Five essential features of a corporate partnerships strategy

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The Japanese strategy guru, Kenchi Ohmae, said, “Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.”. A strong corporate partnerships strategy will give your team greater focus. So here are our five essential features of a corporate partnerships strategy.

How to Get a Partnership Deal for Your Business

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A good partnership deal can take your business to the next level, and no business is too new or too small to start looking towards the future and considering potential partnerships. It’s often difficult to completely trust a third party in a partnership deal.


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How to Find the Perfect Business Partner

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For one reason or another, some partnerships simply won’t work out and most the time no particular party is to blame. Funding a Business Human Resources Managing a Business Partnerships Strategy hiring networking ownershipFinding the right business partner is no easy feat.

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Building a successful partnership also takes time. It’s important for you and your organization to create the right framework from the start and review the structure and process of the partnership on an ongoing basis to measure its success or failure. Partnership Uncategorized

Strategy is More Than a Plan


Strategy, like innovation and lots of other business buzzwords, seems to mean less the more it’s mentioned. Strategy is often expected to start with a description of a desired end state, but in practice there is rarely an orderly movement to goals set in advance.

Building Trust: The Building Block of Partnerships (Part 1)


Without trust, partnerships in business are more difficult, if not fractured, or altogether unproductive. Partnering is a process and as it is ever-changing your partnerships need to evolve. You may feel that you are solid on your partnership strategy, but things can change quickly!

Create a Strategy with IMPACT, Not Strategery


Wikipedia defines strategy as “is a high level to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.” Poorly thought-out, hurried plans, made under duress do not represent strategy. When presented as a strategy, however, they become strategery.

Who Should I Co-Sell With?

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Each partner should be vetted to guarantee that your partnership is complementary rather than competitive. A positive partnership can create a more robust offering for the platform provider and a more robust revenue stream for your organization.

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How to Scale Your GTM Through Partners

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How can you scale your go-to-market (GTM) strategy through partners? In the biggest scope, a partnership is all about helping the end clients become more successful. The most successful partnerships have a consistent focus on the end client’s needs.

Without Strategy, Change is Merely Substitution, Not Evolution


Strategy plans are designed to create excitement about the future and the potential for endless possibilities – with the hope of reclaiming and/or sustaining momentum. Without strategy, change is merely substitution, not evolution. Strategy

Five CSR Trends Every Company Can Get Behind


The post Five CSR Trends Every Company Can Get Behind appeared first on Collaborative Partnership Strategies. Partnership Stewardship Uncategorized CSR partnership sustainabilityOriginally posted on CommunityVoice . Written by: Amanda Ponzar.

Delivering a 5 star partnership experience

Remarkable Partnerships

Isn’t it true that the reason we have corporate-charity partnerships is because the charity cannot achieve its mission without support. Once together, corporate–charity partnerships are just like any relationship, they need to be nurtured. Create a partnership growth plan.