Value creation in the metaverse


With its potential to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030, the metaverse is too big for companies to ignore. Growth, Marketing & Sales Insights Marketing & Sales

Value creation: How can the semiconductor industry keep outperforming?


Can it seize the moment to accelerate value creation even further? The industry has made vast profitability gains in recent years. Insights on Semiconductors Semiconductors Industrial equipment & components


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Charting a winning course for CPG value creation


In the next normal, consumer-goods companies can achieve profitable growth and outsize returns by renewing their focus on core execution capabilities. Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods Retail & Consumer Goods Consumer packaged goods Marketing & Sales

Measuring business: Accounting for companies' value creation and societal impact


This column devises a way of accounting for who benefits from a company's value creation and why. Hans-Helmut Kotz, Michael Birshan, and Kevin Russell identify eight pathways through which economic value from corporations flows to households and the economy, and how these have evolved over the past 25 years. There is ongoing debate over how to judge a company's performance beyond profits alone.

SaaS and the Rule of 40: Keys to the critical value creation metric


Investors reward SaaS companies that hit this operating performance marker, yet a surprisingly small number have been able to do so. Here’s how more can follow their industry leaders’ example.

Jumpstarting value creation with data and analytics in fashion and luxury


Leading firms are moving swiftly, gaining market share, and creating lasting value. In a time of uncertainty, fashion and luxury companies are struggling to monetize their data. Retail Insights Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics

The future of healthcare: Value creation through next-generation business models


Healthcare players who develop new and innovative business models will create disproportionate value in this environment, even as they face long-term challenges.

Wrapping up digital and analytics: Current value-creation opportunities for packaging players


With the right approach, a focused packaging company can preserve value and capture growth. Digital is in the early stages of adoption but offers significant potential. Insights on Paper, Forest Products & Packaging Paper & forest products Digital strategy and organization

How executives can help sustain value creation for the long term


Companies create more shareholder value when executives and directors concentrate on long-term results. A new report highlights behaviors that allow them to maintain a long-term orientation. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Frost & Sullivan and TERI to Recognize Indian Organizations Embedding Sustainability with Economic Value Creation at its Sustainability 4.0 Awards 2022

Frost & Sullivan

Awards help businesses make logical and sustainable decisions that ensure long-term stakeholder value while dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks.

Frost & Sullivan and TERI’s Sustainability 4.0 Awards 2021 Honor Companies Embedding Sustainability with Economic Value Creation

Frost & Sullivan

The awards recognized companies embedding sustainability with economic value creation, thereby creating value for all stakeholders, building a safer environment, and ensuring a stronger community. MUMBAI, Jan.

CHAPTER: Profitability of JVs Abroad — A New Empirical Puzzle

Alliance Strategy

Books Global Strategy Global Alliances (MA) Joint Ventures (RP) Research Papers Value Creation (RP By BENJAMIN GOMES-CASSERES, MAURICIO JENKINS, and PETER ZÁMBORSKÝ, in Farok Contractor and Jeffrey Reuer (eds.),Advancing Advancing the Frontiers of Alliance Research, The post CHAPTER: Profitability of JVs Abroad — A New Empirical Puzzle appeared first on Alliance Strategy.

A winning formula for specialty-chemical conglomerates


An analysis of top-quartile specialty-chemical companies reveals important implications for value creation. Chemicals Insights

Unlocking opportunities from industrial electrification


Electrification brings major value creation opportunities for industrial companies across the value chain—from integrators to raw-material suppliers—but also requires timely actions and investments.

Scaling AI in the sector that enables it: Lessons for semiconductor-device makers


Artificial intelligence has significant value-creation potential in the semiconductor industry. How can semiconductor companies deploy AI at scale and capture this value? Insights on Semiconductors Semiconductors

The productivity imperative for US life and annuities carriers


Productivity is a vital element of economic value creation. Research reveals what makes top performers different. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

Building the next big experiences

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

An edited version of the conversation from our ‘Value creation in the metaverse’ report follows. Brian Solis, Salesforce global innovation evangelist, sees curiosity and empathy as integral parts in delivering new experiences in the metaverse.

How biotechs can rethink their strategies after the market downturn


Companies can navigate the downturn by scrutinizing cash management and financing and rethinking paths to long-term value creation. Biotech stocks have taken a hit, but the sector will probably rebound.

Unlocking value in large-deal healthcare M&A: How to achieve transformation during integration


A transformative integration approach can help healthcare organizations maximize value creation in large deals. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services Health care services

Five ways to increase your board’s long-term impact


Directors are spending more time on their work, yet few say their boards are better at creating long-term value. Survey data highlight the operating models that correlate most with value creation. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Strategy

The dawn of China biopharma innovation


Chinese biopharma is making a mark on the global stage as the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and maturing innovation ecosystem spur significant value creation.

Building an open metaverse

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

An edited version of the conversation from our ‘Value creation in the metaverse’ report follows. CEO John Hanke says the promise of the metaverse is massive, but there are technological and financial hills to climb.

Gaming for a cause

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

An edited version of the conversation from our ‘Value creation in the metaverse’ report follows. Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda shares his expansive vision for the Japanese entertainment and video game company, one that includes solving societal problems and greater user empowerment.

Managing change: What lies behind G&A spend transformation


SG&A priorities are changing as long-term value-creation work, such as improving customer experience and creating new business-information products services, takes on greater importance. Insights on Operations Performance transformation

Retail’s need for speed: Unlocking value in omnichannel delivery


Where should retailers keep up—and what are the value-creation opportunities in doing so? The race to provide ever-faster omnichannel order fulfillment is on. Retail Insights Consumer packaged goods

The CEO agenda for companies in advanced industries


As automotive and industrial companies take tactical steps to survive the pandemic, they should seize the opportunity to embrace ten actions to sustain leadership and value creation in the coming decade. Advanced Electronics Insights

Grocers’ sustainability opportunity in transforming the food system


Now is the time for grocers to develop strategic sustainability transition plans focused on value creation and think more broadly about the role they can play in encouraging change across the full value chain. Retail Insights Retail & Consumer Goods Retail environments

Thinkers50 Hall of Fame: Sumantra Ghoshal (1948–2004)

Thinkers 50

He was also the author of The Differential Network: Organizing the Multinational Corporation for Value Creation (with Nitin Nohria, 1997), The Individualized Corporation: A Fundamentally New Approach to Management (with Chris Bartlett), and Managing Radical Change.

Channel Chats Episode 3: How Cloud is Changing Partner Relationships

PLM Alliances

Why vendors need partners who focus on value creation, building on the cloud, and vertical integration. The long-term value of a developer-orientated approach vs. an infrastructure operations approach.

Build and Maintain Your Alliance Business Plan From Early Stages Onward

Peter Simoons

Strategic Objectives/Imperatives How are you creating value? For what target customer are you creating value? Tip 11: Build and Maintain Your Alliance Business Plan from Early Stages Onward.

Four Predictions From Experts on What Life 3.0 Will Look Like


will likely see the blending of our digital/physical realities and the creation of a data economy based on verified, smart contracts. Humans will find new aspects of human value creation. Life 3.0

How Leaders are Approaching Post COVID-19 Business


Collaborate with other stakeholders in the value chain to identify and develop new business opportunities to address changing consumer requirements. Redefine measures of success – moving to value-based metrics instead of traditional KPIs based solely on financial results.

What Does Digital Transformation REALLY Mean for the Channel?


They need to make sure tech is a value add and is adopted by their team. It is fiscally responsible to partner with companies that offer products and services that offer value to your customers. It’s more profitable to partner with companies that add value to your customers.

Contract Disputes & Negotiations


Negotiation strategies for conflict resolution from business negotiation can help parties mend their partnership, avoid the expense of a lawsuit, and even create value. Negotiators who understand the importance of collaborating with one another to create value creation opportunities in disputes as you do in deals using strategy opportunities to reach a peaceful end to your dispute. When reaching a business agreement, you’ll need to negotiate.

How Do You Know If Your Partner Ecosystem is Healthy?

Phoenix Consulting Group

These interconnections are evident when a handful of partners collaborate and innovate to deliver a specific customer solution or value proposition. Are you creating sustainable value in the ecosystem? Do your partners share the same values? as Published in

How To Spark Future-focused Leadership That Matters

Thinkers 50

As leaders respond to remote and hybrid work models, red hot inflation, supply chain shocks, and the war in Ukraine, there is hope and fear but is enough being done to spark performance that matters: value creation, greater productivity, and leadership that prioritises learning over knowing?

The Role of Digital Platforms in Resident-Centric Housing Concepts

TIM Review

Meanwhile, housing residents are understood as playing active roles in value co-creation, while companies adopt networked and data-driven value creation logic (Lusch & Nambisan, 2015; Siltaloppi, 2015; Vargo & Lusch, 2016).

The Twelve Principles of Collaboration

Phoenix Consulting Group

Alignment on Vision and Values. Strong collaborations have a common vision, a common ‘north star’ which guides them toward creating greater value for their customers. Aligning on values also helps to keep a collaboration on tract. Value Creation.

The War for Talent is Over (Talent Won)

Thinkers 50

It is defined by DELTA’s (Distinct Elements of Talent) which include: Talent hoarding to Talent creation and Talent enablement. Hierarchical Leadership (control) to Decentralised Leadership (care and co-creation). 13% mapping talent to value.

The evolutions of freedom from your business

Jake Jorgovan

This step is possibly the biggest freedom creation jump you can make, but it's a risky and scary one. My biggest value creation to both companies is my ability to market and drive leads. Freedom of time and money.