Four Roadblocks Partnerships Hit Within the First Year


There are four common roadblocks that partnerships hit within the first year that are often fatal. If you want to have a successful partnership (one that drives revenue for both firms), you must avoid these four pitfalls… 1. This is especially important in co-sell partnerships.

Top partnership and affiliate marketing trends in Southeast Asia


It’s never been more pressing for brands in the region to rethink how they manage their online presence and engage with their customers. That’s where partnership marketing can help. What is partnership marketing? Partnership marketing is an evolved form of affiliate marketing.


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Partnerships: A Dynamic New Customer Acquisition Channel for Retailers and eCommerce in Southeast Asia


Gen Z, as this generation is called, could be a game changer for many brands because of its distinct consumer behavior. It’s also been found that the cost of advertising on typical search and social channels has exponentially increased for advertisers — 90 percent year over year (YoY).

Meet 3 Smart Partnerships That Made the Most of 2020, Featuring Fin vs Fin, PCH, CBDistillery™


In December, we asked our wonderful community of users to share their most successful and innovative partnership experiences of 2020. We hope these stories inspire you to stretch your partnership wings, innovate, and grow in 2021! Tell us your partnership story. Partnerships

Volvo Cars and DiDi Partnership to Bring Autonomous Taxi Fleets Closer to Realization

Frost & Sullivan

Under the agreement, Volvo will supply DiDi Autonomous Driving with its XC90 SUVs embedded with critical built-in backup and safety systems for functions such as braking and steering.

Tergus Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Its Full-spectrum CRO Services for Therapeutics in Dermatology

Frost & Sullivan

Based on its recent analysis of the North American contract research organization (CRO) market in dermatology, Frost & Sullivan recognizes TergusPharma (Tergus) with the 2020 North America Customer Value Leadership Award.

How to Effectively Manage Strategic Partnerships


There can be strength in numbers, and successful business partnerships and strategic alliances are a testament to this. As this article on Mckinsey has put it, partnerships can be a huge factor in helping companies a) gain access to untapped markets and channels, b) allow two entities to share intellectual property or infrastructure, or c) even reduce risk for both parties. However, as beneficial a strategic partnership can be, things can also go sour.

NEC Earns Acclaim from Frost & Sullivan for Adopting a Vector-based Approach to High-performance Computing with its SX-Aurora TSUBASA

Frost & Sullivan

March 22, 2021 — Based on its recent analysis of the global high-performance computing (HPC) market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes NEC Corporation with the 2020 Global Product Leadership Award for its SX-Aurora TSUBASA product line.

What to Look For in a Business Partner

B Plans

When it comes to this topic, I’ve sought counsel from mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and numerous resources available online. The problem is that this is harder to do than it sounds. The lessons of a business partnership test-run. At the end of the month, we’d evaluate the partnership and discuss equity. But when it came time to work together, we struggled to reach consensus on small details. It had been several months since I’d started PopInShop.

Frost & Sullivan CES 2021 Roundup: Electrification and Connected CX Take Center Stage

Frost & Sullivan

COVID-19, for obvious reasons, was still a topic of discussion but it was very evident that the auto industry was finally beginning to look at near-term autonomous, connected and electric vehicle (EV) solutions that lend a hand in the monetization game.

By investing in the partner experience, Walmart nurtures advocacy: Watch now


But when it came to managing its partnerships, Walmart’s technology wasn’t quite so unified, with two different platforms to handle mobile and desktop transactions. And the new platform has done more than just converge its technology. It’s a really interesting one.

Give Your Marketing Strategy a Makeover with Open Innovation


Reflecting on the global final of an innovation challenge organized by one of the biggest French cosmetic brands, it’s now time for us to draw lessons from this experience. Uncontested Leadership World leader and giant in the beauty industry, this brand continues to develop its leadership in the cosmetics market. In 2016, this player in the cosmetics industry announced its revenue, generated uniquely through e-commerce, had increased by 33%, which represents 6.5%

Ultimate guide to influencer marketing


What is influencer marketing and how does it work? Free guide: The ultimate guide to influencer marketing Learn all about influencer marketing: what it is, how it works, and how to make it work for you. [ What is influencer marketing and how does it work?

Lumin’s partnership regimen keeps the numbers looking good: Watch now


Global, digital, and growth-minded, they rely on a range of marketing channels and partnership types to reach new customers and build brand awareness. Want a look at Partnership Cloud’s analytical capabilities? I’m really looking forward to it. Partnerships

Canva harnesses the power of 9,000 partners with Impact: Watch now


Canva is an online design tool that makes great design accessible to anyone, anywhere — and it’s drag-and-drop easy. And it’s affordable subscription-based Canva Pro offers additional perks like images, fonts, and document storage. So that was before partnership. Partnerships

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