Where is the Reporting Line for an Alliance Team?

Peter Simoons

Last week I was asked a question about where would be the best location for an alliance & partnerships team in an organisation for reporting purposes. Like with many things in alliances & partnerships there isn’t one single answer that fits all organisations!

The Difference Between a Partnership and an Alliance

Peter Simoons

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between partnerships and alliances? The words partnerships and alliances are generally used interchangeably. Some people confuse the terminology even further by using the word alliance when they mean a channel relationship or a licensing deal.


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The Five Traits of an All-Star Alliance Partner


In recent years, the world of sales has shifted from a mostly direct sales model to a more alliance-based, indirect sales model. Increasing revenue through alliances isn’t as easy as it sounds though, it is essential that you maintain a strong, value-driven relationship with your partners.

What Does Digital Transformation REALLY Mean for the Channel?


It is imperative that we reshape our channel cultures now, so we don’t fall behind our competitors. It’s important to have channel and alliance leaders who know how to work in the digitized landscape. They improve workflows and drive more revenue for channel teams.

Ecosystem Partnerships Extend and Evolve Alliances

Phoenix Consulting Group

Q: You have been involved with the channel and emerging ecosystems for some time. NW: I would not say the concept of partnership has evolved so much as a recognition of how partnerships extend and enhance the business has evolved, especially with respect to channels.

We Need All of our Alliances to be Agile!

Phoenix Consulting Group

Seclore is an emerging security software startup with a broad ecosystem of channels, technology alliances and OEMs. A year after the workshop, Kristina remarked “Thinking back to the workshop, I’ve come to appreciate that “we need all of our alliances to be agile.”. “We Now in Strategic Alliances or Partner Management, we’re seeing the shift towards ABA or Account-Based Alliances. 1. Focus on customer through account based alliances.

Channel Sales for SaaS Webinar

Channel Incentive Best Practices

Looking to take your SaaS solutions to market via the Channel? If so, join Channel Mechanics for the upcoming webinar “Channel Sales for SaaS”, with guest speakers, Justine Cross , Managing Director, EMEA Channels and Nehul Goradia , Co-Founder, Enabler ONE.

Accelerate Channel Revenue with Smarter Program Choices

Channel Incentive Best Practices

Channel Mechanics is delighted to announce registration for their forthcoming Webinar: “ Accelerate Channel Revenue with Smarter Program Choices ” with guest speakers, Natalia Vianden , Director Global Channel Programs at Extreme Networks, A.J. Channel Partner Nurture Programs.

Channel Chats Ep 2: Partner Insights From a Cloud Leader

PLM Alliances

In our second Channel Chat episode, The Spur Group's CMO, Richard Flynn, is joined by Snowflake's Colleen Kapase , VP WW Partners & Alliances. Highlights of the conversation include: What's unique about channel management at Snowflake. Aligning channel and field sales.

Six Disciplines of Successful Channel Management

PLM Alliances

As more companies today leverage partners as a vital component of a go-to-market strategy, having world-class channel management is more critical than ever. By some estimates, as many as 70% of alliances fall short of expectations for both the partners and the vendor.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Channel Partners (Channel Journeys Podcast with Rob Spee)


Table of contents: Recruiting the wrong channel partners. Tip #1: Have a well-defined channel strategy. Tip #3: Keep a scorecard for channel partners. Evolving your channel strategy as you grow. Have the resources and mindset to support large channel partners.

Druva Adds Managed Services to Data Protection Channel Program

Channel Insider

The post Druva Adds Managed Services to Data Protection Channel Program appeared first on Channel Insider.

IT Channel Pins On-Premises Sales Hopes on Second Half

Channel Insider

IT vendors and channel partners alike are betting heavily that upgrades to data centers will begin in earnest in the second half of this year as IT personnel return to work in these facilities. Channel execs optimistic. Many channel chiefs and distribution executives also appear cautiously optimistic. Regardless of the rate of recovery, however, channel partners will as always need to pick their spots. Competitive channel market. News and Trends Channel Market

How to Drive Impact with Channel Capacity Planning

PLM Alliances

Effective channel management is all about driving customer wins, managing channel sales, and building market coverage. As a channel leader, it is your role to ensure you plan effectively to have the right number of partners in the right places to drive the right results.

7 Steps to Building a Lucrative Channel Sales Strategy


Channel sales slowed; or crashed; dramatically, and both vendors and channel partners found their established partner programs ill-equipped to cope with the fallout. Choosing the wrong channel partners can increase costs, limit revenue growth, and surrender market share to competitors.

Four Roadblocks Partnerships Hit Within the First Year


When the channel makes money, you make money. Alliance managers on both sides need to communicate often. If channel conflict arises, Alliance Managers should act swiftly to resolve it. So, some alliance managers find themselves in a catch 22.

How to Plan, Manage, and Measure Strong Channel Business Partnerships

Successful Channels

I have been looking for inspiration on the “how-to” process for building deeper channel partnerships. can do to build stronger and more committed partnerships for their channel. And, how more committed partnerships generate greater levels of revenue contribution from your channel.

How can vendors create incentives for a new generation of non-transacting partners?

Channel Incentive Best Practices

The last couple of years have seen an influx of new types of partner in to the IT channel. This was one of the topics under discussion on our recent webinar: ‘Modernizing Incentive Programs for Today’s Channel’. Emergence of the Influencer Channel.

Finding Business Partners: A Strategic Investment


An advisor to the Powerlinx board, Gomes-Casseres has researched alliance strategy and management for 30 years and consulted with major companies worldwide. Gomes-Casseres explains that the success of any alliance starts with the right fit between the partners.

How to Effectively Manage Strategic Partnerships


There can be strength in numbers, and successful business partnerships and strategic alliances are a testament to this. Studies show that corporate alliances increase by 25% every year, but what makes such a venture attractive in the first place? The same study reveals that alliances account for nearly a third of a business’ revenue and value. One poll released by Mckinsey shows that there are a multitude of reasons why alliances do not work out.

What Do Modern Deal Registration Programs Look Like?

Channel Incentive Best Practices

One of the most popular channel programs to offer to Partners is that of Deal Registration. However, in today’s channel ecosystems, Deal Registration programs cannot be deployed in isolation from other programs in your overarching Channel GTM strategy.

How to Securely Share Your Customer Account Data and Close More Deals [Guide]


This sort of neutral, “Switzerland”, digital partner platform will allow channel and sales teams to securely share data that helps you grow revenue together. Channel and alliance managers now have the ability to control what is being shared with their partners.

Account Mapping: Six Critical Insights to Drive Ecosystem Revenue


Running an alliance team is not an easy task. On the one hand, alliance managers have to push sales leaders to make their sales teams work with partners to drive more pipeline. How can alliance teams unearth their highest-earning partners without wasting time?

Our solutions to the Two Universal Challenges to Scaling Revenue – Generating Partnerships (Part 3 of 3)


Business development and channel teams need the right visibility into each partner’s accounts to develop the best revenue strategies with each partner. Also follow us on LinkedIn for more information about channel, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

Drive More Revenue with Automated Account Mapping


Channel managers can use it to find out which rep they need to contact to start working on a sales call. To learn more about sales, alliance partnerships, and channel sales, follow us on LinkedIn.

PRM Software, and the Next Frontier—Co-Selling

CoSell Blog

In short, brands are recognizing that managing a diverse set of partners and alliances is critical for success. This is happening around the world, within channels across every industry and region. The phrase: “through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) will describe a radical shift.

7 Tips for Building an Effective Co-sell Program


According to an article by Harvard Business Review , 60% to 70% of alliances fail within their first year. Once you have CEO to CEO access, the entire organization has to be all in on this relationship from the channel teams, field engagement teams, and the field.

Want More Partner Leads? Develop a Strong Partner Mindset


To learn more about sales, alliance partnerships and channel sales, follow us on LinkedIn. Let’s face it cold calling is hard but throw in a global pandemic and it’s even harder. If you want to gain access into key accounts, focusing on your partners is time well spent.

Shaping the Future of Cloud as Tackle’s Chief Cloud Officer


We both have been in the industry for a good stretch and have the trophies and the scars from taking products to market through direct sales and traditional channels. Vendor consolidation is a key concern for your buyers as well as the channel partners that serve the customer.

Organizing for Cloud Marketplace Success


Michael Bull , Director of Strategic Alliances for Fivetran, and Eric Elias , Operations Lead at Astronomer, joined Tackle COO Sanjay Mehta for a webinar all about Organizing for Success with Cloud Marketplaces. . Often, in alliances, we have no idea about integrating into our SAP system.

Aftermath of Kaseya Ransomware Attack Promises to Be Lengthy – And Costly

Channel Insider

The irony, of course, is the misfortunes of one sector of the IT channel is creating opportunities for another. The post Aftermath of Kaseya Ransomware Attack Promises to Be Lengthy – And Costly appeared first on Channel Insider.

The Cloud Marketplace Playbook: Selling on Cloud Marketplaces at Every Stage of Maturity


As with any emerging sales channel, there’s a learning curve with Cloud Marketplace transactions. In addition, we’ve learned the intricacies of Marketplace by conducting 90% of our own business on the channel. . Alliances . Alliance managers .

The Field Seller’s Guide to Cloud Marketplaces: How to Find the Right Deals and Opportunities


In the world of software sales, Cloud Marketplaces have emerged as a powerful channel for landing bigger deals, accelerating deal velocity, and tapping into new budgets. It’s likely someone in an IT or Cloud Admin role or potentially someone in an Alliances, Partnerships, or Channel role.

Landing Your First Dollar (and Many More) on Cloud Marketplace 


Frank Ciccone, Alliances Director at Avaya, recently joined Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Office Hours with CRO Don Addington and Director of Growth and Renewals Rachael Wright to hear his experiences and advice around landing the initial Marketplace deal—and others soon after.

Ep. 136 – Amazzia Chief-Strategy-Officer (CSO), William Fikhman

COO Alliance

For over 16 years, William has dedicated his career to helping hundreds of brands thrive on the most critical eCommerce channel by developing services and programs that adeptly utilize the platform. Our guest today is Amazzia’s Chief Strategy Officer, William Fikhman. .