The Partner/Channel Manager Role—and How It's Changed In The Last 10 Years


Curious how the partner/manager role is changing? These days, we’re hearing how many partner/channel managers feel pressure to drive sales directly. Traditional Partner/Channel Manager In the traditional role, a channel manager was a business consultant.

Six Disciplines of Successful Channel Management

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As more companies today leverage partners as a vital component of a go-to-market strategy, having world-class channel management is more critical than ever. The strength of your channel ecosystem is directly correlated to driving results and winning over new customers.


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Channel Management – Top Management Secrets IT Sponsors Must Know


Top Management Secrets IT Sponsors Must Know. Channel management is an important term that IT sponsors should know and understand. They also have equally efficient MSP channel partners and systems to ensure continuing success. How do channel management work?

Stop Making These 3 Channel Management Mistakes (Podcast)


Narrator: Welcome to Channel Journeys, the podcast for channel professionals that will enable and inspire you to create your best channel journey ever. Here's your host, Rob Spee, a channel chief on a never ending quest for channel knowledge and adventure.

No Channel Team? No Sweat. Your Sales Reps are Channel Managers in Disguise

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If you have a fun house mirror at your desk because, really, there should be ten of you , we see you. co-selling execute

Channel Management Technology Leader Impartner Revolutionizes Partner Experience for Vendors and Partners Alike


Impartner Names Industry Thought Leader as New Channel Growth Evangelist […]. Press Releases Impartner PRM

An Ounce of Prevention: Reducing and Mitigating Employee Turnover on Your Channel Team


Companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries are leveraging the benefits of indirect sales and building out channel programs as their go-to-market strategy. The influx of companies entering the channel presents a unique growth opportunity for professionals with partnering and PRM experience.

Staffing your PRM for Success


Partner portals are an important component of your channel program, but they do not run themselves. It is crucial that you’re properly staffed for your channel’s long-term success. Channel Program Details: What’s your current and expected deal registration flow?

Are you ready for PRM?


Over the past decade, companies have increasingly moved to an indirect sales model that relies on channel partners. But not every company with channel partners benefits from a PRM, so we’ve put together this guide to determine if you’re ready for this next step.

4 Channel Program Practices that Save Time, Money, and Headache


In our work with partner programs of all sizes and configurations, we have been asked how to accomplish many things within our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution. Give them access to a secure portal to register, manage, and view the deals they are working on.

Complimentary access! SiriusDecisions Channel Marketing Strategies Research Brief: Channel Marketing and Management Technology


Channel marketing and management (CMM) technology helps suppliers provide partners with marketing enablement, resources, programs and tools for driving awareness, generating demand, and building pipeline within partners’ target markets.

Channeltivity Customers Named ‘5 Star Partner Program’ by CRN


CRN, a leading publication focused on the IT channel, has announced their 2019 Partner Program Guide , and Channeltivity is proud to congratulate 7 of our customers for being selected as a 5-Star Partner Program. The channel managers on these teams always impress us, and we are excited to see their outstanding work celebrated: The post Channeltivity Customers Named ‘5 Star Partner Program’ by CRN appeared first on Channeltivity.

How to make Strategic Co-Selling a primary Revenue Driver


As a result, channel teams are co-selling but never reaching their full revenue potential. Channel manager A has to connect with Channel Manager B, who then play’s rep to rep matchmaker.

Edgeworth Security selects Channeltivity as their Channel Partner Management Solution


Charlotte, North Carolina, – September 17, 2019 – Channeltivity, a global leader in Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software solutions, today announces that Edgeworth Security, a video monitoring solutions company using artificial intelligence, machine learning, military-grade analytics, and cyber intelligence techniques to transform the security industry, has selected Channeltivity to provide their PRM solution in support of their channel growth strategy.

Successful Partnering is More about People than Programs

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These individuals in sales, technical sales, marketing, engineering, professional services and senior management are more interested in working with companies that invest time in understanding their needs and building a deep, mutually agreed-upon, personal success plan for each role and each person in their organization. We live in an exciting time in the channel! The different people at your channel partner organizations make up an important part of your sales team.

Impartner Raises $50M to Accelerate Growth


Recognition continues streak of recognition Impartner’s Program Compliance Manager, which solves a top issue for channel managers: Program compliance.

Data Sharing Rests Upon Human Connection


Channel managers need visibility into global ecosystem overlap, so they know which accounts to target with their various partners. Considering how necessary it is to channel sales, you would think that everyone was sharing data with each other.

Trim Your Partners Ranks to Achieve Better Results


A lot of us in channels management accept the 80-20 rule that says 80% of your sales will be achieved by 20% of your best partners. But most channel leaders fail to do anything about it.

Impartner Wins Best New SaaS Product in 2021 Globee Annual Awards


Recognition continues streak of recognition Impartner’s Program Compliance Manager, which solves a top issue for channel managers: Program compliance. Program Compliance Manager is industry’s only solution that automates partner tiering to ensure greater compliance while reducing administrative time and overpayments.

Channel Chats Ep 2: Partner Insights From a Cloud Leader

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In our second Channel Chat episode, The Spur Group's CMO, Richard Flynn, is joined by Snowflake's Colleen Kapase , VP WW Partners & Alliances. Highlights of the conversation include: What's unique about channel management at Snowflake. Aligning channel and field sales.

Complimentary access! SiriusDecisions Channel Marketing Strategies Research Brief: Partner Relationship Management Technology


Partner relationship management (PRM) systems are purpose-built to. channel partner relationships. Partner Relationship Management Channel Marketingsupport the complex processes and procedures inherent in supplier and.

Why Enterprise Sales Should Be Working With Partners


Enterprise sales leaders, channel managers, and Chief Revenue Officers are always scrambling to hit aggressive, quarterly revenue goals. . Channel managers and CROs are going to be the most pleased with salespeople who nail their quarterly quotas.

Channel Planning Is More Than Just A Good Algorithm

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We've spent quite a bit of time here talking about how using data is essential to taking your channel business to the next level. A fundamental flaw of using channels is partners always have a different agenda from you. The era of channel management big data is here.

Make an Impact: Know Your Channel Partner Health Index

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It is impossible to ensure your channel efforts are paying off unless you have an objective, data-driven view of your teams' and programs' performance. The first and most important element of any channel management plan is the Channel Health Index.

The 6 Roles of an Effective Chief Channel Officer

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In our industry, there are few roles as opaque as the head of channel. But the role of chief channel officer (CCO) is more ambiguous. Most importantly, what makes a channel leader effective for the both company's channel management and partner relationships?

Successful suppliers don’t just find distributors – They partner with them


What Are Channel Partnerships? Suppliers use a variety of distribution channels to both maximize and diversify sales as well as mitigate risk when looking to find distributors. Channel Partnerships: Considerations. Select the right channel partners.

Improving Channel ROI With A Comprehensive Partner Enablement Platform


Prioritizing partner sales enablement is critical to driving the success of channel programs. Download our whitepaper, Partner Sales Enablement: The Mission-Critical Component of ROI Generating Channel Programs, to learn more!

The Link Between Channel Operations and Execution Excellence

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Most senior managers have an intuitive sense of the effectiveness of their team's execution and channel health. Excellence capability is easily benchmarked and should be measured and managed in seven areas: Governance and organizational design.

How Great Channel Leaders Unlock Powerful Revenue Acceleration

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You need to re-examine the effectiveness of your channel management efforts. If you are a channel chief your primary role is to generate channel sales. Learn the five key attributes of a great channel revenue acceleration engine. Clear channel strategy.

How to Use Channel Incentives to Accelerate Revenue

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As a channel management leader, you need to structure your incentives in a way that drives partner behavior. To manage your channel successfully, it’s best to follow a five step process: Plan. Partner incentives Improve partner leverage Channel head or manager

How to Securely Share Your Customer Account Data and Close More Deals [Guide]


This sort of neutral, “Switzerland”, digital partner platform will allow channel and sales teams to securely share data that helps you grow revenue together. Channel and alliance managers now have the ability to control what is being shared with their partners.

Drive More Revenue with Automated Account Mapping


Channel managers can use it to find out which rep they need to contact to start working on a sales call. To learn more about sales, alliance partnerships, and channel sales, follow us on LinkedIn.

Is Your Channel Incentive Program A Money Pit?

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For many vendors, channel partner incentives are perhaps the single largest line item of cost for channel management. Title idea: Are you making these channel incentive mistakes? Effective channel investment programs are ALWAYS built around this tenet.

Build Lasting Relationships With Your Channel Partners


Many channel partners work with multiple vendors and have access to numerous products or services. A successful channel program has many elements that work together. The third element that channel professionals sometimes forget is a genuine relationship between the vendor and partner.

How Your Partner Business Proposition Gives You An Advantage

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The partner business proposition is the value the channel receives from selling your company’s products and solutions. Forming a strong partner business proposition is a key part of improving your channel recruitment. This will avoid costly missteps in channel management.

How to Get More From Your Annual Partner Satisfaction Survey

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Too often you ask the field or the local partner manager for their list of partners. Nobody wants to get in trouble with senior management. Step 3: Use the results to shape your channel management execution. Almost every high tech company does an annual partner survey.

Establishing One’s Digital Maturity: A Roadmap to Effective Digital Transformation

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In the initial stage, companies will likely review key processes, such as managing proposals, issuing quotes or contracts, or even invoicing.

Use Data To Define Your Channel Partner Management Strategy

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But as a channel guy, I am puzzled that more companies aren’t using big data techniques as the basis for their channel management. You can probably stack rank your channel sales partners by revenue. You also likely track certifications as part of your channel program.

How to Drive Impact with Channel Capacity Planning

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Effective channel management is all about driving customer wins, managing channel sales, and building market coverage. As a channel leader, it is your role to ensure you plan effectively to have the right number of partners in the right places to drive the right results.

Maintaining Successful Partner Relationships in a Virtual World

Channel Incentive Best Practices

The IT channel is a people business. Interestingly, the move to digital has exposed holes in the way channel management has been conducted in the past. This is because ‘ doing business ’ has focused on the connection between the partner and their account manager.