Executive Roundtable Discussion Summary: Financial Services, Fintech and Data Services

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Recently, Vantage joined executives from across the Financial Services, Fintech, and Data Services ecosystem for a set of discussions about partnership formation and management. Alliances & Partnerships

Optimizing Your Alliance Management Operating Model: Considerations from CHI's 2020 Strategic Alliance Management Congress

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Vantage Partners was proud to be the premier sponsor for Cambridge HealthTech Institute’s (CHI) 2020 Strategic Alliance Management Congress. As in the past, this conference featured insightful presentations from leaders across Biopharma alliance management.


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Three Shifts to Drive Innovation in Financial Services

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Alliances & PartnershipsThe insurgence of tech into the financial services ecosystem has created a more complex and more competitive environment for traditional FIs to navigate. Much has been written about the advantages of tech disruptors - Apple, Square, Facebook, Amazon, and others.

Partnerships in Review 2020: Themes Across Industries

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At the end of last year, my team and I took a few moments to reflect on an interesting 2019 in the world of partnerships , and to consider what the year to come might look like. Alliances & Partnerships2020 brought us plenty of surprises – and readers might be surprised to find that we didn’t anticipate them all.

Three On-Demand Presentations to Watch with Your Alliance Management Team

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Alliances & PartnershipsThe 2020 ASAP Global Summit featured many great presentations – and because the conference was virtual, these are all available to registered participants through August 18th.

Reflections on 2020 ASAP BioPharma Conference: The right mindset is more important than ever

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Overview The 2020 ASAP BioPharma conference came to a close a month ago and marked another year of bringing together talented and thoughtful strategic alliance professionals to share and reflect on their experiences in this field. Alliances & Partnerships

Are You Ready For It?

Peter Simoons

Alliances too have more of a long-term focus. Alliance relationships need to grow to come to their full fruition. Some organisations get that, in other organisations management expect short-term miracles the moment an alliance is established. Alliances & Partnerships

Drive More Revenue with Automated Account Mapping


To learn more about sales, alliance partnerships, and channel sales, follow us on LinkedIn. According to a study by Forbes , on average, sales reps only spend 35% of their time selling. The other 65% is spent on everything else. That is way too much time spent doing other activities!

Building Trust: The Building Block of Partnerships (Part 1)


Without trust, partnerships in business are more difficult, if not fractured, or altogether unproductive. Partnering is a process and as it is ever-changing your partnerships need to evolve. You may feel that you are solid on your partnership strategy, but things can change quickly!

Want More Partner Leads? Develop a Strong Partner Mindset


Partnerships are long-term investments, if you keep nurturing the relationship, it will pay dividends in the end. You have plenty of opportunities to find a good partnership. To learn more about sales, alliance partnerships and channel sales, follow us on LinkedIn.