Fostering the Partner Ecosystem

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The primary goal of vendors focused on recruiting and onboarding partners is to identify and engage new types of partners. These are organizations that aren’t traditional IT solution providers and yet have influence in cloud-based technology solution purchases.

It Takes an Ecosystem

Phoenix Consulting Group

or How to Build to Build Partner Ecosystems for Agility, Innovation and Growth in Your Business as published in I’ve observed that more and more companies are beginning to think of partner ecosystems as a “new” way to help boost growth and innovation.


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Account Mapping: Six Critical Insights to Drive Ecosystem Revenue


Account mapping is a piece of the mundane work that has to be done as alliance teams look for new opportunities in their ecosystem. Many see a Partner Ecosystem Platform (PEP) like PartnerTap as the answer to their question. Running an alliance team is not an easy task.

Finding Your North Star: Galvanizing The Customer-Centric Ecosystem

Phoenix Consulting Group

And as enterprise business models evolve to ecosystem business models, finding a North Star becomes even more crucial. Ecosystems, after all, are not managed by command and control. There are many recent examples of collaborative ecosystems that have sprung up around Covid-19.

Building a Culture for a Collaborative Ecosystem

Phoenix Consulting Group

Building a partner ecosystem is hard. But what’s harder than building an ecosystem? Building a culture that supports an ecosystem strategy. This is especially toxic to working within an ecosystem.

The Five Essential Roles of Corporate Ecosystems

INSEAD Knowledge

Most firms that try to build an ecosystem would be better off joining an existing one. The first step is for them to know where they would fit

How to Unlock Millions Through Your Ecosystem

CoSell Blog

According to Accenture research, 60% of executives believe ecosystems are the way to go. In the next ten years, ecosystems could unlock $100 trillion of value for business and society, according to Accenture Strategy reports. An ecosystem offers new opportunities.

Channel Partner Ecosystems Measurement & Personalization

ITA Group

Channel Partner Ecosystems Measurement & Personalization. These are covered heavily in the report put out by Forrester’s team of channel experts, led by Jay McBain , called Unlocking The Power Of Partner Ecosystems Demands Powerful Measurement.

Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar

Alliance Strategy

This 35 minute video covers: The post Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar appeared first on Alliance Strategy. By Ben Gomes-Casseres Excerpts from webinar for Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, presented in July 2019. Alliance Constellations (MA) Alliance Management (MA) Online Course 2

Ecosystem Partnerships Extend and Evolve Alliances

Phoenix Consulting Group

Q: You have been involved with the channel and emerging ecosystems for some time. This is the value of the trend toward multi-partner, agile and collaborative ecosystems. At today’s pace of change, you have to trust aligned self-interests to maintain cohesion among ecosystem partners.

Finding Opportunity in Disruption: Pivot your Ecosystem Strategy

Phoenix Consulting Group

Have you rethought your partner ecosystem strategy in terms of what new opportunities lie ahead? In the Covid economic crises, partner ecosystems are again shifting to address new opportunities: work from home solutions, tele-medicine, contact tracing, collaboration on therapies and vaccines.

Ecosystems and Platforms — LinkedIn Learning Course

Alliance Strategy

By Ben Gomes-Casseres | Online course on | This conversation with Ben demystifies ecosystems and platform strategies. The post Ecosystems and Platforms — LinkedIn Learning Course appeared first on Alliance Strategy.

The "State of the Partner Ecosystem" Report is Now Available

Crossbeam Blog

Last year we published our first-ever State of the Partner Ecosystem Report , the first-of-its-kind survey of partnership professionals. Crossbeam news

Why Principles-Based Collaboration Is Essential For Agile Ecosystems

Phoenix Consulting Group

As we enter an “Era of Ecosystems,” we need a different approach and thinking to manage these multi-dimensional and multi-lateral business relationships. Ecosystem collaborations in an agile world do not fit well with a highly process-oriented management model.

Don’t Confuse Platforms with Ecosystems

INSEAD Knowledge

A beginners’ guide to high-value business models

Partnership on AI Assembles Global Community To Build a Healthy Information Ecosystem

Partnership on AI

Ensuring that AI is deployed properly and responsibly requires key stakeholders’ participation in the global information ecosystem. The post Partnership on AI Assembles Global Community To Build a Healthy Information Ecosystem appeared first on The Partnership on AI.

Partner Relief in Uncertain Times

Phoenix Consulting Group

The dynamics of the partner ecosystem is that most of the partners are small business and they serve small businesses. I recall in the 2001 dot.bomb when the internet boom went bust, the partner ecosystem of my company was also hard-hit and quite precipitously.

Ecosystem Ops 101: 6 Ways to Drive Efficiency and Maximize the ROI of Your Partner Program

Crossbeam Blog

You’re turning EQLs into MQLs into SQLs — and, no doubt about it, they’re generating partner-sourced revenue. partnerships 101 execute

A Roadmap for Systematically Identifying Opportunities in Ecosystems Using Scientific Publications Data

TIM Review

Managers and policy-makers are increasingly attracted to ecosystems. 2014; Stam, 2015; Thomas & Autio, 2020) ecosystems. This study mainly deals with knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. . . Interacting and integrating mechanisms between ecosystems.

We Need All of our Alliances to be Agile!

Phoenix Consulting Group

Seclore is an emerging security software startup with a broad ecosystem of channels, technology alliances and OEMs. Major accounts drive the ecosystem. The ecosystem becomes the differentiator. 2. Create small empowered teams to pursue the opportunity with the ecosystem.

Enabling and Promoting Sustainability through Digital API Ecosystems: An example of successful implementation in the smart city domain

TIM Review

Digital ecosystems can provide every company, regardless of vertical or size, with the tools and expertise it needs to gain a competitive edge. Digital ecosystems could, for example, prove to be instrumental in slowing climate change. A Digital Ecosystem Model Fostering Sustainability.

Okta Can Partner With Anyone. Here's How They Choose.

Crossbeam Blog

Is there any SaaS company more poised for the Era of the Ecosystem than Okta

The Central Conundrum of Covid-19 Entrepreneurship

INSEAD Knowledge

A recently released report reveals how one entrepreneurial ecosystem is responding to the pandemic

Announcing the Crossbeam Partner Cloud

Crossbeam Blog

At Crossbeam, we believe the future belongs to those who embrace the partner ecosystem. It’s not just a thing we say , it’s a thing we do

Moving to a user-first, omnichannel approach

McKinsey & Company

As new digital players and ecosystems converge to offer basic insurance products, carriers need to evolve their digital capabilities and online user experiences to remain relevant and competitive.

2 Attribution Challenges for Partnership Professionals (and How to Get Ahead of Them)

Crossbeam Blog

You’ve got a handful of partners, and you’re building the company’s first-ever partner ecosystem. You’ve landed your first partnerships gig (Wowza!). partnerships 101 source EcosystemOps

Why Enterprise Sales Should Be Working With Partners


Leveraging Partner Ecosystems. Leveraging partner ecosystems to unlock value and accelerate growth. . In a market downturn, it’s best to utilize your partner ecosystems. Clearly, companies that leverage their partner ecosystems will do okay.

COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation of Alliance Management


We have to work harder to not only maintain but grow our partner ecosystems. We have to pivot from our traditional practices, embrace our new ‘virtual reality,’ and the technologies that enable us to continue to build out our most important ecosystems.

Vendors, Fix Your Mistakes

Partner Path

What mistakes are vendors making with their partner ecosystem? A major data point driving home MAKE FEWER MISTAKES is the list of open-responses from partners* detailing mistakes vendors make as they are engaging a solution provider organization.

We Mapped the Career Paths of 6 Women in Partnerships

Crossbeam Blog

We recently launched the 2021 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report and noticed something interesting — of the 173 survey respondents, only 55 were women.

COVID-19 and The Channel

Partner Path

To distract myself from missing large gatherings (or any gatherings), I’ve been pondering: how is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the solution provider ecosystem and the vendors that rely on indirect channels? 6 Ways to Adapt.

Our solutions to the Two Universal Challenges to Scaling Revenue – Generating Partnerships (Part 3 of 3)


It’s finally here the solution to the challenges that all enterprises face when scaling their ecosystems. And successful partner ecosystems are becoming even more important for technology companies in each market.

Executive Roundtable Discussion Summary: Financial Services, Fintech and Data Services

Vantage Partners

Recently, Vantage joined executives from across the Financial Services, Fintech, and Data Services ecosystem for a set of discussions about partnership formation and management.

Three Shifts to Drive Innovation in Financial Services

Vantage Partners

The insurgence of tech into the financial services ecosystem has created a more complex and more competitive environment for traditional FIs to navigate. In many ways, technology companies are driving innovation and progression in the financial ecosystem.

Drive More Revenue with Automated Account Mapping


With PartnerTap ’s all-in-one Partner Ecosystem Platform , you can filter out unneeded data and find which accounts to target, but better yet, it gives you a full ecosystem overlap view. According to a study by Forbes , on average, sales reps only spend 35% of their time selling.

6 Elements of SaaS Partner Programs

Partner Path

From the attentive and lively discussion, it was clear the elements fall into six buckets – and that each element depends on several factors such as company goals, product complexity, end-customer target, history of channel relationships and overall size of partner ecosystem.

How to Securely Share Your Customer Account Data and Close More Deals [Guide]


Up until recently, account mapping was a necessary risk, but now you securely share your customer account data with a Partner Ecosystem Platform. Partners will never give each other direct access to their CRM accounts.

Worried About a Dry Pipeline in January 2021? Make Sure You Do This.


Use a partner ecosystem platform that automates the data collaboration process to avoid wasting time with manual work. Last but not least, when it comes to security, make sure that the partner ecosystem platform you use follows industry best practices. .

Learning from the partnerships in the ‘Wood-Wide Web’

Stellar Partnerships

It’s all one ecosystem. Corporates and non-profit make speak a slightly different language but are equally part of the same ecosystem. Creating partnerships that improve the ecosystem we all inhabit will be more valuable and more impactful long term than prioritising the needs of one type of organisation over the other. With international travel off the table this year, I spent my summer holiday wandering lakes, woods and countryside in Victoria instead.

7 Tips for Building an Effective Co-sell Program


For co-selling to really work you need to look within your ecosystem and identify your top partners. They can quickly identify this overlap by using a Partner Ecosystem Platform.