Collaborative Leadership Development

Peter Simoons

You want to sustain and increase your leadership success, with your team and in collaboration with other organisations in alliances, partnerships and ecosystems. We live in the decades of collaboration. Grow your collaborative leadership capabilities. You are a successful leader.

New Collaborative Coaching Skills

Peter Simoons

Now, I have been coaching Alliance Professionals for a long time, but since the arrival of Max, I’ve discovered the need for a whole set of new collaborative coaching skills! Clearly, young Max is forcing my collaborative coaching skills to a new level!


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Keys for Success in 2021: Collaborating at a Distance

CoSell Blog

Are you getting familiar with collaborating at a distance? At the same time, we also know that collaborating at a distance demands better tools, better skills, and often, better training. Why We Love Face-to-Face What is it that we love so much about collaborating in person?

Are you Collaborating with your Competitors?

Peter Simoons

Coopetition, according to the dictionary, is “collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results”. During my earlier years at work, in my first few jobs, it was unheard of to be collaborating with the competition!

Why is Collaborative Leadership Important?

TRG Blog

The shifting movement is going towards a more collaborating, innovating and team-based way of operating. Organisations nowadays have to keep themselves afloat with the ever-changing pace of the business world.

The Twelve Principles of Collaboration

Phoenix Consulting Group

However, by distilling what we know about effective partner management into ‘collaboration principles’, we can create a framework that is flexible and robust to handle the challenge. delegation to the ISO Committee for the Collaborative Business Relationship Management standard.

Future of Collaboration in the Workplace – What’s on CIOs’ Minds

Frost & Sullivan

One thing is clear – the future is hybrid, and collaboration technologies have established themselves as the glue that brings together remote and on-site teams. Group chat and video conferencing are becoming the linchpin for collaboration.

7 Tips To Gain Competitive Advantage With Collaborative Partnerships

CoSell Blog

Here are 7 tips for boosting your competitive advantage with collaborative partnerships. Understand Advantages of Partnering Forming collaborative partnerships offer a unique advantage: speed. However, looking for collaborative partners is not just about finding new prospects.

How Should Humans Collaborate With AI?

INSEAD Knowledge

When bringing algorithms and employees together, businesses should respect rather than ignore human preferences

Achieving Customer Success through Collaboration Excellence

Phoenix Consulting Group

In his research, he came across ISO 44001 Collaborative Relationship Management. Highlight is proud to cite that they are the first in the United States to certify to Collaborative Management. Collaboration is more a matter of folklore than process.

Global Investment Priorities in the Communication and Collaboration Space, According to Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan

March 25, 2021 – Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Communications and Collaboration Investment Priorities , finds that addressing COVID-19-related challenges is the main business goal for organizations in 2021, followed by improving customer experience (CX) and operational efficiencies.

Building a Culture for a Collaborative Ecosystem

Phoenix Consulting Group

And as seasoned partner managers can attest, the internal collaboration (i.e., working across your own organization) is often more difficult than external collaboration (i.e., But they especially rely on a culture that embraces value creation through collaboration.

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Pexip as a Growth and Innovation Leader in the Global Cloud Meetings and Team Collaboration Services Market

Frost & Sullivan

March 30, 2021 – Frost & Sullivan has identified Pexip as a Growth and Innovation leader in the Frost Radar™: Cloud Meetings and Team Collaboration Services Market, 2020.

How to be a Collaborative Leader


The post How to be a Collaborative Leader appeared first on Matrix Management Institute. You’ve probably been leading from the top of a cliff for most of your career. That cliff is named directive Read More ?. Exceptional Leadership

Collaborations between corporates and start-ups

McKinsey & Company

How to raise the odds of lasting mutual benefits when large and small companies team up. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Strategy

The Leadership Style of Collaborative Ecosystems

Phoenix Consulting Group

An ecosystem business model requires a more agile, collaborative and inclusive approach to leadership. The differences are even more pronounced when you add “collaborative” into the mix. People who manage B2B collaborations are a rare breed.

Overcoming Barriers to Multitier Supplier Collaboration

McKinsey & Company

Digitally integrated supply chains could generate billions in new value—if industries find ways to manage perceived risks, realize the value at stake, and distribute it fairly among partners. Insights on Operations Operations

What is a Partner Manager?

CoSell Blog

It’s a term that essentially is at the heart of collaborative partnering. The top skills fall into 3 categories: • Strategic thinking • Creative collaborating • Iterative innovating Just looking at those skills, one thing stands out.

groupware vs. e-collaboration vs. social collaboration

Stackfield Blog

… read more

Are You Building a Collaborative Culture?

Planview Blog

A collaborative culture is crucial for building high-performing teams and organizations. Many employees prefer to work collaboratively , but fostering teamwork is not just about making employees happy. Successful collaboration also drives better business results.

How Collaboration Can Cure Most Marketing Project Ills


The post How Collaboration Can Cure Most Marketing Project Ills appeared first on Matrix Management Institute. A project is a project. While everyone seems to think their projects are different, this simply isn’t true. After training Read More ?. Project Leadership

Surge in Collaboration Tools for Remote Work and Education Triggers Growth of Global Wireless Content Sharing Market

Frost & Sullivan

Comprised of remote collaboration tools such as video streaming, application and desktop sharing and other similar capabilities, these allow users to collaborate effectively from anywhere at any time and from any device. The global market will reach revenues of $676.4

Collaboration Tool Evaluation Checklist - How to choose a team collaboration app in 2020


Are you looking for a new collaboration tool for your team? This article will help you evaluate the features a proper collaboration software should offer. We know that it's tough to wade through all of the different features.

Advanced Recycling Technologies and Collaborative Solutions to Lead the Transition to Circular Economy in Plastics

Frost & Sullivan

There is an urgent need for concerted efforts from stakeholders across the value chain to ensure collaborative development of the circular flow of materials (loops) across end industries,” said Gautam Rashingkar, Chemicals, Materials and Nutrition Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Nordic payments: Where collaboration and competition lead to innovation

McKinsey & Company

Three industry leaders share perspectives on working across ecosystems and borders to provide world-class payments that deliver customer, business, and societal value. Insights on Financial Services Payments Scandinavia

8×8 Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Powering Highly Collaborative Workplace Environments with Integrated Employee (EX) and Customer Experience Management (CX) Solutions

Frost & Sullivan

July 13, 2021 — Based on its recent analysis of the global cloud communications, collaboration and CX management services market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes 8×8, Inc. SANTA CLARA, Calif.

Flipkart and Adani Group’s Strategic Collaboration: Key Takeaways for India’s E-commerce Logistics Infrastructure

Frost & Sullivan

In this context, a growing number of companies are opting for a collaborative approach to overcome challenges associated with e-commerce fulfillment and last-mile delivery space.

Seeq Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Supporting Collaboration among Distributed Teams with Cloud-based Advanced Analytics

Frost & Sullivan

Seeq has infused innovation into every step of its customers’ data analytics journey, from connecting to data and enabling collaboration and predictive analytics to sharing insights with colleagues for faster decision making. SANTA CLARA, Calif.

Making it Your Own: Leveraging Programmable Communications to Customize Collaboration Tools for Your Business

Frost & Sullivan

The immediate response for most businesses was to seek out prebuilt collaboration tools or services to support the move to virtual interactions and continue to deliver services to customers. Whether by desire or necessity, digital transformation took center stage for many businesses in 2020.

Enterprise Cybersecurity: Aligning Third Parties and Supply Chains

McKinsey & Company

In today’s riskier, more connected environment, organizations must collaborate closely with external partners to reduce vulnerabilities to cyberattackers.

Collaboration in crisis: Reflecting on Australia’s COVID-19 response

McKinsey & Company

Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic to date offers valuable, actionable insights for decision makers worldwide. Public & Social Sector Insights

Human-AI Collaboration Framework & Case Studies

Partnership on AI

The post Human-AI Collaboration Framework & Case Studies appeared first on The Partnership on AI. Research

3 Key Success Factors for Corporate-Startup Collaboration


Startups and corporates bring each other immense opportunities through collaborations that, if harnessed correctly, create win–win situations for both parties. There are certain conditions to ensure a smooth start to a corporate-startup collaboration journey.

The Interplay of Digital Transformation and Collaborative Innovation on Supply Chain Ambidexterity

TIM Review

Firms collaborate with external actors, such as suppliers, customers, competitors, and research organizations, for several purposes. A firm’s innovation capability can also be advanced by such collaboration. International Journal of E-Collaboration, 11(4): 1-10.

How to Resolve the Roots of Disagreement

Jesse Lynn Stoner

The post How to Resolve the Roots of Disagreement appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. Collaboration Communication Personal Effectiveness conflict resolution critical thinking facts group distortion polarization productive conversations resolution