5 Tips for Fintech Companies to Handle Compliance

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The FinTech industry has been developing quite rapidly over the last decade or so, and in so doing, F i nTech companies managed to completely reshape the modern financial landscape. The FinTech companies are, unfortunately, often in the centre of numerous frauds of various magnitudes.

Harnessing Nigeria’s FinTech potential

McKinsey & Company

The full potential of fintech in Nigeria remains untapped. But a youthful population, a focused regulatory drive to increase financial inclusion, and accelerating digital adoption due to COVID-19, are creating the conditions for a thriving sector. If stakeholders take quick and decisive action, they can strategically protect gains and accelerate growth in the sector, even in difficult economic times. Middle East and Africa


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5 Growth Opportunities to Seize in the Fintech Industry in 2021

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan experts present key trends and strategic recommendations for the global fintech market. The post 5 Growth Opportunities to Seize in the Fintech Industry in 2021 appeared first on Frost & Sullivan.

How US customers’ attitudes to fintech are shifting during the pandemic

McKinsey & Company

Recent surveys of US consumers reveal some shifting attitudes towards banks and fintechs after more than six months of the COVID-19 crisis. Insights on Financial Services

Executive Roundtable Discussion Summary: Financial Services, Fintech and Data Services

Vantage Partners

Recently, Vantage joined executives from across the Financial Services, Fintech, and Data Services ecosystem for a set of discussions about partnership formation and management.

Corporate Funding Gap and the Role of Fintech

INSEAD Knowledge

Financing for small and medium enterprises is limited in many parts of the world. Is P2P lending the magic bullet to narrow the funding gap

Ep. 158 – Corcentric President & COO, Matt Clark

COO Alliance

His leadership has led to a substantial increase in employees, revenue, and the company’s growing presence in the B2B FinTech space. . His leadership has led to a substantial increase in employees, revenue, and the company’s growing presence in the B2B FinTech space. Our guest today is Matt Clark, President and Chief Operating Officer for Corcentric. Matt is responsible for setting and steering Corcentric’s strategic vision along with its mission of empowering businesses to do more.

Digital workforces: Automation processes in workforces for SMEs

Compare The Cloud

Eggcelerate has worked, among others, with British start-ups in the field of FinTech (equity crowdfunding, supply chain finance), IoT (immersive events, drones) and more mature Italian SMEs (software house, manufacturer of electronic components). . Let’s start with a definition.

Our Top Tips for SaaS Pricing Models for the Channel

Channel Incentive Best Practices

In sectors such as FinTech for example, its increasingly common to see transaction fee-based pricing models.

Thinking cloud? Think again.

Compare The Cloud

There are even sector-specific clouds, such as the financial sector developing a FinTech cloud, with all the compliance and security controls required for a highly regulated sector.

8 types of corporate-startup engagement models with examples


Powered by digitalisation, entrepreneurial spirit and the agility to pivot swiftly, startups are seen as potential partners for corporations across all sectors to engage.

Unlock students’ potentials in business challenges | Interview with Stargazers Consulting Founder


Currently, he is on a 1-year fellowship at Teach for Hong Kong and plans to launch a social enterprise and fintech company in the coming year. Every year, hordes of business students race to obtain professional careers at large companies post graduation.

AeC Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Employing a Mix of Technology and Human Expertise to further strengthen its position in the Brazilian Customer Experience Outsourcing Market

Frost & Sullivan

For almost 30 years in the market, it has developed customized solutions of consumer experience, serving companies from various segments, such as native digital, fintechs, financial sector, telecommunications, services, retail, insurance, energy and health.

5 steps to successful corporate-startup engagement


Example: Deloitte Accelerator DBS Accelerator Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab Corporate Venturing Corporate Venturing is the practice of investing corporate funds into external startups.

SLINGSHOT 2020 Global Startup Competition: Interview with Grand Winner Nextbillion.ai — Ajay Bulusu


People respect the competition, the judging panel, and that it was held in the Singapore Fintech Festival x Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology.

Stop Making These 3 Channel Management Mistakes (Podcast)


Technology is really our core, but we have fintech companies, manufacturing, healthcare, that have all adopted Magentrix for their indirect go-to-market strategies. To listen to the podcast, click here.

The Interplay of Digital Transformation and Collaborative Innovation on Supply Chain Ambidexterity

TIM Review

The Impact Of Digital Transformation In The Financial Services Industry: Insights from an open innovation initiative in fintech in Greece. While opposition in itself might achieve progress, disorder and confusion might also result.

Facebook’s Digital Currency Venture “Diem”: the new Frontier. or a Galaxy far, far away?

TIM Review

Measuring Financial Inclusion and the Fintech Revolution. There will be an electronic currency, and it will be universal, and we must accept that fact. John McAfee. Introduction. Thanks to technological advances, new forms of electronic currency are now possible and already available.