Fri.Feb 23, 2024

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Four Partnering Trends Taking Off in 2024

Partner Path

Don’t just see the future, put it to work in your partner program. In our annual webinar on channel predictions featuring Jay McBain, Chief Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems at Canalys, we discussed four trends impacting how we engage, empower and evolve partner ecosystems. Consider how these trends may impact or improve your partner program.

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Top 10 Truck Driver & CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Recruiters, Staffing Agencies, Headhunting, & Search Firms

Jake Jorgovan

Skilled truck drivers and those holding Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) are the backbone of the transportation and logistics industry, ensuring the timely and safe delivery of goods across vast distances. Their role is not just about driving; it's about upholding safety standards, meeting delivery deadlines, and representing the company on the road.


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Conversational AI use cases for enterprises

IBM Business Partners

Today, people don’t just prefer instant communication; they expect it. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) leads the charge in breaking down barriers between businesses and their audiences. This class of AI-based tools, including chatbots and virtual assistants, enables seamless, human-like and personalized exchanges. Beyond the simplistic chat bubble of conversational AI lies a complex blend of technologies, with natural language processing (NLP) taking center stage.

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Rising Demand for Hydrogen-based, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Trucks in North America Highlights Growth Potential for Enabling Hydrogen Infrastructure Market

Frost & Sullivan

One of the main themes at CES 2024 was the comeback of hydrogen and fuel cell powertrains. Hydrogen-powered trucks from Nikola and PACCAR, Bosch Mobility’s plans to debut a hydrogen combustion engine by year end, and Hyundai’s long-term vision of “an entire hydrogen energy ecosystem” spotlighted the transformative potential of hydrogen powertrains for the trucking industry.

Energy 52
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How to Stay Competitive in the Evolving State of Martech

Marketing technology is essential for B2B marketers to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape — and with 53% of marketers experiencing legacy technology issues and limitations, they’re researching innovations to expand and refine their technology stacks. To help practitioners keep up with the rapidly evolving martech landscape, this special report will discuss: How practitioners are integrating technologies and systems to encourage information-sharing between departments and pr

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How to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

IBM Business Partners

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s landmark data privacy law, took effect in 2018. Yet many organizations still struggle to meet compliance requirements, and EU data protection authorities do not hesitate to hand out penalties. Even the world’s biggest businesses are not free from GDPR woes. Irish regulators hit Meta with a EUR 1.2 billion fine in 2023.

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