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Integration Partnerships for a Better Partner Experience


Integration partnerships are the key to building better partner relationships.

article thumbnail Named a Market Leader in Research in Action’s Partner Management Automation Report and in G2 Winter Reports


Attendees will walk away with practical steps to succeed in the new partnership economy. In order to be successful, companies need to have a fully integrated partnership management platform to effectively manage the higher volumes of transactions and partners that are driving results.


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Partnership on AI Releases Guidance for Safe Foundation Model Deployment, Takes the Lead to Drive Positive Outcomes and Help Inform AI Governance Ahead of AI Safety Summit in UK

Partnership on AI

Jerremy Holland, Board Chair, Partnership on AI “In a rapidly evolving AI landscape, it’s more critical than ever to ensure diverse voices are heard and integrated.

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4 types of B2B affiliate-based partnerships [+brands winning in each category]


Technology partnerships provide a better user experience Technology partnerships are when brands promote their tech tools, platforms, or services together to their target audience. Tech brands work together to deliver better integrations, apps, or systems.

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Frost & Sullivan’s Perspective on Zoom’s $14.7 Billion Five9 Acquisition

Frost & Sullivan

Zoom also gains access to the large standalone cloud contact center opportunity, independent of any bundling or integration with its own heritage solutions. Five9 will gain access to Zoom international operations and sales, whereas Zoom will leverage Five9 systems integrator partnerships.

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3 Little-Known Ways to Engage Your Channel Partners


Altogether, it's been quite a journey and applying this unique experience to the different ways I manage partnerships has really helped me, and really helped my partners to be able to achieve what they're looking for in return on investment. Tan Tran: Today I manage what we call our system integrator partnerships across the country.

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Innovation in Action: Tackle’s 2023 Cloud GTM Masters Awards

They also expanded their integration partnerships with key Google Cloud partners and innovated their internal processes around demand generation to include the Google Cloud Marketplace within all parts of the business.