Top Energy & Power Trends to Watch in 2022

Frost & Sullivan

Global supply chains will continue to be disrupted in 2022, resulting in delays in the commissioning of new power & energy projects, with the booming wind and solar PV sectors worst affected. Jonathan Robinson, Director, Power & Energy . The Rise of Energy Services.

Managing water and climate risk with renewable energy

McKinsey & Company

New analysis shows how companies can target renewable-energy purchases and investments to reduce water risk and carbon emissions in tandem. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas Energy, Resources & Materials Sustainability

Energy 113

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Expansion of Renewables and Cost Reductions Drive Battery Energy Storage to Forefront of National Energy Plans

Frost & Sullivan

April 15, 2021– Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis on the global grid battery energy storage market finds that the continual expansion of intermittent renewables and declining technology costs are key factors fueling the market.

Top 10 Growth Opportunities in Energy & Environment Industry to Enhance Company Profitability

Frost & Sullivan

26, 2022 – Sustainability, digital transformation and the energy transition have accelerated significantly in the past 18 months. The global Energy and Environment (E&E) industry is going through an unprecedented transformation and this change is bringing exciting new growth opportunities.

Global Energy Perspective 2021

McKinsey & Company

The Global Energy Perspective describes our view on how the energy transition can unfold, through four scenarios. Oil & Gas Insights

Adani Green Energy’s Acquisition of SB Energy: Key Takeaways from the Largest Deal in India’s Renewable Energy Sector

Frost & Sullivan

Adani Green Energy’s acquisition of SB Energy is the largest deal in India’s renewable energy sector, valuing the company at ?26,000 The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 further aggravated the financial condition of several renewable energy project developers.

How Brazil can optimize its cost of energy

McKinsey & Company

Brazil’s energy costs remain higher than that of its global peers. Investing in diversification, grid improvement, and energy efficiency could lower prices and expand supply. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas Energy efficiency Electric Power Brazil

Energy 103

Harvesting the Energy of Our Footsteps


Pavegen is a cleantech company that harvests the energy of our footsteps and converts it into electricity. This is how Laurence Kemball-Cook starts off an energizing TED talk about Pavegen, a clean energy company he founded at age 23.

The Hidden Cost of Solar Energy

INSEAD Knowledge

The current recycling capacity for solar panels can’t cope with an influx of customers prematurely discarding their existing panels for cheaper, more efficient models

Net-zero power: Long-duration energy storage for a renewable grid

McKinsey & Company

As the world transitions to decarbonized energy systems, emerging long-duration energy storage technologies will be critical for supporting the widescale deployment of renewable energy sources.

Energy 114

Energy Sector Illuminates with Technology Advancement and the Emergence of Prosumerism

Frost & Sullivan

Digitization across the energy industry peripheral encouraging a shift from conventional business models to advanced go-to-market strategies, says Frost & Sullivan. Furthermore, energy storage is fast becoming a vital component of prosumerism.

Rising Demand for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Boosts the Southeast Asian Integrated Facilities Management Market

Frost & Sullivan

Additionally, the increasing deployment of technologies due to COVID-19 and environment-conscious consumers’ emphasis on adopting energy-efficient methods will further expedite market progress.

Capturing the wind: Renewable-energy opportunities in Vietnam

McKinsey & Company

Vietnam’s commitment to increasing its energy capacity using renewable sources and favorable macroeconomic conditions may create valuable opportunities for wind investors and developers.

GCC’s Distributed Energy Market Propelled by Rooftop Solar PV and Hybrid Power Systems’ Expansion

Frost & Sullivan

July 5, 2021 – Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis on the distributed energy market in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) finds that it is gathering momentum with declining technology costs, resource availability, and favorable policies.

Introduction: Navigating decarbonization and energy transition in the built world

McKinsey & Company

Welcome to the July 2021 issue of Voices on Infrastructure, a collection of insights on preparing for the energy transition. Insights on Operations Operations

Disrupting the Status Quo of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability with Scalable, Circuit-level, Real-time Energy Data

Frost & Sullivan

Energy monitoring solutions are a cornerstone for customers that wish to reach net zero. IoT-based energy monitoring solutions give customers quick access to timely and granular energy data (circuit/equipment level).

The raw-materials challenge: How the metals and mining sector will be at the core of enabling the energy transition

McKinsey & Company

The energy transition presents unique challenges for metals and mining companies, which will need to innovate and rebuild their growth agenda. As the world gears up for net zero, demand for raw materials is set to soar.

Energy 112

Shift Away from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy Gathers Speed in the North American Power Sector, Boosted by State Mandates and Corporate America’s Green Push

Frost & Sullivan

In the 2020s, the transition of the North American power sector towards a greener energy system will continue as the election of President Biden will bring further impetus to the market. Solar PV will dominate the decentralised energy market, accounting for 89.8%

bp: An agility pioneer in the energy industry

McKinsey & Company

bp took the bold step to organize for agility at scale in the Production & Operations organization with impressive results. Six leaders share their learnings and reflections on the transformation. Oil & Gas Insights Oil & Natural Gas Organization

Energy 101

Efficient Methods of Energy Storage, Coupled with Supply- and Demand-Side Management Measures, Are Pivotal to Accelerating Renewables Uptake in Europe

Frost & Sullivan

Although many EU states did not achieve the target of 20% of electricity from renewable energy sources, a number of them exceeded the target, and renewables have become a mainstream generation technology within Europe. GW of battery energy storage was installed in Europe.

The shifting energy landscape: An interview with Maria Pope

McKinsey & Company

As the energy industry transitions to cleaner fuel sources and responds to climate change, leaders must also accommodate the evolving needs of the communities they serve.

Frost & Sullivan Experts Unveil the Top 5 Growth Opportunities for Energy & Environment in 2021

Frost & Sullivan

January 7, 2021 – As the new year kicks off, many of the Energy & Environment sector priorities have accelerated due to the ongoing pandemic. Attend this briefing to: Examine the energy transition and uncover where investor priorities lay for 2021.

Digitalization to Boom as Industrial and Energy Organizations Focus on Lowering Operational Costs and Garnering Higher Revenues

Frost & Sullivan

As a result, the addressable market for digital solutions in industrial and energy markets is estimated to reach $543.66 Digital Industrial and Energy Guidebook.

Implications of the ‘energy transition’ across the machinery value chain

McKinsey & Company

End-market customer concerns about the environment and sustainability—fueled by stakeholder pressure—are prompting the machinery industry to focus on energy transition across the value chain. Automotive & Assembly Insights Automotive Europe

Strategies for OFSE companies confronting the energy transition

McKinsey & Company

The oil-field-services-and-equipment sector has steadily declined for more than a decade. Companies can consider three broad strategies to revive their fortunes and chart a pathway for the future. Oil & Gas Insights Oil & Natural Gas

Energy-saving Goals to Inflate the Demand for IIoT-based Pump Solutions, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan

They aim to achieve energy-saving goals and meet strict environmental regulations imposed by local bodies to drive the PD pumps market in North America. Pumps integrated with digital solutions to present strong opportunities for growth. Santa Clara, Calif.

Asia-Pacific to Lead Growth of the Personal Protective Equipment Market in the Wind Energy Industry by 2025

Frost & Sullivan

25, 2021 – Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis forecasts that global personal protective equipment (PPE) revenues in the wind energy industry will reach $514.6 Europe is the largest market for wind energy PPE, constituting nearly 44.4% GW of wind energy in 2020.

Global energy demand will return – but how?

The Capital Alliance Blog

Managing Director, Capital Alliance, and Energy Infrastructure Specialist, Oaklins. Three unprecedented events coincided to dramatically impact both supply and demand in energy markets worldwide. Yet we believe energy markets will rebound, depending on the answers to several key questions. This just-published Spot On newsletter from Oaklins poses the questions and takes an in-depth look at current global energy infrastructure. By Neal Patel.

Ideologies in Energy Transition: Community Discourses on Renewables

TIM Review

Energy transition is a system-wide ongoing process during which transformative initiatives and actions may influence peoples’ responses to energy. 2015) and their resulting views, are critical during energy transition policy making (Sarrica et al., 2014) of energy innovations.

Why An Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting Makes Sense

CenterPoint Group

Beneficial Business Partners Slowing Economy and Supply Chain cost savings limited resources power of leveraging Purchasing Leadership MRO SupplyChain Procurement

Frost & Sullivan Acclaimes Apogee Interactive Best in Class for Customer Engagement Using AI-powered Energy Analytics

Frost & Sullivan

September 22, 2021 — Based on its recent analysis of the North American energy analytics market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Apogee Interactive, Inc. Apogee Interactive is a leading provider of customer engagement services for utilities, serving the energy industry since 1993.

TactoTek Oy Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Improving Industrial Resource Usage and Reducing Energy Use With Its In-Mold Structural Electronics Solution

Frost & Sullivan

The IMSE® solution reduces material and energy use to improve industrial resource sustainability. TactoTek’s IMSE solution reduces material and energy use, enabling it to meet stricter European Union regulations for improved industrial resource usage. SAN ANTONIO, TX.

The Latin American energy sector: How to address cybersecurity

McKinsey & Company

Electric-power and gas companies are vulnerable to cyberattacks, but a structured approach that applies communication, organizational, and process frameworks can reduce cyber-related risks. Risk Insights

The big choices for oil and gas in navigating the energy transition

McKinsey & Company

As oil and gas companies respond to the current economic discontinuities, they must choose where and how to compete as the world transitions to a low-carbon future. Oil & Gas Insights Oil & Natural Gas

Energy 106

Engineering bright spots for a green energy future: An interview with Robin Watson

McKinsey & Company

Robin Watson CBE, chief executive of Wood, explains how digital technologies in process engineering can help lower emissions and achieve greater sustainability. Insights on Operations Operations

Ten ways to boost Indonesia’s energy sector in a postpandemic world

McKinsey & Company

The success of Indonesia’s energy sector will depend on how the sector reimagines itself—and how public and private leaders address fundamental long-term challenges. Oil & Gas Insights

Welding Vendors Focusing on New Technologies and Energy Efficiency for Business Growth, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan

Several new developments in welding technologies and materials are emerging due to an increased focus on energy efficiency from vendors and end-users. The market is driven by developing regions where infrastructure building and automation is a priority. Santa Clara, Calif.

Winter Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

CenterPoint Group

Taking steps to winterize your building can help save energy (and money) during the colder months. These five energy-saving tips for businesses run the gamut from afternoon DIY projects to serious capital investments. First, let's look at some "quick fix" energy-saving projects.

The Decade Ahead for the Global Power Sector

Frost & Sullivan

Renewable energy will dominate the next decade, having already built strong momentum in the late 2010s. This is particularly significant for wind energy, where larger and more efficient turbines will continue to be launched into the market, both for onshore and offshore.

Frost & Sullivan Spotlights Solar PVs and the Changing Market Dynamics Expected through 2030

Frost & Sullivan

More homes and businesses will arise as prosumers, relying on self-generation for most of their needs, enabled through energy storage systems. Upcoming webinar to examine technology and service solution innovation expected to drive future market growth.