Disrupting the disruptors: Business building for banks

McKinsey & Company

Although banks face intense pressure from new entrants in financial services, they have an edge in resources they can use to rapidly launch their own digital businesses. Insights on Financial Services Banking

African banking in the new reality

McKinsey & Company

Swift action and a focus on three imperatives could strengthen African banks and support recovery. Middle East and Africa Banking Middle East


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AI-powered decision making for the bank of the future

McKinsey & Company

Banks are already strengthening customer relationships and lowering costs by using artificial intelligence to guide customer engagement. Insights on Financial Services Banking Artificial Intelligence

Beyond digital transformations: Modernizing core technology for the AI bank of the future

McKinsey & Company

For artificial intelligence to deliver value across the organization, banks need core technology that is scalable, resilient, and adaptable. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services Risk Retail & Small Business BankingBuilding that requires changes in six key areas.

How ‘trading as a service’ unlocks opportunities for banks

McKinsey & Company

Trading as a service can make scale benefits more widely available, with opportunities for large banks and other market players. Insights on Financial Services BankingScale is crucial for capital markets sell-side firms in flow businesses.

Building and scaling one of the world’s fastest-growing mobile banks

McKinsey & Company

Setting a bold vision, adapting the business to respond to market feedback, and putting customer satisfaction first has enabled digital-banking start-up N26 to grow rapidly into a global bank valued at $3.5 Digital Insights Banking Digital Growth Innovationbillion.

Podcast: African banking in the new reality

McKinsey & Company

The COVID-19 crisis will not leave the banking sector unscathed. As African banks chart their paths to recovery in this new reality, they can act swiftly to manage elements that are within their control to shape their recovery and growth trajectory. The past year has seen the acceleration of seismic trends ranging from deglobalization and a radical shift in the macroenvironment to transformed customer expectations.

Joining the next generation of digital banks in Asia

McKinsey & Company

As the region’s regulators increase license allocations and set standards for the next wave of digital banks, there are opportunities for both incumbents and new entrants to enter the arena. Insights on Financial Services

A 2021 risk agenda for boards of directors at US banks

McKinsey & Company

The risks facing banks are likely to intensify in three key areas in 2021. Boards of directors can help their institutions get ready to manage the changing risk environment. Insights on Financial Services

A time for reinvention—Challenges and solutions for the Romanian banking system

McKinsey & Company

The pandemic is the biggest stress test in decades for the global banking system. Romanian banks need to fundamentally rethink their business model in order to overcome this challenge. Insights on Financial Services

Nigeria’s banking sector: Thriving in the face of crisis

McKinsey & Company

Bold ideas to help the industry build resilience and drive long-term sustainability. Middle East and Africa

CXO perspectives: A conversation on the future of bancassurance

McKinsey & Company

Industry leaders show how banks and insurers can adapt to the digital shift. Insights on Financial Services Banking InsuranceThe COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating a number of industry changes that were already in full swing.

Retail, Banking, and Technology Sectors Driving Global Holistic Web Protection Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan

Retail, banking and finance, and technology/telecommunications are the three key sectors driving the growth of the holistic web protection market,” said Mikita Hanets , Information & Communication Technologies Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.”Due

Challenges and opportunities facing food banks under COVID-19

McKinsey & Company

Greater Chicago Food Depository CEO Kate Maehr looks back on 2020, the challenge of rising food insecurity, and ways the private sector can get involved. Food security

‘Keep it simple’: Aditya Puri on HDFC Bank’s path to market leadership

McKinsey & Company

The recently retired founder–CEO of India’s highest-valued financial institution reflects on how customer-focused innovation and disciplined risk management led to strong performance. Insights on Financial Services

Mike Gaito, Global Head of Healthcare Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan talks #JPM21 going virtual, IPOs, and broader market trends for the new year

LaVoie Health Science Blog

The bank’s decision to move to a fully virtual format has created a ripple effect among other shoulder events organized around the week of the conference, often referred to simply as “JPM Week”. Last month, Mike Gaito, Global Head of Healthcare Investment Banking at J.P.

A credit lifeline: How banks can serve SMEs in South Africa better

McKinsey & Company

Small and medium-size enterprises are crucial to the economy in South Africa, and optimal support is needed to ensure their recovery and growth into the next normal. Middle East and Africa

Frost & Sullivan Unveils the Future of User Interfaces Shaping New Consumer Experiences

Frost & Sullivan

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated their use in healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, and banking to simplify interactivity and improve engagement. Global augmented and virtual reality market is expected to reach $661.40 billion by 2025. Santa Clara, Calif.

The next S-curve in model risk management

McKinsey & Company

How banks can drive transformations of the model life cycle in a highly uncertain business landscape. Risk Insights

Developer Velocity at work: Key lessons from industry digital leaders

McKinsey & Company

The experiences of several high-performing software development organizations in banking and retail offer a road map to excellence. Our Insights Telecommunications

Turning over a new leaf: Using crisis to build back stronger

McKinsey & Company

Nationwide, food banks seek to expand their services to address more than hunger; one Washington, DC, food bank is using the loss of its partner network to do just that. Food security

A Look Back: The Evolution and Impact of ATM Networks


We owe the convenience most of us take for granted when we use automated teller machines to a half century of technology innovations and to the efforts of the many banking industry alliances that formed to promote adoption of those innovations. Forty other banks soon joined.

How quantum computing could change financial services

McKinsey & Company

Fully scaled quantum technology is still a way off, but some banks are already thinking ahead to the potential value. Insights on Financial Services

How US customers’ attitudes to fintech are shifting during the pandemic

McKinsey & Company

Recent surveys of US consumers reveal some shifting attitudes towards banks and fintechs after more than six months of the COVID-19 crisis. Insights on Financial Services

Democratizing Indonesia’s housing market: An interview with Pahala Mansury

McKinsey & Company

BTN’s former president director explains how the Indonesian bank is making housing affordable for all during the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Government institutions Indonesia Strategy

Our Community Showed Us Who We Really Are

Collaboration LLC

SLO Food Bank faced an unprecedented demand. As so many of us struggled with loss of income, SLO Food Bank was there to help fill the gaps of food insecurity. Pandemic life has given me plenty of time to reflect. Doesn’t it feel like we took so much for granted in the Before Times?

5 things to make a submission stand out

Stellar Partnerships

We often talk about building an evidence bank of testimonials, stories and case studies that you can draw upon. There are ways to stand out that are memorable and ways that are best avoided. My brother was on his way to the office to meet his new boss.

Selecting the Right Firm, or What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Ground Floor Partners

He takes his business plan to the bank the consulting firm recommends, expecting them to quickly lend him the money requested in the plan. Another few months go by, and finally, Davis hears back from the bank. Unfortunately, they also have a few conditions: The bank is only willing to loan $600,000, just 60% of what he said he needed in the plan. The bank requires Davis to put up his home and his business assets for collateral.

Back2Better Webinar: Adaptation and Social Capital in a Virtual Environment with Michael Arena

Thinkers 50

At Bank of America, launched the Center for Future Banking, to positively disrupt consumer banking. These are truly extraordinary times.

Manager, Analyst & Investor Relations

LaVoie Health Science Blog

Knowledge and understanding of what drives value for biotech, platform and product companies in health as well as knowledge of the specialist investors, banks, analysts. Seeking an individual that wants to join a growing team of health and science communications experts to drive investor targeting and outreach as well as handling of investor meetings with senior management at client companies. Track investor outreach, report and guide on next steps based on feedback.

Humans Vs Machines


People in customer-facing roles (cashiers, bank tellers, check-in agents) may argue that the use of self-service or remote interfaces ‘dehumanizes’ the company.

A world without cookies

Stellar Partnerships

You may already have a terrific bank of emotionally compelling content that your audience loves. Can you imagine a world without cookies? It’s enough to give our favourite cookie monster palpitations. But what if it turns out to be a big opportunity for you and your non-profit?

Kindling the spark of innovation in partnerships

Stellar Partnerships

The MD of a large logistics company and a bank CEO concocted the idea to buy a great big ship and move people down the Mekong river themselves. There’s a right way and many wrong ways to start a fire. I learned this the hard way when staying at an English country cottage in winter.

Joe DeSantis Joins Capital Alliance Corp.

The Capital Alliance Blog

Third Professional Hire in 2020 for Investment Banking Firm. is a global mid-market investment banking firm, providing consulting services for mergers and acquisitions. For over three decades, Capital Alliance has been a member of Oaklins International, formerly M&A International, a membership organization of investment banking firms operating in the major economies of the world. -##-. DALLAS, Oct. 1, 2020 — Capital Alliance Corp.,

Ep. 142 – SunCulture COO, Jonathan Saunders

COO Alliance

His passion for creating social impact through operational excellence led him from a five-year career in private banking at J.P. In This Conversation We Discuss: Jonathan’s background in Wall Street and investment banking .

Cloud-Native Transformation is Changing the Role of the CISO

Compare The Cloud

Applications such as mobile banking and online document storage are examples of this. The pandemic has forced many businesses to reconsider the pace at which they are accelerating their digital transformation journeys.

Facebook’s Digital Currency Venture “Diem”: the new Frontier. or a Galaxy far, far away?

TIM Review

Due to their “decentralized” character, these cryptocurrencies are poised to potentially disrupt national and central bank-backed “fiat currencies” (see note 1) around the world. A few years ago, people would have seized their wallet and taken out their national central bank’s notes.

Capital Alliance Corp. represents niche tech recruitment firm I.T. Works Recruitment in sale to The Planet Group

The Capital Alliance Blog

is a global mid-market investment banking firm, providing consulting services for mergers and acquisitions. For three decades, Capital Alliance has been a member of Oaklins, formerly M&A International, a membership organization of investment banking firms operating in the major economies of the world. ATLANTA, April 14, 2021 – I.T. Works Recruitment Inc.

For Women’s History Month, get inspired by these women in tech


” Vern has worn many hats throughout her career: as someone that has supported and contributed to a tech platform, as an affiliate account manager for brands like Citi Bank and Dell, and as an advocate for the supply side of partnerships. .

Ep. 142 – SunCulture COO, Jonathan Saunders

COO Alliance

His passion for creating social impact through operational excellence led him from a five-year career in private banking at J.P. In This Conversation We Discuss: Jonathan’s background in Wall Street and investment banking .