Internal Strategic Alliance Definition

Peter Simoons

Tip 18: Create an Internal Strategic Alliance Definition. I have seen many organizations where one department had a different understanding of what a strategic alliance is from another department. ” What definition do you use for your partnerships and alliances?

The “Frenemy” Effect: When Strategic Alliances Go South

INSEAD Knowledge

How to fuel – and cool – competitive wars


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Optimizing Your Alliance Management Operating Model: Considerations from CHI's 2020 Strategic Alliance Management Congress

Vantage Partners

Vantage Partners was proud to be the premier sponsor for Cambridge HealthTech Institute’s (CHI) 2020 Strategic Alliance Management Congress. As in the past, this conference featured insightful presentations from leaders across Biopharma alliance management.

Complex Account Mapping Returns the most Reliable Account Matches for Your Enterprise Sales Team


Account Mapping Strategic Alliances Strategic Partnerships accountmatches accountmatchingsolution accountmatchingtechnology automatedaccountmappingsolution channelmanagement digitaltransformation strategicalliances

Four Roadblocks Partnerships Hit Within the First Year


Alliance managers on both sides need to communicate often. If channel conflict arises, Alliance Managers should act swiftly to resolve it. So, some alliance managers find themselves in a catch 22.

What Does Digital Transformation REALLY Mean for the Channel?


It’s important to have channel and alliance leaders who know how to work in the digitized landscape. “ Digital transformation is not a product or a solution. It’s a continuous process involving new technologies and ways of working to compete successfully through continued innovation.” -Red

How Far Could Your Business Go with the Right Strategic Partnership?


Thankfully business leaders are finding a strategic partnership to be a meaningful way to meet customer demands. Strategic Partnerships and Innovation: A Study of Starbucks. Today strategic alliances are widely credited as a main driver of Starbucks’ long-term success and growth.

How to Effectively Manage Strategic Partnerships


There can be strength in numbers, and successful business partnerships and strategic alliances are a testament to this. Studies show that corporate alliances increase by 25% every year, but what makes such a venture attractive in the first place? The same study reveals that alliances account for nearly a third of a business’ revenue and value. However, as beneficial a strategic partnership can be, things can also go sour.

Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar

Alliance Strategy

By Ben Gomes-Casseres Excerpts from webinar for Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, presented in July 2019. This 35 minute video covers: The post Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar appeared first on Alliance Strategy. Alliance Constellations (MA) Alliance Management (MA) Online Course 2

Be Clear with Your Prospective Partner on the Terms You Use

Peter Simoons

In the previous chapter, we have established the importance of having a clear internal definition of strategic alliances, of making sure that the people within your organization are on the same page with you as to what a strategic alliance means.

25 Tips for Successful Partnerships & Alliances

Peter Simoons

I will publish my ebook “25 tips for successful Partnerships and Alliances” in parts here on my website. Introduction to Successful Partnerships & Alliances. In the first place, what does the phrase “strategic alliance” even mean? The alliance lifecycle.

Alliance Efforts Through a Different Lens

Peter Simoons

Look at your Alliance Efforts Through a Different Lens. Alliance efforts never are, and should never be, about the leaders and their organisations. In such a case an alliance is destined to fail! Alliances & Partnerships

Prepare Your Partnership by Following a Structured Alliance Process

Peter Simoons

Tip 14: Prepare Your Partnership by Following a Structured Alliance Process. The fact is 80% of ad hoc unstructured business partnerships fail, while 80% of the companies that follow a structured alliance process towards creating partnerships emerge successful.

Reflections on 2020 ASAP BioPharma Conference: The right mindset is more important than ever

Vantage Partners

Overview The 2020 ASAP BioPharma conference came to a close a month ago and marked another year of bringing together talented and thoughtful strategic alliance professionals to share and reflect on their experiences in this field. Alliances & Partnerships

An Alliance Shock Response Framework

Peter Simoons

In other words, strategic alliances and partnerships are essential for the successful future of an organisation, and flexibility is key. However, how then do companies with an established alliance portfolio respond to an external shock such as the COVID-19 pandemic?

Trust or Control? “My CEO Wants a Joint Venture”

Peter Simoons

In our Alliance Masterclasses, Anoop Nathwani and I always highlight the importance of trust as one of the foundational elements in creating alliances and partnerships. Relying on trust over control does not mean that we don’t need a contract for our alliance.

COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation of Alliance Management


As companies continue to shift to a remote model, it’s important to understand the impact and digital transformation strategic alliances have gone through. According to McKinsey and Company , most large companies have around 30 alliances, and many have more than 100.

LaVoieHealthScience Builds on 2020 Momentum with an Updated Team Roster to Meet Client Growth in 2021

LaVoie Health Science Blog

Barrett brings deep experience in sales, marketing, alliance management, business, and product development to the firm and reports to Doug Russell , Senior Vice President, Client Services, PR/Media. BOSTON & NEW YORK – January 7, 2021.

Be Clear on the Roles and Responsibilities

Peter Simoons

Supplier-customer, strategic alliance relationships – they all demand a lot attention, communication and effort to stay healthy. There are many tools that can support you in managing your strategic relationships. 25 tips Alliances & Partnerships

Our solutions to the Two Universal Challenges to Scaling Revenue – Generating Partnerships (Part 3 of 3)


Accenture published a report last year that highlighted how ecosystems are disruptive, strategically important, and have the potential to unlock $100 trillion in value over the next ten years. Also follow us on LinkedIn for more information about channel, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

Building Trust: The Building Block of Partnerships (Part 1)


The relationships that we build with our strategic partners are important yet fragile. Follow us on LinkedIn to get new insights into strategic alliances, partnerships, and ecosystem success. “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair” – Unknown.

Announcing BTD’s Advisory Board

BTD Consulting

Beyond the Deal (BTD) is delighted to announce the establishment of an Advisory Board for our business. Working closely with the Partners, the BTD Advisory Board will help shape and support our strategy and team as we grow and strengthen our services going forward.

The Power of Ecosystems or Can you go it alone?

Phoenix Consulting Group

Shortly after the leak, Nokia announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Anoop Nathwani is a master educator in strategic alliances and past president of the UK chapter of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

The Five Traits of an All-Star Alliance Partner


In recent years, the world of sales has shifted from a mostly direct sales model to a more alliance-based, indirect sales model. Increasing revenue through alliances isn’t as easy as it sounds though, it is essential that you maintain a strong, value-driven relationship with your partners.

25 Tips for Successful Partnerships & Alliances – introduction part 2

Peter Simoons

I will publish my ebook “25 tips for successful Partnerships and Alliances” in parts here on my website. In part 1 we have seen what alliances are, reasons why to partner and also what the best approach is towards creating and managing successful alliances.

Rising Demand for Customization Drives the Global 3D Printing Materials Market

Frost & Sullivan

The 3D printing materials market is expected to reach $3.18 billion by 2027, finds Frost & Sullivan. San Antonio – Oct.

Three Winning Business Development Strategies to Act on Now!

Dinkel Business Development

However, in the past 4 months, there are three things that I’ve been using for clients that have stood out and they are; strategic alliances, content strategy and center of influence referral marketing.

Be Clear on Your Reason for Partnering

Peter Simoons

Without a clear and fully defined reason for partnering, you won’t really know if the alliance you are forming will be beneficial for your business in the long run. ” A similar thinking applies to creating partnerships and strategic alliances on multiple levels.

What is a Partner Manager?


The top skills fall into 3 categories: • Strategic thinking • Creative collaborating • Iterative innovating Just looking at those skills, one thing stands out. Identify Strategic Partners Did you ever hear about Andy, the town cobbler? But it is not truly strategic.

Understanding different channel sales models


Collaborative selling with alliance/strategic partners: In the collaborative selling model, opportunities are shared between vendor-partners who can complement each other’s solutions. This involves forming strategic alliances with channel partners.

BTD’s Spotlight on Alliance Management: Glancing Back, Looking Forward

BTD Consulting

Now we have broadened our capabilities to serve clients across the spectrum of “inorganic” growth – from M&A and Divestments to Strategic Alliances and JVs. I have participated in the coming-of-age of alliance management as a professional discipline. Alliance

The Top 22 IT Channel Partners of 2022

Channel Insider

Atos’ global alliances include 29 well-known technology and channel partners, including Automation Anywhere, Cisco, Cloudera, Dell, Esri, F5, Hitachi Vantara, HPE, IBM, Juniper Networks, McAfee, NetApp, Pega, Siemens, Snowflake, VMware, and Red Hat.

How Far Could Your Business Go with the Right Strategic Partnership?


Thankfully business leaders are finding a strategic partnership to be a meaningful way to meet customer demands. Strategic Partnerships and Innovation: A Study of Starbucks. Today strategic alliances are widely credited as a main driver of Starbucks’ long-term success and growth.

Donna L. LaVoie, President, CEO, and Founder of LaVoieHealthScience, Named to PharmaVOICE 100

LaVoie Health Science Blog

The firm provides strategic consulting, public relations and investor relations to build recognition and increase sales and value for health science innovations and has two trademarked methodologies for its strategic communications’ advisory services.

We Need All of our Alliances to be Agile!

Phoenix Consulting Group

Seclore is an emerging security software startup with a broad ecosystem of channels, technology alliances and OEMs. A year after the workshop, Kristina remarked “Thinking back to the workshop, I’ve come to appreciate that “we need all of our alliances to be agile.”. “We Now in Strategic Alliances or Partner Management, we’re seeing the shift towards ABA or Account-Based Alliances. 1. Focus on customer through account based alliances.

Good Business Development Requires Building Your Network by John Dinkel

Dinkel Business Development

conducted a study with nearly 500 CEO’s and senior executives from medium to large-sized businesses and concluded that growth remains the top strategic priority. To be successful, you need to be diligent, strategic, and unrelenting in your pursuit of good partners and centers of influence.

Ask the Experts: Getting Your C-Suite on Board for Marketplace

Shawhan, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Socure, followed a similar strategy. “I In a recent blog post , we offered some advice and compelling data for pitching the benefits of the Cloud Marketplace as a new selling motion to your C-suite.

Medical Informatics Corp. Commended by Frost & Sullivan for Setting a New Standard of Care through its SaaS-based Solution, Sickbay™

Frost & Sullivan

The company further enhances the ownership experience through several key strategic alliances with Intel, Dell and Cisco. SANTA CLARA, Calif.

Put the “Development” in your Business Development Plan

Dinkel Business Development

Those tactics include center of influence marketing, strategic alliances, content strategy, in-house (and hopefully soon in-person) educational and partner events and referral strategy.

Organizing for Cloud Marketplace Success

Michael Bull , Director of Strategic Alliances for Fivetran, and Eric Elias , Operations Lead at Astronomer, joined Tackle COO Sanjay Mehta for a webinar all about Organizing for Success with Cloud Marketplaces. . They tend to have [internal] relationships the alliances team does not.