribute in very different ways. Sales = ABC (Always Be Closing) Business Development = ABO (Always Be Opening). Business development has a relational nature, with a focus on selling solutions to strategic partners.

Connect With Customers – CRM and CXM

Chameleon Sales

The ease with which business owners can connect with their customers before, during, and after the sales process has never been easier or more convenient. Along with that advancement in technology has come an expectation that business owners understand and respond to their customers.

Proposal Activity Data Shows Continued Optimism from A/E/C Executives

PSMJ Resources Blog

Business Development Financial ManagementThe Quarterly Market Forecast also measures proposal activity trends in 12 key client markets.


Dinkel Business Development

Networking events and other group meetings are being cancelled or postponed on a daily basis right now which leaves many of us to wonder what we can do to continue to build our businesses. Although networking is a key component to any good business development plan, there are many other things you can do to keep on top of your game. Think of ways to give them value by understanding who they would like to meet with and what information they need to grow their business.

Linkedin cracks down on connection request limits

Jake Jorgovan

Blog Business Development Lead CookieRecently we published an article at Lead Cookie about the “ Your out of invitations for now ” error that has started showing up on Linkedin. It has finally happened. After years of mass spamming on Linkedin, they have finally dropped the hammer.

Video Conferencing in 2021

Chameleon Sales

Recent articles got us thinking about how the future of video conferencing will impact business. No one would argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has left an indelible mark how business will be conducted in the future.

Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Chameleon Sales

Sales Forecast Reports : Your business relies on your ability to budget and forecast. client retention business development chameleon CRM Customer Relationship Management inside sales

Market Research

Chameleon Sales

Market research ensures that your company develops an informed and successful business strategy. When a company develops a new product or service, the natural next step is to make it available to the public.

How to bridge the gap between cyber security technologies and business value

Managed Services Platform

Despite all the trends favouring cyber security related services, the gap is still growing between the real value of cyber security Services and their perceived business value. Managed Services Providers IT Account Management Strategic Leadership NIST Cyber Security IT Business Development

List Cleansing in 2020

Chameleon Sales

The last eight months have transformed the business landscape. Maintaining an updated contact list is effective in reaching the group of people who are responsible for most of your new business – your current customers.

9 Ways To Increase Sales And Revenue In Your Business


In a conversation with a gentleman about his business, we were reviewing how he would actually do business. However, despite having the pieces and parts in place in theory, the plan was lacking the alignment that a business requires to effectively drive sales and revenue.

Digital Feedback

Chameleon Sales

Over the last 12 months, businesses have rapidly adapted to a more digital business environment. Because of the deep dependence on the internet and social media, your digital fingerprint is important to your success and having digital feedback is a great way to draw in new business.

Marketing Mindset

Chameleon Sales

If you are a small to medium business, you may not have a solidified marketing plan. If you are like most small to medium businesses, your approach is a scattershot attempt to drum up business.

Open To Work

Chameleon Sales

In addition to impacting sales and revenue for millions of small and medium sized businesses, it leaves a wake of available talent. In the mean time, many businesses are waiting to fill vacancies until there is a more clear picture of the future.

Internet in the Remote Working Environment

Chameleon Sales

We received a lot of support on how we prepared and implemented change within our business. However, the internet’s critical role in remote work for local and global business has been especially pushed to the forefront.

Work from Home

Chameleon Sales

Especially here in the United States as local governments are issuing shelter-in-place orders and the closing non-essential businesses. We understand that not every business has the infrastructure to operate remotely.

Business Networking

Chameleon Sales

Networking is a concept that business owners struggle to build or develop. However, not all business owners know or understand the importance of networking in their professional lives. This system is critical to the success of your business.

PSMJ Announces 2021 Premier Award for Client Satisfaction Winners

PSMJ Resources Blog

Business DevelopmentSeptember 14, 2021 (Newton, Mass.) - PSMJ Resources, Inc. has announced 23 winners of the 2021 Premier Award for Client Satisfaction, which honors architecture and engineering firms that deliver a truly exceptional client experience.

To Improve Partner Content, Borrow a Page from Your Drip Marketing Handbook


Yes, say enterprise software experts including Bryce Maughan, director of sales enablement and business development at Impartner. Does it still make sense to request a demo for professional software at a time when a quarter of new car buyers gladly will skip a test drive?

Five Reasons to Say “Yes” to That Demo


Yes, say enterprise software experts including Bryce Maughan, director of sales enablement and business development at Impartner. Does it still make sense to request a demo for professional software at a time when a quarter of new car buyers gladly will skip a test drive?

LaVoieHealthScience Builds on 2020 Momentum with an Updated Team Roster to Meet Client Growth in 2021

LaVoie Health Science Blog

Twenty-five-year veteran, Lisa DeScenza , who joined the firm in 2012 and has held a variety of agency roles with increasing responsibility, is now Vice President, Integrated Communications & Head, Business Development & Marketing. BOSTON & NEW YORK – January 7, 2021.

Our solutions to the Two Universal Challenges to Scaling Revenue – Generating Partnerships (Part 3 of 3)


Business development and channel teams need the right visibility into each partner’s accounts to develop the best revenue strategies with each partner. It’s finally here the solution to the challenges that all enterprises face when scaling their ecosystems.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs to Focus on Building Better Relationships

Dinkel Business Development

A successful business involves a lot more than a useful product or service and a clever slogan. Here’s why your business should focus on relationship building in 2022 Building Relationships = Building Revenue We’re firm believers that stronger relationships lead to an increase in revenue.

Collaborating to Improve the Customer Experience


Barry said: “We had a very successful first meeting where we all had the same response: there’s clearly an opportunity for our businesses to collaborate. Powerlinx does more than help businesses further their pre-specified objectives.

Be Memorable! 5 Tips on How to Get Prospects and Partners to Remember You

Dinkel Business Development

Make sure you can relay critical information such as what your business does and how you help your existing clients. I’m a huge believer in the give-to-get mentality and I know the best business developers feel the same way.

Is Your Channel Incentive Program A Money Pit?

PLM Alliances

This holds true whether the channel incentives are MDF, solutions investment funds or some other form of business development assistance. Having X% revenue growth is the governor on your investment, it is not the business outcome you base your decision on.