Insurance: Transforming risk and compliance


As economies emerge from the pandemic and plan for the next decade of growth, insurance companies need to rethink the strategic function of risk. Risk & Resilience Insights Insurance Risk management organization

Creating value, finding focus: Global Insurance Report 2022


The insurance industry struggles to create economic profit. Insights on Financial Services InsuranceBut amid COVID-19’s enduring changes, opportunities await.


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Building new digital businesses in insurance


More incumbent insurers are considering building digital businesses. Insights on Financial Services InsuranceThree McKinsey experts discuss what to do—and with whom.

How American Family Insurance is investing in the agency channel


As insurers rethink agent relationships, American Family Insurance is looking ahead, investing in digital tools and solutions that help agencies stay on top of trends and changing customer needs. Insights on Financial Services Individual insurance Health Care Financial Services

The new standard for insurance claims


In this podcast, three claims experts discuss what insurers should consider as they update their technology, ways of working, and workforces to bring forth the future of claims. Insights on Financial Services Individual insurance Financial Services

Unbundling value: How leading insurers identify competitive advantage


For US life insurers to address new and old challenges, they need a fresh approach to their business model and how they create value. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

Cowbell Cypher Creates Insurance Opportunity for MSSPs

Channel Insider

Cowbell Cyper currently has a network of 6,000 insurance agents and brokers through which organizations with up to $1 billion in revenues can sign up for cybersecurity insurance coverage. “We provide affordable cyber insurance,” he said. Security Before Insurance.

A new age for insurance procurement


In this podcast, McKinsey experts explore the insurance procurement themes executives should consider as the tremors from the pandemic push them to rethink their service-provider relationships. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

How to harness the power of teams in life insurance


Teaming can unlock significant value in North America’s life insurance sector, but only if insurance carriers reimagine their distribution model across five dimensions. Insights on Financial Services Life insurance

Going all in: How one insurer updated its technology stack


Enrique Laso of MAPFRE USA discusses the insurer’s decision to undertake a massive modernization effort and how it successfully managed this change while meeting its technical objectives. Insights on Financial Services Insurance United States

Four executives on the future of insurance distribution


Four insurance executives from around the globe weigh in on how distribution is changing, both in the wake of the pandemic and more broadly as customer and agent needs and expectations evolve. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

Revolutionizing insurance: The personalized insurance engine


Uwe Stuhldreier—an executive at HUK24, Germany’s largest fully digital direct insurer—discusses a customer-centric, digitally enabled business model that could shape the future of insurance. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

How insurers can act on the opportunity of digital ecosystems


Professor Markus Warg, an ecosystem and platform enthusiast, discusses the role that big tech will play in insurance and the importance of setting the rules of the game within ecosystems. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

A wave of innovation: The state of insurance in Asia and North America


McKinsey senior partners Brad Mendelson and Kurt Strovink discuss insurance trends amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how insurers can adapt to stay ahead and capture customers. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

CEO brief: The future of business building in insurance


Insurance executives must drive a shift in business from methodical to adaptive and faster. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

Unlocking the potential of deeper customer-agent-insurer relationships


When done well, building more holistic customer relationships is a win-win-win for customers, agents, and insurers. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

Insights into the 2022 individual health insurance market

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

In this report, McKinsey’s Center for US Health System Reform shares its analysis of the individual health insurance market and outlines trends in products, plans, and prices from 2014 to 2022. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services Individual insurance United States

Developing an effective M&A blueprint for insurers


The North American insurance industry needs systematic capabilities to support programmatic deal making. Insights on Financial Services Insurance Mergers & acquisitionsA good place to start is the where, why, and how of an effective M&A blueprint.

How top tech trends will transform insurance


Over the next decade, the fully tech-enabled insurer will bear little resemblance to today’s organization. Five trends, individually and in combination, will have a seismic impact. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

Underwriting talent: Strategies for property and casualty insurers


Insights on Financial Services InsuranceFast-moving market conditions are putting new and more intense demands on underwriting. Updated talent strategies can help carriers meet this challenge.

Global Insurance Pools statistics and trends: An overview of life, P&C, and health insurance


The ninth edition of McKinsey’s Global Insurance Pools database offers a detailed look at the insurance industry by region and line of business. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

Pathway to distinctive performance: M&A options for European insurers


As European insurance players reassess their strategic options in light of the pandemic, M&A can strengthen competitiveness and enhance performance. Insights on Financial Services InsuranceHere’s what companies should consider.

Insurance of the future: An interview with Ren Huichuan of Tencent


The senior adviser for the Tencent Group discusses the competitive advantages of WeSure, the group’s insurance-agency platform, and the wide-ranging challenges confronting modern insurers. Insights on Financial Services Insurance China

Will Asian insurers make the right choices for health insurance?


Private health insurance is a significant growth opportunity for insurers in Asia. To compete, insurers will need to reimagine their value propositions and rethink their operating models.

Five steps to improve innovation in the insurance industry


Insurance executives are recognizing the power of innovation to accelerate the pace of company change. Yet for innovation to deliver long-term value, it must become embedded in a carrier’s DNA. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

How insurers can reimagine G&A for the next normal


Insights on Financial Services Financial Services InsuranceThis often-overlooked function can yield significant cost savings.

The CEO’s risk agenda: An insurance perspective


Insights on Financial Services InsuranceIn a fast-changing business environment, CEOs who prioritize a new, holistic risk management approach will add value to their organizations—and to their customers too.

How insurance can help combat climate change


In the transition to a green economy, the insurance industry can play a critical role in helping stakeholders manage risk. Insights on Financial Services

Coronavirus and Business Interruption Insurance

Internicola Law Firm

Is Business Interruption Insurance a form of relief for small business during this pandemic? What is Business Interruption Insurance. Can Small Businesses Claim Business Interruption Insurance to Replace their Lost Income?

Creating value in US insurance investing


Despite market complexity, many opportunities exist for private equity players to create value in insurance. We studied the US industry and offer a set of investment recommendations to guide PE firms’ decisions. Insights on Financial Services

Scale matters … to an extent: Playing the scale game in insurance


Large insurers can turn their scale into a strong competitive advantage—if they recognize that fully harnessing the benefits of scale requires managing complexity. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

A better approach to M&A in North American insurance


Insights on Financial Services Insurance United StatesLarge deals are enticing but rare—and smaller ones create more value. Programmatic deal making would help.

A unique time for chief risk officers in insurance


Amid rising economic uncertainty, leading insurers are looking to their CROs to do even more than manage risks. Risk Insights

Africa’s insurance market is set for takeoff


Five strategic considerations to help guide insurance companies on their journey to success in Africa. Middle East and Africa

European insurance and the future of senior protection and well-being


As Europe’s population ages and older adults’ needs broaden, insurers have a valuable opportunity to forge a path and build ecosystems to better serve the senior population.

Incentive Program Ideas for Insurance CSRs

ITA Group

Incentive Program Ideas for Insurance CSRs. Things in the insurance industry are moving fast. No matter the sub-segment of insurance (P&C, Life, Health, Investment), CSRs play a big role in maintaining client relationships and getting policies on the books.

Leveraging the Cloud Helps Insurance Service Providers Optimize Business Processes and Improve Customer Experience

Frost & Sullivan

11, 2022 – The insurance industry fast-tracks technology adoption to improve customer interactions, develop competitive solutions, and optimize business processes.

The growth chessboard: How leaders fuel profitable growth in insurance


We examined the performance of 46 insurers around the globe to identify the behaviors that the outperformers share. Insights on Financial Services

Product innovation: The new imperative for insurers in Asia


Incumbent insurers in Asia find product innovation challenging. Developing products to respond to customer needs, not risks or competitor actions, will be crucial. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services Asia-Pacific

A digital-business builder: An interview with the CEO of Allianz Direct


Digital Insights Financial Services Insurance Life insurance Property & casualty insurance DigitalWhat does it take to build scalable new businesses inside of an older, more established company? Bart Schlatmann is building one now.