Call for action: Seizing the decarbonization opportunity in construction

McKinsey & Company

As decarbonization initiatives gain momentum, construction players can benefit from this growing trend—but only if they view ESG as a strategic opportunity and collaborate with other stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Frost & Sullivan Highlights 8 Key Predictions Shaping the Construction Materials Market in 2021

Frost & Sullivan

Sustainability, modular construction methods and machines are expected to usher in a new era of construction automation. However, the geopolitical chaos has led to disruptions in local and global preferences for construction materials.


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Digging out: Forecasting for construction OEMs in the next normal

McKinsey & Company

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates transformative trends within the construction-equipment industry, companies must rethink their traditional strategies. Automotive & Assembly Insights Engineering & Construction Industrial equipment & components

Construction Adhesive and Sealant Manufacturers Go Green to Tap into Immense Growth Prospects

Frost & Sullivan

The need for innovation and increasing consumer requirements are key factors driving the construction adhesive and sealant market worldwide. By 2026, the global construction adhesive and sealant market is estimated to garner a revenue of $23.7

Global Construction and Mining Rental Equipment Market to Reach $273 Billion by 2030 with Growth of Digital Services and Platforms

Frost & Sullivan

Use of telematics and digital services in construction and mining industries is gaining prominence due to operational efficiency and better ROI, says Frost & Sullivan. Global construction spending is estimated to reach $17.5

South Africa’s Road Construction Industry – A Regional Look

Frost & Sullivan

As with all other industries, Covid-19 also affected the road construction industry, causing delays of tender awards as well as cancellation of major projects such as the planned upgrading of the Cape Town International Airport’s runway.

Expert Advice: Future Trends in Managing Construction Projects

Project Management Institute

Creating value in the specialty-pumps market

McKinsey & Company

Insights on Engineering, Construction & Building Materials Engineering servicesOEMs and distributors face a rapidly changing competitive landscape, but aspiring leaders can take the initiative to seize the opportunity in this growing industrial market.

Digital Service Innovations Power the Global Homes and Buildings Industry Post-COVID-19

Frost & Sullivan

The study analyzes seven industry segments: construction management, lighting, energy management, smart building management, facility management, fire safety and security, and smart homes. The global H&B industry is expected to reach $1.26

Global Industrial Exoskeletons Market to Boom, Led by Automotive Manufacturing Industry, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan

Other manual, labor-intensive industries such as construction and transport will also make extensive deployments of industrial exoskeletons over the next four to five years as companies across these sectors focus on reducing the cost of on-the-job injuries.

Author Talks: Power, for all

McKinsey & Company

By understanding power, we can use it constructively. Having power can lead to hubris and self-focus. But it doesn’t have to. McKinsey on Books

Oaklins Capital Alliance completes four deals in four months as M&A heats up

The Capital Alliance Blog

Culberson Construction Inc. acquired the assets of Nicholas Consulting Group, a provider of engineering, procurement and construction services to the oil & gas industry in West Texas. Oaklins Capital Alliance represented Culberson Construction Inc., an oilfield services construction company operating across producing basins in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Wasabi’s Laurie Mitchell on Expanding Into the International Market

The 2112 Group

Only a year after launching its cloud storage service in 2017, Wasabi announced the construction of its first overseas data center in Amsterdam, and this summer it began its move into Asi a with the announcement of a new data center in Tokyo.

On The Three Principles of BmB Opportunities


Construct Synergy. Unlocking the full value of two businesses partnering on an opportunity relies mainly on three short, simple and clear principles, which need to be present in order to drive that opportunity towards success, leveraging from the first Business Meets Business (BmB) platform.

Business Development & Marketing Discussion - Building Congress & Exchange - YouTube Vieo

Dinkel Business Development

I had the pleasure of having a discussion with Tim Bojanowski, president of ZEST Social Media Solutions and Donna DeMarco, executive director of Building Congress & Exchange on the topic of business development and marketing as it pertains to the construction industry.

Time to Start Something New?

Ground Floor Partners

Agriculture, ground and air transportation, housing, energy, construction, office space, hotels, spas, restaurants and food service, fashion, packaging, and dozens of other industries and sectors can all benefit from innovation and redesign.

End-use Industries Recovery to Propel Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers Global Market

Frost & Sullivan

market is likely to witness commendable growth in 2021 as its key end markets—healthcare, construction, and packaging—are witnessing a quicker than expected recovery from the impact of the pandemic.

Ty Rose Joins Capital Alliance Corp.

The Capital Alliance Blog

Rose will direct the firm’s construction & engineering practice. provides conflict-free, expert strategic consulting and independent M&A advice, with sought-after negotiating expertise in a wide range of industries, including construction & engineering, human resources, energy and others. Ty brings unique qualifications to our clients in construction and engineering,” said Bryan Livingston, managing partner and chief executive officer of Capital Alliance. “He

Jeffrey Goodman joins Oaklins Member Firm Capital Alliance Corp.

The Capital Alliance Blog

provides expert strategic consulting and M&A advice with sought-after negotiating expertise in a wide range of industries, including technology, human resources, energy and construction & engineering. The company represents clients in selected markets, including human capital management, energy infrastructure and assets, information technology infrastructure, construction and engineering, and food production. DALLAS, Aug. 10, 2021 – Jeffrey S.

Importance of Equality in Peer Learning Groups


They welcome ideas with open minds and engage in a positive and constructive interaction without regard to seniority. “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein.

New Rules for B2B Partnerships

CoSell Blog

You are working with a construction partner. This is when your construction partner sees the potential. This is truly a physical project like construction, remodeling, or remote working.

Capital Alliance advises The Liberty Group in recent recapitalization

The Capital Alliance Blog

Its search division, Liberty Executive Search, focuses on placing executives in multifamily corporate roles such as asset management, development, construction, and finance. The company represents clients in selected markets, including human capital management, energy infrastructure and assets, information technology infrastructure, construction and engineering, and food production.

Partners in Diversification: A must-have


A US-based lighting company was looking to break into the Chinese high-end construction market, but dominance by distributors with a local presence made doing so near impossible. Looking beyond what you know and diversifying into a new product area or region can be daunting.

Flipkart and Adani Group’s Strategic Collaboration: Key Takeaways for India’s E-commerce Logistics Infrastructure

Frost & Sullivan

The construction of a fulfillment center to support MSMEs and sellers will sequentially develop the manufacturing and supply chain segments. The e-commerce market is heating up in India as the country is one of the biggest consumer markets globally, ranked behind America and China.

What are Property Disputes?


A Property dispute refers to any legal dispute involving real property, also known as real estate. Real property is immovable property attached directly to the land. Property law involves disputes about property ownership and damages to personal property or real estate.

Legal 52

Frost & Sullivan Reveals the Top 10 Global Economic Trends Shaping the Growth Prospects in 2021 and 2022

Frost & Sullivan

Key benefits of attending this webinar: Identify the key transformative trends driving the automotive, healthcare, energy, information and communications technology, travel and tourism, and construction industries.

Increasing Adoption of Game Engines Expedites Usage of Commercial Gaming in Defense Training and Simulation

Frost & Sullivan

The decline in live training has highlighted the need for live, virtual, and constructive (LCV), joint, and collective training strategies, finds Frost & Sullivan.

How To Ensure Your Sales Emails Are Read (And Responded To)

PLM Alliances

I’ll show you how to structure your first email to a key contact so it gets read, makes an impact, and allows you to begin a constructive business conversation.

10 Project Management Methodologies To Implement

ClearPoint Strategy

Originally created in the 1950s for missile defense construction projects, CPM is best suited for big initiatives that depend on a variety of resources interacting in complex ways. The PRiSM method is primarily used for large real estate development, construction, or infrastructure projects.

Business Planning for Success

Ground Floor Partners

For a service business in a relatively mature industry such as architecture or construction, once every three years might be sufficient. We all want a packaged solution that will solve our problems quickly, painlessly and at low cost. Need to get somewhere faster? Buy a new car.

How to Use Partner Onboarding to Increase Your Return

PLM Alliances

When you construct milestones you are inventing small opportunities for your partners feel accomplished.

Ep. 162 – Credit Karma Co-Founder & CTO, Ryan Garciano

COO Alliance

As a leader, he serves as a constructive agitator, looking to break down traditional workplace hierarchies and empowering each member of his department with real influence over the future of the product. Our guest today is Ryan Graciano, co-Founder and CTO of Credit Karma.

Technology-powered Circular Economy to Propel Waste Management in the Gulf Cooperation Council

Frost & Sullivan

Population growth and accelerated economic development are increasing total waste generation in the region (including construction and demolition (C&D) waste, municipal solid waste (MSW), plastic waste, and lead-acid battery waste). Use of recycled products in the construction sector.

Cloud Providers’ Investments in Edge Computing, AI, and 5G to Magnify Global Data Center Market by 2025

Frost & Sullivan

The result will be the construction of large volumes of data centers, ranging from enterprise to large-scale cloud. APAC is set to become the largest market for data centers over the next few years, reveals Frost & Sullivan. Santa Clara, Calif.

Joe DeSantis Joins Capital Alliance Corp.

The Capital Alliance Blog

Capital Alliance provides conflict-free, expert strategic consulting and independent M&A advice, with sought-after negotiating expertise in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, human resources, construction & engineering, energy and others. The company represents client companies in a variety of markets, including healthcare, construction & engineering, human resource management, technology, energy and manufacturing.

Understanding the IEEE Standards and Processes That Affect Fuel Cells


IEEE Consumer Technology Society — All aspects of the modeling, design, construction, testing, and end-use of mass-market smart devices, systems, software, artificial intelligence, big data technology and services for advanced consumer products and services.

Make an Impact: Know Your Channel Partner Health Index

PLM Alliances

Each execution area focuses first on examining qualifiable aspects of your channel management, then moves into analysis and construction of quantifiable metrics to measure up against.

Economic Benefits and Circular Economy Leads to Rising Popularity of Aluminum Recycling in APAC

Frost & Sullivan

The building and construction segment uses primary and secondary billets inter-changeably. Lightweighting in the automotive segment and increased usage of aluminum in building and construction will allow more scrap generation and recovery, which will be sourced back by the aluminum industry.

Donor Match-Making – Legal Considerations for Matching Gift Campaigns

Pearlman + Pearlman

the construction/ expansion of a building), or to build or significantly grow an endowment. Matching gift campaigns are a popular fundraising strategy used by charities to incentivize public donations with donations offered by one or more “match donors.”. Types of Campaigns.

Legal 83

E-Commerce and Resumption of Supply Chains Catalyze Global Commercial Vehicles Industry

Frost & Sullivan

The exponential growth of e-commerce and last-mile delivery push the demand for LCV, while the resumption of freight movement at ports and the revival of construction activities accelerate the sales of M&HD trucks globally.