Short-Term Predictions for Live Events in 2021

ITA Group

While current health risk mitigation measures (social distancing, mask wearing and testing) will still be important, we will likely see new protocols as well. Increased Health Risk Mitigation Procedures. Short-Term Predictions for Live Events in 2021.

Listen & Learn: How to Continue Operating Safe & Healthy Events

ITA Group

Assessing the Risk of Your In-Person Event. Operational Considerations to Prevent, Detect & Respond to Health & Safety Risks. Tailor your strategies and guidelines to mitigate health risks associated with your specific program and venues.


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2021 Event Catering Trends

ITA Group

Balancing risk against return; human connection while maintaining distance; service with technology; healthy cuisine with comfort food; and cost without sacrificing value—balancing all will be key. Attendees Expect Higher Levels of Cleanliness & Risk Mitigation.

The Twelve Principles of Collaboration

Phoenix Consulting Group

Risk Management. Business ventures have risk associated them. Some collaborations are formed as risk mitigation measures other incur unique risks. A different tolerance for risk can be itself a risk in the partnership.

Fast-moving Consumer Goods 2025: 5 Strategic Pillars to Build Your Growth Pipeline

Frost & Sullivan

In the next five to 10 years, critical challenges like supply chain resilience, local sourcing strategies and risk mitigation with backward and forward integration will need to be addressed and secured.

Why Your Go-To-Market Strategy Matters

PLM Alliances

It can elevate brand risk, make it harder to make changes, and force shared revenues and profits. Most importantly, they provide bandwidth, coverage, and risk-mitigation often unobtainable through direct resources.