Executive Growth Alliance Delivers on ROI


Investment in future-ready leadership is essential to a company’s successful growth. In the Executive Growth Alliance (EGA), leaders learn through experience, application, and collaboration. Back in 2019, companies allocated $3.5

Importance of Equality in Peer Learning Groups


Members collaborate in Executive Growth Circles to address common challenges such as Leadership in Changing Times, Open Innovation Culture, Business Transformation, Revenue Growth +. The post Importance of Equality in Peer Learning Groups appeared first on Executive Growth Alliance.


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How Leaders are Approaching Post COVID-19 Business


Empower employees to be creative, take risks and explore new opportunities for business growth – through recognition and rewards. We achieved more in the past three months than in the past three years and are now investing to continue this accelerated growth!”.

Human Centric Leadership: Building Trust for Future Growth


From Next Step’s work with Global 500 organizations during 2020, the organizations that are best poised for post-COVID-19 growth are those in which human-centric leadership demonstrates: Trust: During rapid change, employees need to feel safe.

Secret to Success Post COVID-19


Since the start of COVID-19 crisis (March 2020), global business leaders across agriculture, consumer, education, energy, finance, health, industrial, media, travel, transportation industries have achieved measurable results through participation in Executive Growth Circles.

Power of Peers – Navigating through Uncertainty


Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) uniquely curates groups of global leaders with common goals and needs to learn, collaborate and co-create new opportunities. Encourage and support peer collaboration and alliances to develop new solutions and opportunities.

Winning back the Retail Customer – It’s Not Too Late


While the demise of traditional retailers such as Sears, is often attributed to technology growth, the real killer is lack of attention to customer experience, choice and market direction. Strategy Consumer EGA Executive Growth Alliance Future-Readiness what anyone can do

Retail 130

Humans Vs Machines


Today concerns for safety and limited availability of employees has fueled dramatic growth in the use of mobile tools for health, travel, entertainment, education services and banking. The post Humans Vs Machines appeared first on Executive Growth Alliance.

Global Insight into Future Growth


Within the Executive Growth Alliance, peers from US, Europe, Latin America and Africa collaborate to solve Specific Actionable Challenges. In today’s global economy, properly tapping into international markets is necessary for growth and innovations.

Keys to Success on Motivating Employees


During Executive Growth Circles , using the world’s most progressive platform uniquely designed for peer learning, EGA members globally collaborate to resolve challenges or define ways to leverage opportunities.

Raising Funds during COVID-19


EGA members globally collaborate to resolve challenges or define ways to leverage opportunities, during Executive Growth Circles. Executive Growth Alliance is a global community of Open Committed Brave leaders who collaborate to prepare for the future.

Reorganization to Serve the New Environment


At Executive Growth Alliance, we accelerate future readiness for forward-thinking business leaders, by bringing them together, to share insights, and gain inspiration. The answer to growth can be found in connecting with individuals and understanding different perspectives.