What Makes a Good Alliance Manager??

Peter Simoons

“What makes a good alliance manager?” The answer to that question, to a certain extent, depends on the type of organisation you are in and the type of alliances you look after. Organisations therefore perceive the role of alliance management differently to each other.

Alliance Management is not Rocket Science

Peter Simoons

In our Alliance Masterclasses we like to keep it very practical, in the sense that what we discuss in class can directly be applied to a participant’s situation. They felt that the principles of alliance management are rather simple. Alliances & Partnerships


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Alliances Management – About Us – Video

AM Consulting

When it comes down to it, it’s our staff that makes Alliances Management different. The post Alliances Management – About Us – Video appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting. Alliances Management about us alliances management video

Are Alliance Managers Just “Born” That Way – Or Are They Moulded?

Peter Simoons

Recently I presented to Dr. Brian Tjemkes’ Alliances, Mergers and Networks Program at the VU University in Amsterdam. In those follow up conversations a number of them asked me the best route to becoming an alliance manager. Alliance managers are a different type of people.

COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation of Alliance Management


As companies continue to shift to a remote model, it’s important to understand the impact and digital transformation strategic alliances have gone through. According to McKinsey and Company , most large companies have around 30 alliances, and many have more than 100.

Optimizing Your Alliance Management Operating Model: Considerations from CHI's 2020 Strategic Alliance Management Congress

Vantage Partners

Vantage Partners was proud to be the premier sponsor for Cambridge HealthTech Institute’s (CHI) 2020 Strategic Alliance Management Congress. As in the past, this conference featured insightful presentations from leaders across Biopharma alliance management.

Three On-Demand Presentations to Watch with Your Alliance Management Team

Vantage Partners

Alliances & PartnershipsThe 2020 ASAP Global Summit featured many great presentations – and because the conference was virtual, these are all available to registered participants through August 18th.

Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar

Alliance Strategy

By Ben Gomes-Casseres Excerpts from webinar for Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, presented in July 2019. This 35 minute video covers: The post Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar appeared first on Alliance Strategy. Alliance Constellations (MA) Alliance Management (MA) Online Course 2

Your Association—Better: Client Testimonials

AM Consulting

Alliances Management has recently produced several videos that highlight different parts of the company. The video begins with Philippe Martineau, Chairman of the Board of the OSPT Alliance, who describes how Alliances Management helped them identify additional […].

Plan Events Effectively While Working Remotely

AM Consulting

For us at Alliances Management, this is business as usual as we […]. The post Plan Events Effectively While Working Remotely appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting.

We Need All of our Alliances to be Agile!

Phoenix Consulting Group

Seclore is an emerging security software startup with a broad ecosystem of channels, technology alliances and OEMs. A year after the workshop, Kristina remarked “Thinking back to the workshop, I’ve come to appreciate that “we need all of our alliances to be agile.”. “We Now in Strategic Alliances or Partner Management, we’re seeing the shift towards ABA or Account-Based Alliances. 1. Focus on customer through account based alliances.

Managing Alliance Information Jointly With Your Partner: Why, What and How

Peter Simoons

By Anoop Nathwani and Peter Simoons, CSAP, both founders of Alliance Accelerator , and Michael Roch, CA-AM Chief Commercial Officer of allianceboard. . Alliances and partnerships between organizations are on the rise. They need to be managed carefully to maximise their potential.

How to Build (and Retain!) a Great Alliance Team

Vantage Partners

The 2022 ASAP Global Alliance Summit was a memorable one. With more and more alliances to support, the right team is as crucial as ever. Alliances & Partnerships Blog

How to Collaborate Among Competitors?

Peter Simoons

In our conversation I was looking for the alliance value proposition and in particular, learning what the value was for the end-user and for each of the parties involved. The value proposition was a foundational element of the overall goal of the alliance. Assign an Alliance Manager.

Sleeping with the Frenemy

Phoenix Consulting Group

Here are four reasons why it might make sense for you: Competing as an ecosystem: We see co-opetition in consortium-type alliances, such as when multiple airlines share operations, even where they operate competing routes. Risk becomes more manageable if, as a member of an ecosystem, you only take on a portion of the risk, and only in the areas where you have the most expertise to mitigate it. Australia, for example, requires alliancing proposals for large infrastructure projects.

Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 6 – Staying on Task

AM Consulting

The post Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 6 – Staying on Task appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting. Working from Home — Staying on Task & Being Productive “I could not do that,” many tell me after learning that I work from home.

Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 5 – Creating and Maintaining a Routine

AM Consulting

The post Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 5 – Creating and Maintaining a Routine appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting.

Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 4 – Key Technology Platforms

AM Consulting

The post Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 4 – Key Technology Platforms appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting. Key Technology Platforms From Employee Collaboration Tools to Cloud-Based Systems For more than a decade our company has worked remotely.

Who is your alliance sparring partner?

Peter Simoons

When in alliance management, you are in one of the best jobs in the world. In alliance management you are a versatile person with a broad skill set. Being in alliance management can also be a solitary job. Who is your alliance sparring partner?


BTD Consulting

Leading alliances to the next level requires more than doing the same things better. Alliance management practice can be complemented by analytic rigor, systems logic, and AI. Over the past 20 years, alliances have shown the power of collaboration.

Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 8 – What Not to Do

AM Consulting

The post Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 8 – What Not to Do appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting.

Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 7 – Security

AM Consulting

The post Coronavirus & Working from Home: Part 7 – Security appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting.

Starting a Technical Association:Considerations, Steps, and Insights

AM Consulting

The post Starting a Technical Association:<br>Considerations, Steps, and Insights appeared first on Alliances Management Consulting. Association Management best practices start an association

Ensure Solid Executive Sponsorship

Peter Simoons

Before you get busy with forming a relationship with your prospective business partner, you have to ask yourself this first: Are the higher-ups within your organization on board with the potential partnership or alliance? The results of the alliance will consolidate into their overall results.

Where is the Reporting Line for an Alliance Team?

Peter Simoons

Last week I was asked a question about where would be the best location for an alliance & partnerships team in an organisation for reporting purposes. Like with many things in alliances & partnerships there isn’t one single answer that fits all organisations!

Set a Cadence of Communication

Peter Simoons

Managing an alliance is like managing an orchestra. It requires a lot of attention, and the alliance manager is the conductor who needs to assure that all the team members are in tune and playing from the same music sheet. Alliances & Partnerships

Alliances: Dangerous Liaisons or Healthy Relationships?

Peter Simoons

Drucker mentioned alliances as “ Dangerous liaisons […] which, by the way, very few people understand ”. In the article it is clear that Drucker refers to the manager’s desire to have control. However, even today, not many people really understand alliances. .

Are You Ready For It?

Peter Simoons

Alliances too have more of a long-term focus. Alliance relationships need to grow to come to their full fruition. Some organisations get that, in other organisations management expect short-term miracles the moment an alliance is established. Alliances & Partnerships

How Has the Pandemic Affected Your Alliances?

Peter Simoons

The Pandemic Affects Alliances: Over the past year, we all have somehow experienced the restrictions that the pandemic brought to the world. Alliance Management is a relationship business and relationships are personal. How the Pandemic Affects Alliances.

Four Roadblocks Partnerships Hit Within the First Year


Alliance managers on both sides need to communicate often. It is the partner manager’s job to make sure all operations are running smoothly. If channel conflict arises, Alliance Managers should act swiftly to resolve it.

Manage Your Stakeholders

Peter Simoons

Tip 22: Manage Your Stakeholders. The people in your organization who will have a stake in your partnership or alliance can influence the growth and progress of the partnership or alliance with their quirks and behaviors. 25 tips Alliances & Partnerships

The World is in Transformation

Peter Simoons

Are you going to wait until everything blows over and the world normalises, or will you adjust your strategy and transform your alliances and business too? One of the essential stages in the alliance lifecycle is the “transform, innovate or exit” stage. Alliances & Partnerships

Energy 164

How I Tackle Marketplace with Sunny Ho, Cloudinary


As director of technology partnerships at Cloudinary , I manage our alliance with AWS with two goals: Ensure that our customers unleash the full potential of their media assets with Cloudinary through the AWS infrastructure. What is your role?

Trust or Control? “My CEO Wants a Joint Venture”

Peter Simoons

In our Alliance Masterclasses, Anoop Nathwani and I always highlight the importance of trust as one of the foundational elements in creating alliances and partnerships. Relying on trust over control does not mean that we don’t need a contract for our alliance.

An Effective Board for Technical Associations in Three Steps – Infographic

AM Consulting

Alliances Management created this infographic to highlight and define the three key steps to successful board management for technical associations. Association Management boards infographic

The Five Traits of an All-Star Alliance Partner


In recent years, the world of sales has shifted from a mostly direct sales model to a more alliance-based, indirect sales model. Increasing revenue through alliances isn’t as easy as it sounds though, it is essential that you maintain a strong, value-driven relationship with your partners.

Should We Pursue This Alliance Opportunity?

Peter Simoons

What do you do if your company is approached by another company with a proposal to form an alliance together? You’ll ask whether the proposed alliance fits with your strategy? Is forming an alliance the best option? The post Should We Pursue This Alliance Opportunity?

IAN…the Path to IEEE Standardization for Today’s Industry Consortia


by Michelle Hunt, Director, Alliance Management Operations, ISTO. IAN is open to consortia, industry alliances or other trade groups seeking to broaden the market adoption of their standardized technological solution by leveraging the IEEE standardization process.

All Stakeholders on Board at Alliance Launch

Peter Simoons

Tip 23: Make Sure All Stakeholders Are on Board at Alliance Launch. What describes a good start of an alliance? ” In the discussion, it became clear that celebrating the start of the alliance is very important in China. 25 tips Alliances & Partnerships

On-boarding New Alliance Team Members

Peter Simoons

Properly on-boarding new alliance team members is an essential, but often overlooked element of alliance management. Alliances are created between organisations with the aim of creating new value and enabling business results that one of the organisations cannot achieve alone.