Three Keys to Hyper-Scale Your Marketplace Ecosystem


In this article, we give you three quick, actionable steps that will hyper-scale your marketplace ecosystem. Over the past ten years, enterprises have invested and built up ecosystems of technology partners that get promoted to their customers via an online marketplace.

Partner Ecosystems: Unlocking The Formula For Growth


Ecosystems Startups For Partnership Leaders Collaborative Selling GrowthWhere’s that crystal ball when you need it? Imagine if we knew exactly which strategies and tactics would result in success.


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Evolving ecosystems: Advanced analytics in shrimp aquaculture


The latest innovations in digital ecosystems can help standardize, automate, and optimize farming practices. Agriculture Insights Food and Agriculture

Three Keys to Hyper-Scale Your Marketplace Ecosystem


In this article, we’re going to give you three quick, actionable steps that will hyper-scale your marketplace ecosystem. Over the past ten years, enterprises have invested and built up ecosystems of technology partners that get promoted to their customers via an online marketplace.

Buyer's Guide: Best-of-Breed Sales Enablement

The results are in—companies who have sales enablement consistently report higher win rates than companies who don’t. This guide will help you understand: The subcategories of sales enablement, the best-of-breed and single-vendor approaches, and how to set up your best-of-breed sales enablement ecosystem. Download the guide today!

Shure’s Stem Ecosystem Runs the Analyst Gauntlet

Frost & Sullivan

Introducing Stem Ecosystem. This month, the Frost & Sullivan research team evaluated the Stem Ecosystem conference room system from Shure, Inc. Instead, we used the Stem Ecosystem components that are the focus of this evaluation.

Ecosystems, Design, and Glocalization: A Multi-Level Study of Technovation

TIM Review

Business ecosystems form around problems to solve and pain to soothe. Management scientist, coined “business ecosystems”. Business ecosystems are prominent in both theory and practice. Others describe ecosystems as “multi-level systems” (Muegge, 2011a; Muegge, 2013).

How to Unlock Millions Through Your Ecosystem


According to Accenture research, 60% of executives believe ecosystems are the way to go. In the next ten years, ecosystems could unlock $100 trillion of value for business and society, according to Accenture Strategy reports. An ecosystem offers new opportunities.

Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar

Alliance Strategy

This 35 minute video covers: The post Managing Ecosystems — ASAP Webinar appeared first on Alliance Strategy. By Ben Gomes-Casseres Excerpts from webinar for Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, presented in July 2019. Alliance Constellations (MA) Alliance Management (MA) Online Course 2

Fostering the Partner Ecosystem

Partner Path

The primary goal of vendors focused on recruiting and onboarding partners is to identify and engage new types of partners. These are organizations that aren’t traditional IT solution providers and yet have influence in cloud-based technology solution purchases. Jay McBain of Forrester calls them shadow channels as they aren’t engaging with customers or vendors in the traditional way. We at PartnerPath take a bit more positive nomenclature and call them next-generation channels.

Do you need an Ecosystem Code of Conduct?

Phoenix Consulting Group

Not only are we in an age of ecosystems, but we are also in an age of growing awareness of corporate social responsibility. That commitment commonly extends to expectations in the supply chain ecosystem for your suppliers to embrace the same social, environmental and ethical values.

What Makes Business Ecosystems Succeed?

INSEAD Knowledge

Our framework guides you through the forces driving Airbnb and other ecosystem-based businesses

The Leadership Style of Collaborative Ecosystems

Phoenix Consulting Group

Businesses are coalescing into ecosystems and becoming more interconnected, dynamic and interdependent. An ecosystem business model requires a more agile, collaborative and inclusive approach to leadership. Blog Ecosystem Design Ecosystem Optimization

Reconceiving the global trade finance ecosystem


A new joint report sets out a vision for improving the ecosystem for all players. Trade finance does not work as well as it could, particularly for the millions of smaller businesses that help fuel the global economy.

Building a Culture for a Collaborative Ecosystem

Phoenix Consulting Group

Building a partner ecosystem is hard. But what’s harder than building an ecosystem? Building a culture that supports an ecosystem strategy. This is especially toxic to working within an ecosystem.

It Takes an Ecosystem

Phoenix Consulting Group

or How to Build to Build Partner Ecosystems for Agility, Innovation and Growth in Your Business as published in As someone who has been architecting and managing business partner ecosystems for more than 30 years in the tech industry, I am quite interested in the attention ecosystems have been receiving from management pundits of late. Why build partner ecosystems? Ecosystems also provide stickiness. How does one build this type of ecosystem?

Growing beyond groceries: The ecosystem expansion


It can be challenging to build an ecosystem, but the rewards may be worth the effort. Grocers are in a unique position to move beyond their core retail offerings. Retail Insights Retail & Consumer Goods

Finding Your North Star: Galvanizing The Customer-Centric Ecosystem

Phoenix Consulting Group

And as enterprise business models evolve to ecosystem business models, finding a North Star becomes even more crucial. Ecosystems, after all, are not managed by command and control. There are many recent examples of collaborative ecosystems that have sprung up around Covid-19.

The cloud as a strategic ecosystem for innovation and growth


In this interview, Deutsche Börse’s chief information officer and chief operating officer explains how the company’s ongoing cloud journey is defining its digital transformation. Digital Insights Cloud computing Digital strategy and organization Growth Innovation

Account Mapping: Six Critical Insights to Drive Ecosystem Revenue


Account mapping is a piece of the mundane work that has to be done as alliance teams look for new opportunities in their ecosystem. Many see a Partner Ecosystem Platform (PEP) like PartnerTap as the answer to their question. Running an alliance team is not an easy task.

Defining and seizing the mobility ecosystem opportunity


What mobility ecosystems will help OEMs and other industry stakeholders in the next normal? Automotive & Assembly Insights Automotive

Channel Partner Ecosystems Measurement & Personalization

ITA Group

Channel Partner Ecosystems Measurement & Personalization. These are covered heavily in the report put out by Forrester’s team of channel experts, led by Jay McBain , called Unlocking The Power Of Partner Ecosystems Demands Powerful Measurement.

The Power of Ecosystems or Can you go it alone?

Phoenix Consulting Group

Since we are talking ecosystems, I think there is a very Darwinian answer. Those businesses that adopt an ecosystem model will be more successful in serving customers and more resilient during uncertain times. How did partnering with the world’s largest ecosystem fail?

What’s fueling Pakistan’s emerging start-up ecosystem


With a massive young, English-speaking population and a fast-growing, tech-savvy middle class, Pakistan has many ingredients for a thriving start-up ecosystem. So why is it only now starting to live up to its entrepreneurial potential, and where is it headed? Our Insights High Tech & Internet Telecommunications Media & Entertainment

The future of healthcare in Asia: Digital health ecosystems


Asia is paving the way for digital health ecosystems, and potential ecosystem orchestrators can generate value by taking bold, strategic actions.

Green growth avenues in the cement ecosystem


Collaboration across the value chain is pivotal to decarbonizing the built environment—and it needs to start today. Chemicals Insights Chemicals

Capturing growth in Asia’s emerging EV ecosystem


Those who approach the challenges and opportunities with an ecosystem view can create significant value for their business—and the global climate. Asia’s electric-vehicle market is poised for growth. Future of Asia Asia-Pacific Sustainability Growth Innovation Disruptive Technology

Ecosystems and Platforms — LinkedIn Learning Course

Alliance Strategy

By Ben Gomes-Casseres | Online course on | This conversation with Ben demystifies ecosystems and platform strategies. The post Ecosystems and Platforms — LinkedIn Learning Course appeared first on Alliance Strategy. It builds. Alliance Constellations (MA) Alliance Design (MA) Alliance Strategy (MA) Online Course

Ecosystem Partnerships Extend and Evolve Alliances

Phoenix Consulting Group

Q: You have been involved with the channel and emerging ecosystems for some time. This is the value of the trend toward multi-partner, agile and collaborative ecosystems. At today’s pace of change, you have to trust aligned self-interests to maintain cohesion among ecosystem partners.

A design-led approach to embracing an ecosystem strategy


Embedding design thinking, methods, and tools from the outset of ecosystem development will help companies produce integrated ecosystem offerings that delight customers, stave off threats, and create new sources of value.

The Five Essential Roles of Corporate Ecosystems

INSEAD Knowledge

Most firms that try to build an ecosystem would be better off joining an existing one. The first step is for them to know where they would fit

How insurers can act on the opportunity of digital ecosystems


Professor Markus Warg, an ecosystem and platform enthusiast, discusses the role that big tech will play in insurance and the importance of setting the rules of the game within ecosystems.

Post Pandemic Partnering or “Are we there yet?”

Phoenix Consulting Group

Preserving The Ecosystem. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM recognized that a swift recovery was not going to be possible if they had to rebuild a partner ecosystem and not just restart it. as Published in

How Okta Ventures Surfaced 60 Ecosystem Qualified Leads for its Portfolio Companies in Just Two Weeks

Crossbeam Blog

account mapping co-selling Ecosystem Ops executeYou just invested in an early-stage startup, the newest addition to your corporate venture fund’s portfolio — but now what? What happens the next day? How quickly can you onboard the portfolio company so you can start supporting its growth plan?

The Role of LMS in Partner Management in the Channel Ecosystem


However, the role of LMS has now expanded to include the channel ecosystem. There’s no reason, why vendors can’t have a highly engaged channel ecosystem that covers more than just the top-tier partners.

Why You Need a Strong Partner Ecosystem Now More Than Ever


Apple, Amazon, Google, and many other companies understand the opportunities of a strong partner ecosystem. Noticing the competitive edge it brings, many companies have become interested in building & strengthening their own ecosystems or joining someone else’s.

‘We want to build the healthcare ecosystem of choice’


Over the last three years, the Zur Rose Group has been undergoing a transformation to become a true digital company. Walter Hess, the new CEO of the group, which operates healthcare platforms and online pharma­cies—among them DocMorris—explains in our interview what he has learned along the way. Retail Insights Pharmaceuticals Retail & Consumer Goods

What Your CEO Should Know about Partner Ecosystems (but didn’t know to ask)

Phoenix Consulting Group

This is despite the fact that the largest and highest capitalized companies on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley have vast ecosystems of partners, such as Apple. So what does your CEO need to know about partners and ecosystems? In this age of digital transformation, these solutions are often composed of an entire ecosystem of collaborating partners. The best ecosystem wins. Often success is based on the best ecosystem. A strong ecosystem can help with your IPO.

An ecosystem of partners: The foundation of capital project excellence


To deliver large capital projects in heavy industry more efficiently, project owners can consider forming an ecosystem of partners and fundamentally rethinking ways of working together.

Finding Opportunity in Disruption: Pivot your Ecosystem Strategy

Phoenix Consulting Group

Have you rethought your partner ecosystem strategy in terms of what new opportunities lie ahead? In the Covid economic crises, partner ecosystems are again shifting to address new opportunities: work from home solutions, tele-medicine, contact tracing, collaboration on therapies and vaccines.