Be Partner Ready

When embarking on a corporate partnerships strategy, it’s critical to know that there are two levels of readiness. 1) Are we ORGANISATIONALLY ready to pursue corporate partnerships. 2) are we PARTNER ready so that our investment will produce a result and.


Be Partner Ready

No matter how many corporate contacts you or your board has, how many pitches you make, success will not come unless you’re ready. I spent the Christmas holidays indulging in passion – making stuff (calling it ‘art’ is a bit of a stretch).


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Are You Ready to Create a Channel Partner Program?

Phoenix Consulting Group

Are you an ISV partner looking to create a channel program to accelerate revenue? I’ve partnered with Gary Lam, an expert in partnering with Salesforce ISVs. Why a Partner Program? This is probably not the first time you‘ve thought of creating a partner program.

Identifying Your Target Partner and Defining The Value Exchange

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Envisioning A Target Partner When you think of an ideal partner, what comes to mind? Instead of igniting conflict, fear, or competition, each partner sees a mutual benefit. Clear Role: Each partner has a clear role in the partnership. What target do partners stand out?

How to Drive Impact with Channel Capacity Planning

PLM Alliances

As a channel leader, it is your role to ensure you plan effectively to have the right number of partners in the right places to drive the right results. Having a useful partner capacity planning model is a critical tool for making that happen. Partner capacity versus partner scoring.

How to Use Partner Scoring to Increase Channel ROI

PLM Alliances

Every channel leader faces the same core problem — how do I use limited resources, programs, and people to best influence partners and meet my business objectives? A robust partner scoring method helps you understand partner strengths and weaknesses and increase return on each one.